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Go behind the scenes of the exclusive World Pastry Cup, an 11 hour marathon in which 45 International teams of Pastry chefs compete for the title of Wold Pastry Chef. Marinade for steak Follow the Canadian and American team as they work there way to this Championship.

Go behind the scenes of the upcoming Bocuse d’Or 2001 competition as two young North American chefs try to break the stranglehold held by the European powerhouses of cuisine over the past decade.

Season 1, Episode 3 Gordon Elliott’s Door Knock Dinner College Cook-Off

Jim White of Casa Vieja in Corralis, NM, and Paula Deen of the Lady and Sons Restaurant in Savannah Georgia joins Gordon as he invades the fraternity and sorority-rich Union Street at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ.

Pizza Challenge: five teams meet at the Great Big Food Show in Cleveland to show off their tastiest pies and throw some dough.

Team South chef Santo Bruno works on his “Friday” pizza, which is topped with tuna, along with mozzarella and parmesan cheeses.

Michael Shepherd, acrobat for Team Ohio, shows his award-winning moves to an enthusiastic hometown crowd.

The man to beat, Tony Gemignani from Team California, shows the form that won him five past world tossing championships.

The dough used for competitive tossing is real pizza dough, made with high gluten and high protein flour. Best steak marinade Competitors sometimes practice with rubber dough forms.

New York pizza chef Francesco Ilardi presents his “humble” pie to the judges. Flank steak marinade He finishes his “Holiday” pizza with tri-color pasta.

Celebrity judges, including Mario Batali, rate the pizzas on three criteria: the bake, the presentation, and the taste.

Haunted houses, ghostly pumpkins and edible eyeballs make for a Halloween thriller, when five top cake teams gather for an intense cake and candy competition. How to marinate chicken Elaborate cakes, some weighing 80+ pounds, must impress a panel of tough judges with their delectable craftsmanship and creative use of candy decorations.

Forget the good cheer, these cake artists just want to win! Six of the nation?s top cake teams come to Sea Island Georgia to make the best holiday cakes they can create in just six hours. How to cook steak in oven The icing is flying and the air is sparkling with glitter as the nation?s best create grand holiday masterpieces

For the first time in America, the top bread and pastry artists join forces to compete in a two-day competition that showcases both their unique talents and combined creativity.

Four teams compete in a unique competition that combines ice sculpture and pastry art. How to cook tuna steak Each team consists of two competitors. Steak marinade Our experts have to come up with a sculpture that combines two very different elements under the umbrella theme of Fire and Ice. Steak marinade for grilling There will be many forces at work against the teams .heat, the clock and for some, almost no time to practice.

Stanton Ho, Chocolates a la Carte (previously at Las Vegas Hilton),

Rob Bleifer, Executive Chef for the Food Network Kitchens, New York, N.Y.

Patrick Coston, Executive Pastry Chef at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Las Vegas, Nev.

Kevin Roscoe, Owner of Cascade Crystal Ice Sculptures, Inc., Seattle, Wash.

It’s a bride’s fantasy and a cake decorator’s dream. Steak marinade recipes Dozens of decorators travel to Tulsa to compete for a cut of the $10,000 purse. Marinade steak Art is the name of the game at this show, only these sculptures and paintings are done with sugar and icing. Bbq steak marinade It is three days packed with taste, style and beauty, making for one grand reception with a sweet reward in the end.

Beautiful homes, amusement parks, rustic barns, and ornate churches all made of America?s favorite holiday treat: gingerbread! A record 300 gingerbread creations (decorated with gum drops, Necco wafers, and chow mein noodles!) were brought to this 12th annual championship in Asheville, North Carolina. Best marinade for steak Watch as participants spend months planning their structures and then cringe with every pothole as they drive their creations to the show.

