11 delicious desserts you can make easily with graham crackers

When it comes to desserts, there’s nothing more classic than the icebox cakes. Cinnamon sticky buns recipe no yeast You know the ones: They were the centerpiece at every potluck meal you’ve ever attended, and adored by home cooks for their easy preparation and simple ingredients.

Many of those desserts also starred graham crackers, a familiar staple in every childhood pantry. Easy sticky cinnamon bun recipe They’re arguably the most important ingredient of s’mores during campfire seasons, and they’re the idyllic after-school snack served alongside a cold glass of milk.

Cinnamon sticky buns recipe biscuits Part cookie and part cracker, they’re also perfect for many desserts because they pair wonderfully with peanut butter, chocolate, fruits, and caramel — your typical dessert staples.

If you’re looking for a satisfying dessert that’s sure to please a crowd, look no further than these ideas that use the humble graham cracker. Sticky cinnamon bun starbucks recipe Many of them will be reminiscent of your childhood, and several are easy enough to whip together in a few simple steps. Sticky cinnamon rolls recipe 1. Cinnamon roll frosting recipe without cream cheese Eclair Cake

Moms of the ’80s and ’90s weren’t making their own eclairs and filling them with custard, but they did perfect the “cake” that’s inspired by the classic French dessert. Best cinnamon bun filling recipe The basics include several layers of graham crackers alternating with a custard layer made with vanilla pudding and whipped cream. Easy cinnamon roll filling recipe It’s all topped with a homemade chocolate frosting, although several variations use their favorite store-bought chocolate frosting to make the dessert even easier.

After allowing the assembled dessert to chill for a few hours, the pudding softens the graham crackers, making a cake-like layer between the layers of pudding and chocolate. Cinnamon bread recipe without yeast It’s simple, but so delicious. Easy cinnamon roll recipe without yeast For full directions and one recipe for homemade chocolate icing, check out this version from Allrecipes.com.

The jury is still out on whether muffins are breakfast or dessert, but these sweet muffins definitely lean toward the confections category. The blogger behind How Sweet It Is describes them as tasting “like a warm cookie right out of the oven,” further cementing that view. Sweet roll dough recipe for bread machine You’ll make these muffins from scratch, incorporating graham cracker crumbs into the dough for a unique flavor. The best cinnamon bun recipe ever Chocolate chips, along with a crumble topping and graham cracker crumbs, add to the sweetness factor.

Cheesecakes can be difficult to master, rife with potential for cracking or being too bland. Easy cinnamon roll recipe no yeast The blogger at Lemon Sugar writes her own struggles with those problems ended after trying this dual-chocolate cheesecake, complete with a buttery graham cracker crust. Cinnamon roll dough recipe for bread machine You’ll pack buttered graham cracker crumbs into a spring-form pan, then prepare the cheesecake filling, dividing it to add white and semi-sweet chocolates to each half. Cinnamon roll frosting cream cheese The beauty of marbling is that it doesn’t have to be perfect, but you’ll get a sweet, chocolaty bite each time.

Honey Maid is probably the most recognizable name in graham crackers, and they don’t leave you hanging when it comes to creative and easy ways to use their products. Mini cinnamon rolls no yeast Crushed graham crackers go into a savory and sweet crust for this recipe, which is then topped with a refreshing mixture of lemonade concentrate and vanilla yogurt. Cinnamon bun recipe bread maker You’ll freeze the dessert, then cut into squares and top with whipped cream. Cinnamon roll recipe bread machine If you need an easy dessert that doesn’t feel heavy, these citrusy squares are sure to please. Cinnamon roll recipe bread machine dough For full directions, check out Honey Maid’s site.

Quinoa in dessert parfaits? It can be done, adding a boost of whole grains for a sweet treat you can feel good about. Cinnamon roll recipe from scratch no yeast Crushed graham cracker crumbs make the base of this parfait, which layers cooked quinoa,Greek yogurt, pumpkin, and pumpkin spice together. Swedish cinnamon buns recipe uk Top with some whipped cream and pecans for extra crunch, and you’ve got a swoon-worthy dessert that’s full of flavor and texture. Easy homemade cinnamon rolls from scratch without yeast For the recipe, check out the directions at How Sweet It Is.

