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An ice cream festival takes over Smorgasburg, situated on the East River waterfront between North Sixth and Seventh Streets, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 11 a.m. Best ice cream at walmart to 6 p.m. Italian ice cream cones on Saturday. Free ice cream cone coloring pages Kosher frozen treats by Chozen to Mexican paletas are among the offerings; there will also be a bicycle churning ice cream in a wooden bucket. Free ice cream cone day For those interested in learning how to make ice cream, the pastry chef Megan Fitzroy of Torrisi Italian Specialties is leading a class at 2 p.m. Free ice cream cone at dairy queen on Sunday at The Brooklyn Kitchen, 100 Frost Street (Meeker Avenue), also in Williamsburg. Free ice cream cone coupon Tickets are $55.

A day full of tastings at the Great Hot Dog Cookoff kicks off at 2 p.m. Free ice cream cone clip art on Saturday in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, at 630 Flushing Avenue (Tompkins Avenue). Free ice cream cone template Tickets, starting at $45, include food and beer. Mexican ice cream bars Proceeds from the event benefit the Food Bank for New York City.

A master chocolatier at Neuhaus, 500 Madison Avenue (between 52nd and 53rd Streets), in Midtown East, leads a live demo and free tasting on Saturday from 2:30 to 5 p.m. Best ice cream cake recipe ever Special Belgian biscuits will be hand dipped in dark chocolate and a commemorative box of chocolates with the colors of the Belgian flag will be on sale.

An overnight culinary cookout takes place at the Queens County Farm Museum, 73-50 Little Neck Parkway, in Floral Park, Queens, starting 6 p.m. The best ice cream cake recipe Saturday to 10 a.m. German ice cream flavors Sunday. Japanese ice cream flavors list Brooklyn Brewery, Dickson’s Farmstead Meats and the Cleaver Company are partners with the museum for the event, which includes dishes using vegetables grown on the property. Japanese ice cream flavors Tickets, available online, are $75 per person. Gelato italian ice cream flavors Guests have to bring their own tents. Free printable ice cream cone template Read more…

Forbes: The annual list of top-earning chefs has Gordon Ramsay (right) up top ($38 million over the last year), followed by Rachael Ray ($25 million) and Wolfgang Puck ($20 million). French ice cream brands Rounding out the top 10 are Paula Deen, Mario Batali, Alain Ducasse, Todd English, Nobu Matsuhisa, Bobby Flay and Guy Fieri. English ice cream brands – Glenn Collins

The New York Times: The overpowering din of dining out in New York often exceeds OSHA limits, endangering the ears of workers and customers. Italian ice cream brands A new series on noise, with a cool chart that clocks the decibels at raucous spots like Schiller’s Liquor Bar and Beaumarchais.

Free ice cream cone day at dairy queen — Patrick Farrell

Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews: Why on earth would anybody grow the ribolla gialla grape in Napa Valley, the domain of cabernet sauvignon? Meet George Vare. Printable ice cream cone coloring pages — Eric Asimov Read more…

San Francisco office workers enjoy lunch via Cater2.me. Free ice cream cone day carvel Credit Cater2.me

A San Francisco catering middleman has branched out to Manhattan, hoping to satisfy the insatiable hunger of those who toil in cubicles for new and interesting local food.

For a year and a half, Cater2.me has supplied some 200 tech businesses, finance companies and start-ups with meals, delivering haute food from 120 San Francisco vendors. Free ice cream cone day 2016 They are small restaurants, pop-up cafes, artisanal producers, food carts, trucks and not a few restaurant sous chefs who are tending catering businesses on the side.

According to Zach Yungst, the company’s co-founder, Cater2.me has delivered 800,000 meals in the Bay Area so far. Free ice cream cone day dairy queen Its clients have included Apple, Adobe, Dropbox, Ngmoco and Posterous.

Meanwhile, his partner, Alex Lorton, 28, has been haunting New York institutions like the Brooklyn Flea, New Amsterdam Market, Hester Street Fair and Smorgasburg to sign up vendors. Best ice cream cones Manhattan deliveries began Monday, with offerings that include B.L.T.’s from Landhaus, Indian sandwiches from the Bombay Sandwich Company, Mexican sandwiches from Cemita’s in Williamsburg and huaraches from the Country Boys food truck Read more…

The New Yorker: Welcome to the year 2367, when all food — in fact, everything on earth — has become gluten-free. Chinese ice cream brands — Julia Moskin

Wine Review Online: What has the wine writer Linda Murphy “wiping spittle from her chin?” American wineries that give French names to their brands. Spanish ice cream brands No more Chateau X and Domaine Y, she pleads. Weird japanese ice cream flavors — Eric Asimov

Culture: A recipe for making crescenza, a fresh, spreadable Italian cheese that’s usually produced in the summer. Chinese ice cream flavors — Jeff Gordinier

