2 grain-free (and fun!) breakfast recipes for kids

This post is from contributing writer Haley Stewart of Carrots for Michaelmas.

As a mom of three small children, starting out with a healthy breakfast always makes me feel better about our day. Peruvian dessert recipes in english If lunch and dinner don’t meet my perfect vision of healthy eating, at least we hit a home run with one meal, right? Getting Kids to Eat Healthy Breakfasts

Since focusing a lot of our efforts on healthy breakfasts, we’ve noticed a big difference in our family’s general health. Peruvian foods recipes We’re lucky that none of our kids have been particularly picky eaters, but we also try to encourage them to eat a wide variety of foods by not catering too much to the picky phases all kids cycle through. Peruvian vegetable recipes We do NOT make multiple meals for kids who don’t like what we’re serving.

Our kids eat what we eat as soon as they can eat solids. Peruvian dishes recipes Eating the healthy meal they’re served is a pretty established rule in our house so we rarely have to argue about enforcing it, but occasionally we do face the “ I won’t eat what you just made but I will ask for a snack as soon as the dishes are cleared” phenomenon. Peruvian seafood recipes And that makes me a little crazy, so we nip it in the bud.

• Don’t say yes to snacks just before mealtimes. Recipes for peruvian food We often make this mistake and then our kids aren’t hungry for the meal we prepared!

• Eat around the table as a family. Quick and easy peruvian dessert recipes Mealtime should be more than ingesting calories. Peruvian vegetarian recipes By nurturing special time around the table, kids will enjoy mealtime more.

• If you grow any vegetables (or even just have some kitchen herbs) involving the kids in growing and harvesting the veggies makes them much more excited about eating them!

• Open up the kitchen and let kids assist in the cooking preparation. Peruvian dinner recipes They will be more likely to eat what’s prepared, even if there are ingredients they don’t usually love.

• Encourage variety, but be sensitive to the major dislikes. Peruvian cake recipes Our kids don’t like spicy foods so we keep the meal mild and then add extra sriracha if needed to our own plates.

• When eating foods they don’t love, reward a “good try.” I distinctly remember how hard it was to choke down my green beans when I was little. Recipes peruvian food If our kids have a least a couple bites of the brussel sprouts, they can move on to the other options provided.

• Put un-favorite ingredients (for our kids, that’s onions) on the side if possible.

• If they don’t eat any of a meal but ask for a snack soon afterwards, offer to heat up their leftovers rather than provide a snack. Peruvian recipes in english That way you avoid hungry kiddos but also get the healthy food in their tummies. Peruvian potato recipes We learned this the hard way when my oldest kid was on a bananas only streak and would refuse his meals and then fill up on bananas all day long. Peruvian easy recipes It took a couple of days to get out of the habit, but now we say yes to an after-meal banana if the plate is nearly clean and everybody’s happy.

That being said, none of our kids have health problems that would require more cajoling to get the calories they need and they’ve never gone on a hunger strike because they didn’t like something. Easy peruvian recipes for kids So we’ve had it pretty easy.

And that’s just what works for the kids in our family. Peruvian soup recipes I have friends who have had a much more challenging time encouraging their kids to eat healthy meals and what works for us totally didn’t work for them. Peruvian desserts recipes easy So, every kid and every family is different. Peruvian alpaca recipes I hope some of these tips will help you figure out what works in your home! Make It Fun

We try to cook healthy meals that our kids like to eat to avoid the arguing or snack requests at 8:30 am. Vegetarian peruvian recipes And in addition to the tips above, one way to encourage this is to make the presentation FUN. Quinoa peruvian recipes My husband is much better at this than I am!

Presentation matters for grown-ups, of course, but kids are especially susceptible to the “ it looks gross, it must taste gross” mentality and very gullible as far as the “ it looks awesome, it must taste awesome” trick goes. Peruvian drink recipes So we try to make breakfast look a little awesome sometimes. Peruvian pasta recipes More fun=full tummies + less grumbling.

So I give you the Dinosaur Nest! Sure, it’s just an egg sitting in the middle of a tomato and avocado salad. Peruvian beef recipes But if you call it a Dinosaur Nest, you’ve piqued a 5-year-old’s interest.

Letting the kids peel their own hard boiled eggs can also add to the fun. Peruvian recipes chicken We add homemade tortilla chips on the side and our kids love anything they can eat with chips so this goes over surprisingly well. Peruvian fish recipes I love this on days when I’m craving something fresh tasting but not heavy.

• Mix the tomatoes, avocados, cilantro, lime juice, cumin and salt in a bowl and stir together.

• Add a little of the avocado and tomato salad to each plate.

• Nestle an egg in the center and add chips and cilantro around the plate.

• Carefully cut the potatoes in half lengthwise and scoop out the insides into a large bowl. Peruvian recipes with quinoa Set the potato “shells” aside.

• Fry the bacon in a saute pan until crispy, set the cooked bacon aside. Peruvian bread recipes Meanwhile, chop the greens up but save a few of the best leaves for sails.

• Toss the greens into the pan with the bacon fat. Peruvian recipes with chicken Cook the greens until they’ve softened (about 3 minutes for kale). Peruvian chicken recipes yellow sauce Then add the potato insides you scooped out earlier. Peruvian slow cooker recipes Since the potato is already cooked, you don’t have to saute much longer. Peruvian side dish recipes But I like to get the outside of the potato a little crispy (about 4 minutes). Traditional peruvian potato recipes Add more bacon grease or other oil if necessary.

• Crack the eggs into the pan. Peruvian recipes lomo saltado Stir everything and cook until eggs are done.

• Scoop the egg/potato mixture into your potato shells. Peruvian dessert recipes easy If you want to be fun, make little sails out of toothpicks and greens.

Haley Stewart is a bookish Catholic writer, speaker, wife, homeschooling mama to three, and co-author of Feast! Real Food, Reflections, and Simple Living for the Christian Year. Authentic peruvian dessert recipes She can be found chasing many small children and reading Jane Austen novels with a cup of coffee in hand (reheated at least twice because did you see the part about many small children?). Peruvian dessert recipes for kids You can connect with Haley at her blog, Carrots for Michaelmas, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Traditional peruvian dessert recipes Read all of Haley’s posts.

Thank you for the great tips. Recipes for peruvian dishes Are you making the chips with corn? I have made homemade chips with sprouted wheat tortillas and sprouted corn tortillas. Peruvian ground beef recipes Of course then the meal isn’t grain free. Peruvian beef heart recipes I also had my children when they began eating solids eating what we ate. Recipe for peruvian lomo saltado Suzanne @ GimmetheGoodStuff

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