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Primary election shows us torn between sane center and uber-outer fringe dallas observer homemade meatball sauce

Results from this week’s primary election in dallas do not illustrate a conservative/liberal split in the city. Lots of luck even trying to get those labels to work. The outcomes in a couple of key state house districts argue more

Prepared remarks by u.s. secretary of education betsy devos to state chiefs u.s. department of education homemade pork meatballs recipe

Thank you, carey, for that kind introduction. I want to thank each of the chiefs, and your teams, for everything you do to ensure the students you serve are well-prepared for successful careers and fulfilling lives. And I also want

Benefits and negatives come with coffee and energy drinks the pacer classic menu for office 2016

Coffee reigns number one in most caffeine infused households, controlling 55 percent of the 90 percent, with the other 35 percent coming from tea, soda and energy drinks such as monster, red bull, NOS, rockstar, AMP and so on as

Powell’s trial by fire and other friday musings – bloomberg recipe for homemade meatballs with sauce

• the new fed chair’s baptism of fire: paul volcker had the threat of hyper-inflation, alan greenspan had the 1987 crash, ben bernanke the great financial crisis. It seems every new fed chair gets tested somehow. That raises the question

Port woman releases documentary 7 years in the making – the island now easy homemade dog treats with baby food

Margaret galbraith had to overcome multiple challenges in the seven years it took to get her documentary “stickman” to the screen. Funding was hard to come by, especially in the wake of the recession. She gave birth to two children.

Pops turned 65 on ‘black-ish,’ making dre realize how lucky he is to still have his problematic dad around recipe for homemade meatballs

The johnson family hits another milestone in the march 20 episode. Pops turns 65 on black-ish and celebrates his birthday by marveling at how he beat the odds. He’s made so many dangerous choices in his life — including busting

A house of rooms of her own new haven independent quick cinnamon rolls recipe from scratch

“every artist deserves to be seen,” said luciana mcclure at the opening of the group show “silence breakers” at the ely center of contemporary art on international women’s day, curated by mcclure, co-founder of nasty women connecticut. Most of the

Plans open park, close road – tideland news news homemade spaghetti sauce and meatballs recipe

While the process of stabilizing the shoreline at wards shore park has been somewhat contentious, officials are hopeful that a proposal to improve the other side of the shoreline at the park will be embraced by nearby residents. Two adjacent

Pink floyd’s ‘dark side of the moon’ things you didn’t know – rolling stone easy homemade christmas ornaments for kids to make

There are hit albums, and then there’s dark side of the moon. Pink floyd’s eternally popular song cycle has sold more than 15 million copies in the U.S. Since its release on march 1st, 1973, and more than 45 million

Philadelphia workers why i love my job – philly homemade meatballs with grape jelly and chili sauce

He debuts two recipes each week and presents new products, “not so much showing where the ‘on’ switch is. It’s taking that product and placing it in the customer’s life … helping them understand how this works in their home

7 Smartphone habits of highly effective people – mindbodygreen italian recipes with pictures

Let’s get something clear from the start: the point of a digital detox is not to get you to throw your phone under a bus. Just as breaking up with a person doesn’t mean that you’re swearing off all human

Peter thiel’s money talks, in contentious ways. but what does he say – the new york times easy homemade biscuits without shortening

“we were far from perfect” in seeing problems that were around the corner, said peter thiel, a facebook board member, in his manhattan apartment. Credit Peter thiel is silicon valley’s homegrown cassandra. He warned for years that the big tech

Performance park takes over the vortex bonnie cullum’s dream wakes the tarot into life in her company’s immersive theatrical experience – arts – the austin chronicle the italian homemade company sf

The vortex repertory company, that provocative and often ritual-inspired theatre group helmed by bonnie cullum for three decades now, is not being kicked out of its longtime home on manor road. Damned unusual that, given the current trends of this

Perfect day raises $24.7m in series a round to commercialize animal-free dairy ingredients best homemade brownies from scratch

The round – supported by horizons ventures, continental grain, iconiq capital (USA), lion ventures, verus international, and others – is “among the largest food tech series A rounds ever,” ​said co-founder ryan pandya, who is on a mission to introduce