21 starbucks secret menu drinks and how to order them

secret menu that was created by dedicated baristas and loyal customers that most don’t know even about?

Thanks to being able to customize your drinks, we can create delicious mouth-watering recipes we could’ve only dreamt of that taste just like some of our favorite sweets like Snickers, Twix and even Nutella!

The secret to ordering these drinks is in the ordering. Cinnamon roll icing recipe with powdered sugar You can’t simply ask for a ‘Orange Creamsicle Frappuccino’ but instead- you have to be specific with the recipe when it comes to the ingredients.

We went ahead and rounded up all the best secret menu drinks drinks and listed each particular recipe so you’ll know how how to order them.

When ordering these items, be respectful of your Barista and don’t ask for the item by name, ask for it by the recipe and keep in mind some ingredients are seasonal (as noted) so choose accordingly.

I love orange creamsicle. Cinnamon roll topping recipe Delicious and refreshing, and the perfect treat to request in drink form. Cinnabon cinnamon roll icing recipe When summertime drinks are available for order, try ordering a Valencia orange refresher blended with the vanilla bean frappuccino base, whipped on top is also a great option with this drink.

Easy to order, but note this drink is only available seasonally.

If you want to try ordering this secret menu item a different time of year trying requesting the following:

• cream base (4 pumps venti, 3 pumps grande, and 2 pumps tall)

• classic syrup (4 pumps venti, 3 pumps grande, and 2 pumps tall)

If you’re like me (and every mom for that matter) and have an unexplainable love for Nutella. Cinnamon bun recipe with cream cheese icing This is the drink for you.

• hazelnut syrup (1.5 pumps venti, 1 pump grande, half pump tall)

Yum! My favorite. Frozen bread cinnamon roll recipe Order a Mint Chocolate Chip Frappuccino by ordering a mocha frappuccino with peppermint syrup and ask for java chips blended in. Cinnamon roll icing recipe brown sugar Here’s an alternative recipe to try:

Nothing says summer like peaches and with this drink you can enjoy summer in a cup any time of the year! Here is the recipe:

• peach syrup (6 pumps trenta, 5 pumps venti, 3 pumps grande, 2 pumps tall)

If every time you attempt to make chocolate chip cookies at home you only get half of them into the actual oven on account of eating the dough before they’ve even baked, this drink is all you! Here’s the recipe:

• cinnamon dolce syrup (3 pumps venti, 2.5 grande, 2 pumps tall)

We have so many fancy cookies to choose from nowadays. Homemade cinnamon rolls recipe with cream cheese icing But there’s something about those simple classics. Easy homemade cinnamon rolls recipe no yeast And Nutter Butters are one of my faves. Cinnamon roll frosting without cream cheese If this is your go-to peanut butter cookie too, here’s the recipe you need to try:

It’s Easter in a cup! If you love these gooey eggs like I do then chances are you may have tried a concoction like this already in your lifetime (maybe even recently with some of the kids’ Easter candy). Cinnamon bun icing cream cheese Here’s the recipe:

• vanilla bean powder (4 scoops venti, 3 grande, 2 scoops tall)

• vanilla syrup (2 pumps venti, 1.5 pumps grande, 1 pump tall)

As a kid there was always a few things you could count on in my house. Cinnamon roll icing without cream cheese 1) That there would never be a shortage of plastic bags stuffed into a bag in the pantry, and 2) That there would always be rainbow sherbet in the freezer during summer break. Cinnamon roll glaze without cream cheese If you love it too here’s the recipe you need to try:

• Strawberries and cream frappuccino made with orange refresher in replace of strawberry puree

Oh key lime, how I love thee. Cinnamon roll glaze cream cheese This is definitely one of those desserts that makes for a fantastic drink. Cinnamon roll pancake recipe with cream cheese glaze Here’s the recipe:

• cinnamon dolce syrup (1.5 pumps venti, 1 pump grande, .5 pump tall)

• vanilla syrup (3 pumps venti, 2 pumps grande, and 1 pump tall)

If you don’t have a crackling fire handy to make the real deal, this is the next best thing. Cinnamon roll glaze recipe without powdered sugar And even if you do have a fire nearby who says you can’t have both?! If you’re a s’mores fanatic, here’s a recipe you need to try:

• toffee nut syrup (1.5 pumps venti, 1 pump grande, .5 pumps tall)

• cinnamon dolce syrup (1.5 pumps venti, 1 pump grande, .5 pumps tall)

There’s a reason this cake is just about everyone’s favorite. Cinnamon roll bread recipe without yeast And if I could just sit and suck it up through a straw all day, even better! Well, lucky us! Here is the recipe:

12. Cinnamon swirl bread recipe no yeast Oreo Frappuccino jolt24.comYou didn’t think there was going to be a list of Fraps without an Oreo mention did you? That would be pretty sacrilegious considering Oreo is the O.G. Cinnamon rolls recipe south africa of blended dessert drink ingredients. Easy cinnamon roll dough recipe (And also my go-to pretty much all the time). Cinnamon roll recipe without yeast or butter Here’s the recipe:

Oh for the love of all things rolly. Cinnamon roll recipe without buttermilk You can literally drink your breakfast with this blend. Cinnamon bread recipe no yeast Or any time of the day really because is there ever really a time that’s NOT good to have a cinnamon roll? I didn’t think so. Cinnamon bread recipe yeast Here’s the recipe:

• vinnamon dolce syrup (3 pumps venti, 2 pumps grande, 1 pump tall)

• white chocolate mocha syrup (3 pumps venti, 2 pumps grande, 1 pump tall)

My favorite ice cream dessert. Cinnamon raisin bread recipe without yeast I get it about 99% of the time when we go for ice cream in the summer months. Homemade caramel pecan cinnamon roll recipe Refreshing to know I can get it anytime with this recipe:

Nothing goes better with that afternoon cup of coffee than a Twix candy bar. Homemade cinnamon roll icing recipe So naturally combine the two and I’m one happy girl! Here’s the recipe:

• hazelnut syrup (2 pumps venti, 1.5 pumps grande, 1 pump tall)

Daddy has a Reese Cup tax on the kids’ Halloween candy every year. Easy cinnamon bun recipe homemade Mommy stakes claim to at least a few Snickers. Homemade cinnamon roll waffle recipe This is a perfect blended dessert drink. Cinnamon roll recipe without yeast or buttermilk Here’s the recipe:

• toffee nut syrup (3 pumps venti, 2 pumps grande, and 1 pump tall)

Don’t even act like you don’t stock up on these boxes of goodness every year at Girl Scout selling season. Cinnamon roll recipe no yeast or milk I’ve even been known to hide a few boxes for when times getting especially desperate. Cinnamon roll recipe no yeast or baking powder Good to know you can get your fix in Frap form with this recipe:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…any day of the year now. Simple cinnamon roll recipe If you’ve got a serious fondness for those festive cookies, fix them in a frap with this recipe:

If loving Cinnamon Toast Crunch still in my 30’s is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. Simple cinnamon roll recipe no yeast Seriously, why is this like the best cereal and perfect cure for a sweet tooth. Homemade cinnamon roll icing with powdered sugar Now you don’t even have to wait to the end of the bowl to slurp up all the cinnamon milk. Cinnamon roll glaze recipe with powdered sugar Here’s the recipe:

Candy canes may be a traditional Christmas sighting but when it comes to this drink, they’re a good idea any time of the year. Giant cinnamon bun recipe Here’s the recipe:

This is like a cup of my childhood right here. Giant cinnamon roll recipe Who didn’t love Fruity Pebbles? Who doesn’t STILL love Fruity Pebbles?! Here’s the recipe:

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