They’re called cookies, but they look more like a chocolate bark or brittle simply because the sweets are broken apart instead of shaped into rounded cookies. Cinnamon roll glaze no cream cheese No matter their form, however, these treats are delectable because of their combination of chocolate, graham crackers, nuts, and sugar to form a caramel-like layer as well. Cinnamon roll icing recipe easy The oven does the work of melting your ingredients over the crushed graham crackers and blending them together into treats the whole family will love. To make your own, check out the simple recipe from Wives with Knives.

The only thing better than a gooey brownie is one that’s stuffed with goodness in the middle. Easy cinnamon roll recipe with cream cheese frosting This recipe from If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen delivers the goods with a graham cracker-peanut butter mixture between two layers of fudgy brownies. Cinnamon roll icing recipe with powdered sugar You can layer the graham crackers and peanut butter between your own favorite brownie recipe, but blogger Hayley also provides her own brownie recipe.

By nature, truffles are rich and decadent. Cinnamon roll topping recipe These dessert bites are no different, filled with cheesecake and graham cracker crumbs, then topped with chocolate, pecans, and caramel sauce. Cinnabon cinnamon roll icing recipe Though they take a bit of time to assemble, the longest time period will be waiting for the cheesecake centers to freeze before coating in chocolate. Cinnamon bun recipe with cream cheese icing Using melting chocolate and store-bought caramel sauce make these even easier. Frozen bread cinnamon roll recipe To be a hit at your next party, or simply to hoard sweets in your kitchen, check out the recipe from Steamy Kitchen.

Layered desserts can have a flair of fanciness, especially when they’re drizzled with chocolate. Cinnamon roll icing recipe brown sugar However, they’re often some of the simplest desserts to make. Homemade cinnamon rolls recipe with cream cheese icing That’s the case with this icebox cake from The Kitchn, which features fresh strawberries, homemade whipped cream, and graham crackers. Easy homemade cinnamon rolls recipe no yeast You’ll arrange the whipped cream and strawberries in several layers between graham crackers, eventually topping with a final layer of cream and berries. Cinnamon roll frosting without cream cheese Then you can get fancy with the chocolate. Cinnamon bun icing cream cheese The cream will soften the graham crackers slightly, giving it a cake-like texture when you serve.

We’re back to the breakfast-versus-dessert debate, but when it’s a cinnamon roll, you can call it either one and people will be happy. Cinnamon roll icing without cream cheese This version from Crepes of Wrath has you make your own cinnamon roll dough, incorporating finely-crushed graham crackers to add a unique twist. Cinnamon roll glaze without cream cheese Homemade marshmallow spread and melted chocolate complete the s’mores effect, making these an instant hit whenever you’re nostalgic for campfire flavors. Cinnamon roll glaze cream cheese Additional graham cracker crumbs get sprinkled in for a bit of a crunch after the rolls have baked in the oven. Cinnamon roll pancake recipe with cream cheese glaze These rolls will take more effort than grabbing the nearest canned version, and is definitely more work than melting a marshmallow over a fire, but the results promise to be worth it.

If you managed to grow up within the last three decades and never had a slice of grasshopper pie, we’re questioning your potluck dessert choices. We’re not sure how mint and chocolate desserts got named after a summertime insect, but they’re wonderful nonetheless. Cinnamon roll glaze recipe without powdered sugar This recipe, which uses chocolate graham crackers for the base, is a slightly different variation of the pie but holds true to the classic flavors. Cinnamon roll bread recipe without yeast For those of you who have tried the eclair cake listed above, this is basically the chocolaty, minty version. Cinnamon swirl bread recipe no yeast Check out Serious Eats to try the recipe for yourself.

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