Bloomberg Businessweek: Colorado’s North Fork Valley has been described as an American Provence, given the bounty from its organic farms, haute wineries, abundant orchards and productive ranches. French vanilla ice cream brands But now 30,000 acres have been approved for hydraulic fracking, and critics worry that carcinogenic drilling fluids could contaminate the aquifer, and foul Shangri-La. Carb free ice cream brands – Glenn Collins

The Wall Street Journal: New York City’s water is regarded as among the cleanest and best-tasting in the world. Fat free ice cream brands Yet Molecule, a shop in the East Village, is running it through a gantlet of ultraviolet rays, ozone treatments and reverse osmosis — and selling it for $2.50 a bottle …

The New York Post: … To which the food critic Steve Cuozzo says: Feh! (And finds another opportunity to flail what he calls “High Holy Church of Culinary Rectitude.”) — Patrick Farrell Read more…

When Dale DeGroff, the pater familias of the craft cocktail movement, was working regularly behind a bar decades ago, he liked to use a strong, spicy liqueur called Pimento Dram to accent his drinks. Best dairy free ice cream brands But in the 1980s, the liqueur, made by the Jamaican rum distiller J. Lactose free ice cream brands Wray & Nephew, disappeared from shelves in the United States.

“When they pulled it off the American market, I just couldn’t find anything like it,” Mr. Egg free ice cream brands DeGroff said. Peanut free ice cream brands “I had to leave that flavor out of drinks.”

Now he has brought it (or something like it) back, but in the form of a bitters. Sugar free ice cream brands After two years of work with the American-born, French-based distiller and chemist Ted Breaux — the man largely behind the absinthe revival of the past five years — Dale DeGroff’s Pimento Aromatic Bitters is finally on sale online.

The past few years have seen a bitters boom. Nut free ice cream brands Where there were once two reigning products, Peychaud’s (needed for a sazerac) and Angostura (needed for almost everything else), there are now dozens, with a dizzying variety of flavors that lend themselves to very specific applications. Soy free ice cream brands That sort of narrow profile wasn’t what Mr. Mexican ice cream brands DeGroff was after. Indian ice cream brands Read more…

Serious Eats: High-end pizza may be flying high, but Ed Levine detects a worrisome droop in the classic New York slice: “I fear the pizza culture is collapsing in on itself.” …

The New York Post: … And the Post glimpses the end of civilization in the race to remake simple comfort foods, from mayo to doughnuts, with rarefied ingredients, fancy names and higher prices. Japanese ice cream brands — Patrick Farrell

Food 52: What is it about the phrase “snack cake?” Irresistible. Indian ice cream flavors This one has a way with blueberries, and a pecan streusel on top. Fat free sugar free ice cream brands — Julia Moskin

Decanter: A French concern plans in 2013 to offer wine storage deep underwater in the Atlantic Ocean, asserting that cool temperatures and no light will promote slow aging. Low fat sugar free ice cream brands Only for those who can’t get out from under their wines. Best sugar free ice cream brands — Eric Asimov

National Geographic Traveler: Fascinating bit of news in the final paragraph of this piece about Seoul: the Korean taco truck phenomenon has now, inevitably, wound its way back to South Korea. Gluten free lactose free ice cream brands — Jeff Gordinier

Bloomberg Businessweek: “Hi, I’m Andrew Mason, the chief executive of Groupon, and I’m your waiter.” It seems that in the quest for better and more discounts, the founder of Groupon has been working front-of-house in a Japanese restaurant in Chicago to better comprehend the behind-the-scenes operations of local businesses. Tree nut free ice cream brands – Glenn Collins Read more…

While we mere mortals struggle to get vegetables onto our dinner plates, as described in my story this week, lately chefs have amused themselves by turning them into dessert. Peanut and tree nut free ice cream brands It started with the Paris chef Alain Passard’s now-famous tomate confit aux douze saveurs, a whole tomato braised in caramel and perfumed with ginger, cloves and citrus. Dairy free nut free ice cream brands Brooks Headley, the pastry chef at Del Posto in New York, adapted a traditional, super-sweet Neapolitan combination of eggplant and chocolate into a suave modern dessert.

Now these inventive sweets are everywhere: the carrot panna cotta at Graffiato in Washington, the cold mountains of herb sorbet on many menus, and the new vegetable ice creams at the Jacques Torres ice cream shop, where a fragrant carrot-celery flavor has just hit freezers. Sugar free fat free ice cream brands For home cooks, chocolate cake infused with beets is a wonderful thing.

Tell us: What’s the most interesting or creative way you’ve ever cooked a vegetable?

Matthew Lightner, the chef of Atera, is a high-tech nature boy.

