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Japan, the crazy land where we chose to have our honeymoon! We absolutely fell in love with the land of the rising sun from its serine temples and beautiful nature to the crazy city, weird and wacky inventions and the overwhelming experience that is Japan! Here’s 10 reasons we love it so much! (And why we think you will too!)

We might have spent half our time in Tokyo a little bit freaked out and even more confused by the food but we were never bored! There are so many amazing new meals to choose from and explore whether that is fresh Sushi, crispy Tempura, simple rice balls or freaky combustion dried cuttlefish! Japan is the epitome of being out of our western comfort zones when it comes to food…and we are adventurous!

Tokyo is home to thousands of amazing Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, from the city centre retreats to the mountain top religious sites. Dallas best pizza delivery Each and every temple is distinctive and unique, some covered in ornate detail and painted on every surface with bright colours whilst others are simple and understated plain wood and muted tones. Chicago best pizza delivery Each temple also has a different dedication, be it Japan’s war dead or a particular past leader.

Chicago best pizza restaurants These serine spots are the perfect place to relax and reflect.

Japan might be known for its sprawling metropolises and huge buildings but it also boasts some of the most beautiful and unique nature in the whole world. Chicago best pizza downtown From the snowy peak of Mt. London ontario best pizza Fuji to the urban parks of Tokyo this country has something for everyone whether you want a full on adventure or just a break from the concrete jungle.

Japan also has some fascinating traditions dating back thousands of years, this modernised society still takes its history very seriously and you are just as likely to see a geisha floating around the narrow wooden streets as you are an array of dazzling billboards. Chicago best pizza From tea ceremonies to traditional shinto weddings, ryokans and Daruma dolls Japan has held on to its amazing history as it has grown into the modern era.

The humble vending machine we all know and often over look is much more than a drinks dispenser over in Japan! These things are an absolute passion to the Japanese and hold pretty much anything you could ever think of! Standing on just about every street corner the vending machine is typically Japanese…it takes up very little room and yet offers so much! Forget just getting a can of coke and a chocolate bar in Japan you can get: Pizzas, ice creams, Clothing, Noodles, guitar strings, drum sticks, bike parts, cupcakes, burgers, eggs, lego, rice, buddhist charms, toy cars, floral arrangements, frozen foods served hot, beer and cigarettes…ok, I think you get the point – If there is something you want, no matter how obscure, there’s a vending machine for that!

Japan is at the forefront of technological advances and if, like us, you are a sucker for the latest gadgets and tech then this is the place to be. Chicago best pizza places Forget waiting for that new games console, phone, camera or other crazy and life changing gadget to make its way over to your country…its here for you to play around with! Not only can you buy the latest technology but it also surrounds you, from unique toilet experiences to bullet trains and robot restaurants, Japan has a whole host of wacky and entertaining inventions!

Japan also has its fair share of tall buildings too and they offer amazing views over the metropolis below. Austin best pizza delivery Whether that be watching the sunset from the iconic Tokyo Tower, catching a glimpse of Mt. Nyc best pizza restaurants Fuji in the distance from the worlds second highest building, the Tokyo Skytree or standing on top of that famous volcano itself and taking in the impressive vista. Chicago’s best pizza 2016 Japan has some of the worlds most impressive vantage point from which to look out from and take stock of this beautiful country. Nyc best pizza places Better still you can stay in some of the many amazing hotels over looking the city and wake up to breathtaking vistas of these wonderful views. East of chicago pizza hours Check out the best places to stay in Tokyo for those epic morning views.

Japan is crazy! Theres no getting away from it, the capital city of Tokyo is the unrivalled centre of that chaos and we love it! You might have to be a certain type of person to thrive in the overwhelming, crowded, loud and intense hustle and bustle of Tokyo but part of the enjoyment is allowing yourself to get carried away with it instead of fighting it. Old chicago pizza hours Have your lost in translation moment on Shibuya crossing, be dazzled by the lights and sounds of Akihabara and get lost on purpose!

Just as Japan dishes out craziness and insanity it also carefully hands you peace and serenity. Naples pizza lasalle phone number Japan is like a finely balanced sculpture, a schizophrenic life form all of its own. Chicago pizza phone number The reason it works so well is that for every moment of chaos is a moment of reflection, for every piece of new technology there is a prized tradition and for every collection of skyscrapers there is a forrest of untamed wildlife.

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We are Nic and Paul, The Roaming Renegades! A married couple who are quitting the 9-5 for a life of travel & adventure. Jacksonville fl pizza delivery We are leaving behind the “normal” way of living in which we are conditioned into giving away our best years for a retirement which may never happen. Johnny’s new york pizza venice Live for today we say! Our travelling style is to see the world through alternative perspectives, getting off the beaten track, going on wild adventures and participating in some “Dark Tourism!”

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