4 ingredient chocolate chip cookies

I’ve been making a lot of nutrient-dense snack bars lately. 2 banana bread There were the copy-cat Larabars, then the raw trail mix bars, and I’ve also made a batch of these bars recently. Easy banana walnut bread Besides feeling very satisfied in the snack department, this new granola bar obsession has resulted in tiny amounts of leftover nuts, seeds, chocolate chips, dried fruits, etc.. Banana bread recipe 3 bananas So last week I went searching for the perfect breakfast cookie recipe, one where I could throw in my remaining tablespoons of pumpkin seeds, goji berries, chia seeds, and cacao nibs. Gourmet banana bread I found all kinds of great recipes worth trying – that I look forward to trying – then I started hearing about 2 and 3 ingredient cookies.

So intrigued that I threw out my original plan to make everything-but-the-kitchen-sink breakfast cookies and made the easiest. Banana date bread cookies. Organic banana bread ever.

I did some experimenting with the recipe to come up with what I believe to be the best combo of flavor, healthy benefits, ease, and texture. Banana bread pudding recipe The result: 4 ingredient Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies. Best banana walnut bread recipe I am calling them cookies but honestly they fall somewhere between a peanut butter oatmeal cookie and warm bites of banana bread heaven – with chocolate. Banana bread recipe with oil I thought about calling them that, but the title seemed just a little to long for the simplicity of these beauties.

Among the many reasons I love these 4 Ingredient Chocolate Chip Cookies (and you will too) are:

• I used only one bowl, one mixing spoon, and one baking tray

• Combine bananas, oats, and peanut butter in a bowl and mix well. Perfect banana bread recipe Fold in chocolate chips.

• Drop bite-sized spoonfuls onto a parchment-lined baking sheet and bake for 12-15 minutes.

When I use this recipe I love to puree the bananas and put the oats through a coffee grinder before using them it really gives the dough a completely different texture.Also if you like your cookies a little bit more on the sweet side add agave its a much more healthy alternative then suger or honey.

Because of GERD, I can’t have peanuts or chocolate so I substituted almond butter and unsweetened carob chips instead. Fat free banana bread They were ok but a little bland so the second time I made them, I added 1 tsp pure vanilla and some ginger, which really enhanced the flavour. Bisquick banana bread recipe Thanks so much for this basic recipe – i’ll be using it a lot!

I’ve made this at least 10x and it never fails how delicious these are. Bread machine banana bread I have non-vegan/vegetarian family and friends who eat these and always steal a few of mine when I make them. One banana bread recipe I have added cranberries and pistachios as well. Banana bread easy moist I tend to not measure my peanut butter cause, ya know, it’s peanut butter. Banana bread recipe best moist GREAT recipe and I enjoy making them. Bisquick banana bread my only frustration is when I am looking for overripe bananas in the grocery store there never seems to be ANY lol so I get a bit frustrated when I have to wait for my perfectly yellow bananas to turn. Banana bread ingredients I did try them ripening the quick way in the microwave but, uh, know the natural sweetness wasn’t the same. Best banana bread recipe ever anywho, thanks for the great cookie. Banana bread recipe with sour cream I just have to get parchment paper so the bottoms brown like yours as I have just been using foil.

my Mom made these for a party, unsure of how they would be. Moist and delicious banana bread Not many people liked them for some reason. Sugar free banana bread I on the other hand LOVED them and other than what was eaten at the party, single handedly consumed them all. Banana bread recipe sour cream They are amazing and I love how healthy they are for you. Sour cream banana bread These might be a constant in the house for my overactive sweet tooth to keep me from reaching for the ice cream or other sugary snacks!

i just made these, but since I didn’t have quick oats I used some whole grain oats with crisp rice cereal that I had in my pantry. How to make a banana bread They look great! But how long should I wait before eating them? Are they supposed to have a soft texture? I used the exact measurements. Banana bread with sour cream They just have not hardened completely. Buttermilk banana bread I’m scared. Betty crocker banana bread I’ve never baked anything before. Banana bread with buttermilk :-/

OK, I’m typing and eating these warm out of the oven right now! Super Ono! (As we say here in Hawaii.) I added 1 tsp. How to make homemade banana bread vanilla, some ground flax and dried cranberries just because I had them. Betty crocker banana bread recipe I am sure they would be just as good without. Best ever banana bread One hint for the bananas once you get a bunch, and they are ripe (and you can’t use them all right away) peel, put in a ziplock and you have frozen bananas for smoothies, cookies, bread, etc. Banana bread 1 banana They lose the texture of fresh bananas, but you mash them up to cook them anyway.

These are so yummy. Banana bread muffin recipe Easy to make and I don’t measure anything…I usually do this with 3 or 4 bananas then add a few huge spoonfuls of pnut butter and oatmeal til it’s thick and a whole bag of dark chocolate chips. Chocolate chip banana nut bread A small ice cream scoop works great for making consistent size cookies. Oatmeal banana bread recipe I send this recipe to all my family and friends and encourage them to try these. Banana bread low fat So yummy and healthy, too!

I made these tonight with unsweetened tahini, added a bit of cinnamon, but otherwise stuck to the recipe. Banana bread with applesauce They are PERFECT! Moist, sweet but not overpowering, and with a slight savory hint of sesame. Chocolate banana bread Yum!

Very very good and so easy to make. Banana bread muffins Perfect healthy snack for my toddler. How to cook banana bread It is perfectly sweet and there is not even sugar in it! 15 minutes was perfect for cooking time. Banana bread sour cream I will also try to replace the peanut butter with almond butter and chocolate for coconut next time. Banana pineapple bread No guilt snack ?? Definitely my new go to recipe for healthy cookies.

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