He moved to New York City from Portland Ore., last fall, and soon began hiking in Harriman State Park, where he gathers a lichen called rock tripe that clings to the outcroppings there. Best fat free ice cream brands Back in his kitchen in TriBeCa, rock tripe will be transformed into a lichen chip. Best ice cream brands and flavors In other dishes, he replicates things like leaves and mollusks, nuts and flowers. Italian ice cream ingredients Sometimes 21st-century kitchen techniques help him toward this goal, but the tools are not the first thing you notice when you have dinner at Atera. French vanilla ice cream ingredients You notice the shapes.

I spoke with him on the phone this week, before publishing my review of Atera, to find out how he makes three of the most striking dishes on a recent tasting menu. Breyers french vanilla ice cream ingredients (A meal at Atera costs $150 before tax, tip and drinks, and consists of 22 to 25 courses, from small bites he calls “snacks” at the outset through the final chocolate truffle, which mimics a black walnut.)

Most recently the chef of Castagna, in Portland, Mr. French macaron ice cream sandwiches Lightner was familiar with the massive and chewy razor clams dug up, at times with great effort, on Pacific beaches. Best ice cream sandwiches The more manageable East Coast variety struck him as an underappreciated treat. Best ice cream sandwiches in la This dish is his homage to the razor clams of his new home.

The shell is an air baguette, an extremely light traditional bread that Mr. Best ice cream ingredients Lightner remembers making for weddings years ago when he worked at a country club. Cheap ice cream ingredients Developing the razor-clam air baguette for Atera was a three- or four-month process. Where did neapolitan ice cream originated from A dough of water, milk, yeast, salt and sugar is mixed and then tinted with squid ink. English ice cream recipes It’s rolled out, shaped into cylinders and scored down its length with an X-Acto knife for an initial baking in a very hot oven. Free ice cream recipes After two minutes, when the baguette has started to puff up, it is slit open. Where to buy neapolitan ice cream slices A dowel is inserted into the slit, like a hot dog in a bun. Ice cream neapolitan This helps the baguette hold its shape during a second baking in a slightly cooler oven. Neapolitan ice cream cake Read more…

In the last decade, the independent coffee scene in New York has benefited greatly from out-of-town talent setting up shop: Blue Bottle Coffee (San Francisco and Oakland), Counter Culture Coffee (Durham, N.C.), Gimme! Coffee (Ithaca, N.Y.), Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea (Chicago and Los Angeles), La Colombe (Philadelphia) and Stumptown Coffee Roasters (Portland, Ore., and Seattle). Neapolitan ice cream cone Just in the past year, Caffe Vitta (Seattle), Caffe Bene (Seoul) and Toby’s Estate Coffee (Sidney, Brisbane, Perth and Singapore) all arrived in the city.

Now New York gets to return the favor. Neapolitan ice cream cake recipe Joe, the specialty coffee shop with nine locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, has announced it will open two branches in Philadelphia. Best neapolitan ice cream The chain will also start to roast coffee, joining a growing list of local establishments that roast their own.

The first Philadelphia location will open early next year at 1845 Walnut Street, on Rittenhouse Square; the second, on the Drexel University campus, will open later in 2013.

Jonathan Rubinstein, who founded Joe with his sister, Gabrielle Rubinstein, said they were approached by the developer of the building on the square. Neapolitan ice cream tub “We jumped on a train and saw it, and within 15 minutes we knew we had to do it,” Mr. Neapolitan ice cream slices Rubinstein said, explaining that the 1,200-square-foot cafe, with an additional 400-square-foot outdoor terrace, will be twice as big as any of his New York stores.

“It’s such a different feel,” he said. Neapolitan ice cream bar “You salivate about that much space, and that outdoor seating is unheard of when you’re in a nickle-and-dime market like New York.” Read more…

CBS News: An unprecedented catch of Maine lobsters could bring prices down to unheard-of levels this summer. Neapolitan ice cream astronaut It seems that a mild winter has caused lobsters to shed their winter shells prematurely. Neapolitan ice cream flavors It’s a boon for consumers but lobstermen worry that the meat glut will keep them from getting their short-shelf-life catch to market. Neapolitan ice cream squares — Glenn Collins

Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences: Monday was the first day of a pioneering cooking-and-science camp, co-sponsored by SEAS and Chop Chop Mag, a food-and-nutrition magazine for kids. Neapolitan ice cream brands First day’s agenda: baking with Bill Yosses, White House executive pastry chef. Vegan neapolitan ice cream — Julia Moskin

The San Francisco Chronicle: The wines of Corsica, imbued with maquis, the wild scrubland of lavender, helichrysum and myrtle that defines the island’s landscape. Ice cream flavor neapolitan Janet Fletcher reports. Neapolitan ice cream sandwich — Eric Asimov

Phoenix New Times: The Arizona chef Stephen Jones is opposed to whistling in the kitchen but in favor of fried bologna on Wonder Bread. Where did neapolitan ice cream come from — Jeff Gordinier

The Washington Post: The not-so-secret government plot to get you to eat lots of cheese. Best neapolitan ice cream brand — Patrick Farrell Read more…

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