10 things to do at inorbit mall hyderabad .. the best in city

Going to a mall is perhaps the most ‘in-thing’ these days. Sanjeev kapoor prawns biryani recipe No longer do we scorch for bargains in the little bazaars, wandering several shop, battling the traffic, escaping the disgruntled scooterists and carrying bags till you have no energy left. Prawns biryani recipe step by step Now we do have everything under one roof and by everything, I mean everything! Inorbit mall overlooks the very famous Durgam Cherevuu lake, giving a contrast between urbanization and natural greenery. How to make prawns biryani in marathi Shopping

The reason for all shopaholics is visiting the branded stores here, having a wonderful time trying and choosing clothes, shoes and what not! You have Shoppers Stop on the ground floor and also Hypercity that is great for grocery shopping and very reasonable clothes.

How to make prawns biryani video Lifestyle, Marks & Spencer’s, Globas, Reebok, Pepe, Levis, Lee, Splash, Catalk, Proline, AND, Jashn, Remnika, Kazo are all the brands that this mall is frequently visited for.

So pick that dress you always wanted to wear and give your wardrobe a good boost. Prawns biryani in hyderabad Makeover mania

With a bright new wardrobe, you obviously need a good haircut and makeup to match that dress. How to make prawns biryani kerala style Here is the unisex salon Envi, right inside the mall that is going to take care of all your personal grooming needs. How to prepare prawns biryani in telugu Either it is going for a facial spa or getting those locks under control, ENVI is going to add the spice in your personality. How to make prawns biryani in telugu For the guys out there, a great place for a facial massage and a trim. Vahrehvah prawns biryani Pearls for your girls

If you are looking to shop for some real shinning pearls, Nyasa, Nirvana and Krishna Pearls are some great shops to look. Thalassery prawns biryani They give you good prices and have a range of pearls starting from rice pearls, pink pearls, white pearls, black pearls, suiting your mood. Prawn biryani recipe sanjeev kapoor Also you can pick up a nice set for your mother, where you don’t have to doubt the genuinely, And don’t forget to get earrings for the little girls. Indian prawn biryani recipe Play park for kids

A Beautiful outdoor area has been man- made to give the little ones the joy of playing with sand, water and slides. Prawn dum biryani recipe You can rest your legs, watching the lake, hearing the birds sing while the little ones can run through the fountains, feel their fingers through the sands and give you a great big hug for giving them a respite from all your shopping. Prawns biriyani kerala style Food court

After all that playing, you are bound to get cranky and pretty hungry. Prawn biryani recipe indian style So for a quicky, just hop in at the food court and introduce yourself to various outlets. Prawns dum biryani recipe in marathi Mc Donalds, KFC and Subway is all very fast with their service but if you want a platter of roti, kebabs and curry then hop on to the other places. Prawn biryani recipe south indian style The quality of the food generally is great and you can relax, put the shopping bags down and admire the architecture of this great big mall. Prawns biryani recipe video by sanjeev kapoor Dialogue In the Dark

If you are someone who wants to experiment with a little newness in life, then Dialogue In The Dark, is going to see the world in whole new light or perhaps ‘No light’ at all. Recipe prawns biryani marathi As you enter, you might get your hopes high that there will be any dialogues, you might hear a few giggles though because you will be lead inside by blind waiters, aware of the area inside, and seated in a dark room where temperature is all matched to adjust you to the darkness. Prawns biryani recipe by sanjeev kapoor You will be served north Indian food and you will really enjoy the taste because you will be forced to enjoy the food using your other three senses. Prawn biryani hyderabadi recipe Bowling Alley

If you can catch up with your aim and knock down a few and have a great time with your friends then try a hand at the bowling alley in here. Prawn pulao andhra style There is going to be a lot of noise and lot of applause, so what are you waiting for?

If its time for some adult time, then do go in at the Beer House. Prawns biryani preparation in telugu Try the chicken tikka, pepperoni chicken pizza with a mug of your beverage and get into the mood for some nice music. Prawn biryani recipe in tamil video They do have live music once in a while, so find out before going. Prawn biryani indian style Also happy hours starts from 4 PM to 8 PM, so you know when to go into this thing to get the maximum utilization. Prawn biryani south indian style Gaming station

Funcity is your kids little world of wonder. Prawn biryani recipe kerala style You will find fun rides and games that will make the day of all adults and kids who just wanna have fun. Prawn biryani recipe tamilnadu style You have to take a token of a certain amount to just spend scott free. Chettinad prawn biryani recipe in tamil The video games are usually a rage here and you will find kids finding a way to win over you. Kolambi biryani recipe in marathi language Movie Date

With ne movies, Telugu, Hindi and English, all three languages widely popular here. Prawns biriyani malabar style So you ill have options to choose from and you will usually get seats because of its wide seating space. Shrimp biryani kerala style So catch the latest flick if you are not in the mood to shop. Kolambi bhat recipe in marathi language Bring your date here and hold hands while watching the movie you always wanted. Kolambi fry recipe in marathi language Book your time with Crosswords

Crazy about books? Want to catch the best seller? Then you have to come to Crosswords where you will be lost in the world of books, books and some more books. Prawns fry recipe in marathi language If you are not an avid reader and have come just to browse then do not miss the stationary section where you can pick up some lovely notebooks and pens. Prawns curry recipe in marathi language Also the CDS, DVDS are all a rage where you can get a great track for your car because somethings are better than downloading.

Now that you know, there are a number of things you can catch up on doing at the Inorbit Mall. Kolambi curry recipe in marathi language And since you find everything that there is too see, you will have a lovely time and end your day with a satisfied smile.

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