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Have you been lucky enough to get hit by Cupid’s arrow? If you’ve got the bug (and you’ve got it bad), you just might consider skipping the prix fixe dinners downtown and snuggling up for a cozy night in. Salmon quiche recipe jamie oliver These romantic dinner recipes made for two are just the thing to start your night off right.

From traditional surf and turf to a modern pineapple ceviche, we have just the thing to make your Valentine swoon. Salmon recipes jamie oliver Impress your veggie-loving sweetheart with a Cajun-spiced zucchini noodle dish, or feed your meat-eating beau a barbecue-style pork belly or bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin.

Whichever meal you choose, you cannot go wrong.

Salmon recipes pan fried So light the candles, put your phone on silent, and hide those chocolates for later. Salmon recipes pan seared It’s time for a romantic dinner for two! Romantic Braciole-Inspired Paleo Recipe

Want to know the way to your honey’s heart? It’s most certainly through this home-cooked meal. Salmon risotto recipe jamie oliver This braised steak is rolled in fresh herbs and topped with crushed tomatoes. Salmon steak recipe oven It’s a classic dish that pairs perfectly with a glass of red wine.

Recipe: PaleoHacks | Romantic Braciole-Inspired Paleo Recipe Coffee-Rubbed NY Strip Steak with Berry Sauce & Parsnip Mash

Grass-fed New York strip is good all on its own, but this special meal has all the elements of a good Valentine’s Day dinner: a berry sauce made from fresh raspberries, a creamy side dish, and a homemade coffee rub that’ll keep you attentive to your partner long after the dishes have been cleared.

Recipe: Lexi’s Clean Kitchen | Coffee-Rubbed NY Strip Steak with Berry Sauce & Parsnip Mash Chimichurri Braised Short Ribs

It only looks like it takes forever to bring these melt-in-your-mouth braised ribs together. Simple baked salmon recipes The most labor-intensive part is blending up the chimichurri sauce. Simple healthy salmon recipes The oven does the rest of the work.

Recipe: The Healthy Maven | Chimichurri Braised Short Ribs One-Pan Salmon Dinner for Two

Scored Alaskan fillets for your sweetie this year? This easy, healthy recipe roasts them with sweet potatoes and carrots—all drizzled in a decadent maple Dijon sauce.

Recipe: PaleoHacks | One-Pan Salmon Dinner for Two Cajun Zucchini Noodle Pasta

This meal is just like your love life: hot and spicy. Smoked salmon pasta recipe jamie oliver The homemade Cajun seasoning does the trick with this veggie-forward dish, but feel free to adjust the spice as necessary.

Recipe: Detoxinista | Cajun Zucchini Noodle Pasta Slow Cooker Korean Short Ribs

Sticky, stewed grass-fed ribs are just the thing for an easy Valentine’s night in. Smoked salmon pasta recipes You don’t even need to sear the meat. Sockeye salmon recipe pan seared Just dump it in the slow cooker, and forget it till dinnertime!

Recipe: Nom Nom Paleo| Slow Cooker Korean Short Ribs Lamb with Spinach Sauce

This savory Indian-style lamb with spinach sauce (or saag gosht) is super tender and flavorful. The best salmon recipe And it’s a surprisingly good option for the budget-conscious Valentine.

Recipe: Nom Nom Paleo | Lamb with Spinach Sauce Fish & Pineapple Ceviche with Yam Chips

For a swoon-worthy dinner for two, scoop up this super-tangy raw ceviche with crunchy, milder yam chips. The best salmon recipe ever Whether you use the recommended tilapia or go rogue with some scallops or tuna, make sure the seafood you buy for this dish is super fresh!

Recipe: Eat Drink Paleo | Fish & Pineapple Ceviche with Yam Chips Baked Cod with Hemp Seed Coconut Crust

Surprise your hippie-at-heart honey with these crunchy cod loins coated with hemp seeds. Baked king salmon recipe To whip up this healthy, spicy meal, all you need is a handful of healthy ingredients!

Recipe: PaleoHacks | Baked Cod with Hemp Seed Coconut Crust Caramelized Scallops with Strawberry Salsa

Few dishes are better than perfectly seared scallops. Baked salmon recipe soy sauce These beloved sea creatures get some romantic treatment with a sweet, delicately balanced salsa made from strawberries, red wine vinegar, and herbs.

Recipe: Minimally Invasive | Caramelized Scallops with Strawberry Salsa One Pan New York Strip Steak Dinner for Two

Short on time? To bring this buttery steak and asparagus dinner together, all you need is 20 minutes and a single baking pan.