Their moves are mesmerizing, and their speed and accuracy mind-boggling. Grilled steak marinade They’re the top bartenders in the country, and they’re in Las Vegas to flair their way to fame at the World Bartending Championships. Beef steak marinade Bartenders go through three grueling rounds of speed, accuracy, and flair tests, cheered-on by a huge crowd. Good steak marinade The eleven who make it to the finals get a chance at the title and the grand prize of $6,000.

12 teams of 3 pastry chefs create delicate masterpieces in sugar and chocolate, all representing the theme of “Broadway Musicals.” The stakes at the National Pastry Team Championship in Las Vegas are among the highest in the competitive food world.

See the many varieties, spices, and heat that each contestant puts in their chili at the annual International Chili Society World Championship in hopes of becoming the World Champion!

The nation’s best bakers gather in Celebration, FL to enter their pies in the “grandmother” of all cooking contests. Overnight steak marinade It’s a cook-off to determine who has the best crust, and who is just flaky. Marinade for flank steak Don’t want to miss out on a visit to the Endless Pie Buffet.

This cook-off makes “Home Ec” look like history. Pork steak marinade The best high school cooking teams in the country gather in Denver, CO for a high-intensity food test. Ribeye steak marinade Thousands of dollars in scholarships are at stake but it may be the beginning to a promising career.

Celebrating its 25th year, the Annual Spam Cookoff takes place in Austin TX. Skirt steak marinade Delve into the world of spam creations from spam sculptures to spushi, spam sushi. Sirloin steak marinade And don’t forget the spam cram eating contest, the spam call and the spam toss.

It’s a high-flying, dough-tossing extravaganza as Italy throws the world’s biggest pizza party and six American chefs are invited. T bone steak marinade Does Team USA have what it takes to beat the Italians in their own backyard? The World Pizza Championship awaits!

The top wild game chefs in the country gather in Springville, Alabama for an afternoon of “grills gone wild”-you’ll be amazed how fancy a caribou dish can be. Steak marinade easy We’ll visit a wild game fine dining restaurant, and the market if you want to find yak filets!

Ten of the nation’s best chefs under the age of 27 come to Miami, FL to compete in a high-end “mystery basket” cook-off for the American title, and the chance to represent the U.S. Easy steak marinade in the International Young Chefs compeition in South Africa.

The American Royal is commonly refered to as the World Series of BBQ: two days, state and regional winners from across North America, and over $60,000 in prize money! Join us in Kansas City, MO for the one of the biggest BBQ competitions in the world.

The Fiery Foods Challenge is a huge gathering of hot foods, vendors and aficionados. Steak tip marinade Watch as people sweat while they test the hot foods. Simple steak marinade Also, spend time with some of the Fiery Food vendors and see what new fiery flavors are in store for us.

A taste of the old west, literally. Homemade steak marinade More than 20 of the nation’s top cowboy cooking teams have a culinary showdown in Ruidoso, NM. Tuna steak marinade Meals and dessert are carefully prepared over open fires. Quick steak marinade We’ll also ride home to see how they cook back at the ranch.

Only in Las Vegas could two heavyweights this hot duke it out with such delicious results. Steak marinade soy sauce Eighty-eight champion barbecue teams and more than a hundred top chili teams gather at the Mandalay Bay Resort for a weekend of spicy competition.

Join us in San Antonio, where Competitive Sports meet Competitive Cooking: the Slam Dunk Skillet Showdown. Best way to marinate steak NCAA Coaches and Local Star Chefs join forces for a day of high flying hoops and sizzling skillets.

Get ready to shake, shake, shake. Best flank steak marinade Food Network takes you to the Bartender Championships in Las Vegas! Witness feats of technical skill as 75 of the world’s most talented bartenders convene to compete for the coveted title of Legends Champion.

More than 100,000 garlic fans stroll through the festival grounds, trying everything from garlic bread to garlic ice cream. Bbq chicken marinade There’s even a Mr. How to marinate chicken breast Garlic. Simple chicken marinade But the highlight of the festival is the cook-off. Marinade for lamb chops At this competition, the stinking rose is a sweet smell people just can’t get enough of.

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