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I’m letting spring and St. Curry sauce recipe with coconut milk Patrick’s Day inspire me to GO GREEN on the blog today! After all, is there anything as soothing and cooling as the verdant shades of green found in nature? Whether it’s a cool pasture on a spring day, feathery ferns bending in the breeze, or fragrant mosses clinging to shady trees—nature reserved its prettiest artwork for plants in shades of green. Creamy yellow curry sauce recipe And that lovely jade color is also a calling card for super nutrition, as greens are some of the most potent sources of nutrients on the planet (check out my blog on Get Your Green Leafies for more information.). Recipe for thai red curry sauce So, to help you go green this month, I asked some of my favorite bloggers to share their loveliest, greenest recipes with me for this gorgeous Green Goddess Plant-Powered Recipe collection. Authentic curry sauce recipes indian Enjoy!

Immune Boosting Avocado and Mint Green Smoothie , Amber Bremner, Quite Good Food

Creamy avocado, fresh spinach and mint are the stars of this refreshing green smoothie packed with health-giving properties.

Tropical Green Smoothie , Jennifer Thurman Sebestyen, Veggie Inspired

Tropical Green Smoothie – a quick and easy way to get your greens! Wonderfully refreshing and perfectly sweet with no added sweeteners!

This kale and mango Green Smoothie Bowl is topped with fresh and tasty toppings for a healthy pick-me-up.

Matcha Chia Oat Pudding With Lemon Vanilla Rawnola , Natalie Thomas, Feasting on Fruit

Bright green tea flavor blended into a creamy nutritious matcha chia pudding with oats added in too. Recipe for thai green curry sauce Pile on chewy lemon vanilla rawnola for an easy vegan breakfast or snack!

An easy and quick pea hummus made with mint and cayenne pepper. Easy coconut curry sauce recipe Perfect as a dip or in a sandwich.

This Kale & Almond Pesto makes a wonderful alternative to traditional basil pesto plus it’s cheaper to make and it’s dairy free. Chinese curry sauce recipe from takeaways Stir through freshly cooked pasta for a super fast and nutritious meal!

Green Goddess Dressing , Kara Lydon, RDN, The Foodie Dietitian

This dressing is packed with greens, apple cider vinegar, EVOO and is completely dairy-free. Recipe for chinese curry sauce Perfect over a kale salad, a sweet potato, or even used as a dip.

Ginger and Green Tea Soba Noodle Salad with Broccoli , Evi Oravecz, Green Evi

Ginger and green tea soba noodle salad with broccoli is a quick and easy vegan meal.

Sauteed Pea and Green Bean Salad with Mint and Basil , Tricia Bozeman, Rhubarbarians

This 15 minute sauteed pea and green bean salad is topped with fresh mint and basil—making it herby, bright, healthy, and totally delicious!

8-Ingredient Green Quinoa Salad , Chelsey Amer, RDN, C It Nutritionally

Bite into a refreshing salad with this 8-Ingredient Green Quinoa Salad! It’s full of fiber, plant based protein, and healthy fats that will keep you satisfied all afternoon.

Not just a beautiful, vibrant color, but a healthy soup full of vitamin-rich leafy greens and tasty vegetables. Chinese curry sauce recipe uk Get your healthy on with this super easy green soup!

I have been making this Super Green Pea & Mint soup for years now and it’s still one of my favorites. Chinese curry sauce recipe easy It’s super healthy, full of plant proteins and really easy to make. Coconut red curry sauce recipe Plus I love the vivid green color, you just know it’s good for you!

Green Goddess Melt Sandwich , Alissa Saenz, Connoisseures Veg

Chunky white beans, artichoke hearts and creamy avocado slices are drizzled with garlicky pesto sauce, stuffed between bread slices and grilled until golden and delicious to create this comforting and flavorful vegan green goddess melt sandwich.

This sandwich really is The Ultimate Green Panini. Thai curry sauce recipe buffalo wild wings Not because I’ve tried to stuff everything and anything into it, it’s actually quite the opposite. Bww thai curry sauce recipe This panini contains pesto, avocado, and spinach. Bw3 thai curry sauce recipe That’s IT! So what’s so ultimate about that? It’s simple and easy, takes 10 minutes to make, tastes SO delicious and contains lots of “Greens.” It’s basically everything I look for in a panini when I need something quick, tasty, healthy and satisfying for lunch or dinner.

Pesto Pasta with Arugula and Sun-Dried Tomatoes , Sarah McMinn, My Darling Vegan

This Vegan Pesto Pasta is a beautiful meal of reds and greens. Recipe for chicken kitchen curry sauce Better yet, this dinner can be thrown together in under 20 minutes without much fuss.

Baked Falafel Buddha Bowl , Veronika Sykorova, The Healthful Ideas

Can we take a moment to appreciate how green and pretty all the falafel ingredients below are? It features parsley, cilantro, chickpeas, sesame seeds (hulled, unhulled, and black because everything is better with multiple colors/shades), sunflower seeds, garlic, and spices.

This green goddess pizza might be the best vegan pizza you’ll ever have, with cashew cheese, pesto, topped with fresh greens and hemp seeds!

This eye-catching dish works just as well for a romantic evening with your sweetheart as it does for a quick lunch in the afternoon. Indian chicken curry sauce recipe Topped with air fried or roasted chickpeas, this pasta has staying power.

These fresh little treats are the perfect snack or after-dinner dessert.

This cake is really lovely — very simple, but the flavor of the pistachios comes through nicely. Chicken in curry sauce recipe And the color they lend to the filling is also very gentle and pretty in real life.

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