Recipe: PaleoHacks | One Pan New York Strip Steak Dinner for Two Surf and Turf Dinner

Why force your honey to choose between steak and seafood, when they can have both? For a decadent meal with minimal prep time, top this pair with buttery herbs and garlic.

Recipe: Paleo Leap | Surf and Turf Dinner Easy Pan Seared Duck Breast

It’s all about technique in this simple duck breast recipe for two. Baked salmon recipe with mayonnaise Scoring the fat gives you a crispy skin, and starting with a cold pan ensures that everything gets rendered just right.

Recipe: The Healthy Foodie | Easy Pan Seared Duck Breast Roasted Dry Rub Paleo Pork Belly

If you thought it couldn’t get more romantic than bacon, then say hello to this flavorfully rubbed pork belly. Baked salmon recipes simple At once crispy and fatty, you’ll need a few veggies to round out this heavy meal for your Valentine!

Recipe: Dr. Baked whole salmon recipes simple Anthony Gustin | Roasted Dry Rub Paleo Pork Belly Pasta Carbonara Recipe with Light Zucchini Noodles

Lighten up this bacon-studded classic dish with veggie noodles bathed in a silky coconut cream sauce. Baked wild salmon recipes You’ll get your favorite flavors without feeling too heavy afterwards, and that’s important tonight!

Recipe: PaleoHacks | Pasta Carbonara Recipe with Light Zucchini Noodles Herb Marinated Lamb Rack Chops with Fig Tapenade Butter

These herb-rubbed, medium-rare lamb chops are good all on their own. Best baked salmon recipe But if you really want to bring it to the next level, top the rack with a homemade olive and fig butter. Best baked salmon recipe ever It doesn’t get more gourmet than that!

Recipe: Zenbelly | Herb Marinated Lamb Rack Chops with Fig Tapenade Butter Cacao-Rubbed Steak

Make your mouth-watering steak dinner that much more alluring with a rub made from super-healthy cacao powder, cayenne pepper, and other spices. Best baked salmon recipe in the world Then you’ll have a hearty meal with plenty of kick.

Recipe: The Domestic Man | Cacao-Rubbed Steak Garlic Mussels in White Wine

Mussels cook very quickly, making these lemon, garlic, and wine-flavored mussels the ideal romantic dinner for a busy weeknight.

Recipe: PaleoHacks | Garlic Mussels in White Wine AIP-Friendly Pan-Roasted Pork Chops

For this simple but deeply flavored dish, bust out your cast-iron skillet. Best canned salmon recipes To coax out all the flavor without overcooking, finish the chops in the oven.

Recipe: Primal Palate | AIP-Friendly Pan Roasted Pork Chops Walnut-Encrusted Scallops

Crunchy on the outside but warm and soft on the inside, these sexy little sea scallops are unlike anything you’ve ever made.

Recipe: Nosh and Nourish | Walnut-Encrusted Scallops Veal Chops with Rosemary

Tender chops with fragrant herbs and a simple wine-deglazed sauce is just what the doctor ordered tonight. Best easy salmon recipe This super-simple recipe only tastes like it took forever to make. Best ever salmon recipe In reality, it’ll be done in under half an hour!

Recipe: Paleo Leap | Veal Chops with Rosemary Bacon Maple Pork Tenderloin

If you ask us, pork tenderloin is plenty romantic on its own. Best grilled salmon recipe But when you rub the whole thing down with a cinnamon spice mix, wrap it in smoky bacon, and cover it in a maple sauce, your date night in is guaranteed to be a win.

Recipe: Paleo Leap | Bacon Maple Pork Tenderloin Shrimp with Kimchi Mayo

Just when you thought a spicy kimchi couldn’t get any better, someone thought of kimchi mayo. Best grilled salmon recipe ever Generously dip the cilantro-topped shrimp in it. Best healthy salmon recipe It’s good hot or cold!

Recipe: Mark’s Daily Apple | Shrimp with Kimchi Mayo Spaghetti Squash Shrimp Scampi

The alliteration isn’t the only appealing thing about this dish. Best oven baked salmon recipe This lemony take on shrimp scampi will help brighten your wintry meal.

Recipe: Paleo Grubs | Spaghetti Squash Shrimp Scampi Paleo Chicken Piccata

Topped with a lemony white wine sauce and salty capers, this homemade version of a healthy Italian favorite is a snap to pull together.

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