4 interesting quirks of thai culture that might just surprise you

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What fascinates you when you travel somewhere new? For us, it’s experiencing stuff like a local. Fast food restaurants near me that are open So if you’re new to Bangkok, or if your time here zipping around on the back of a motorcy and drinking iced beer is limited, then it’s time for a mini crash course on Thai culture.

We know you’re busy so lets focus on the super important bits.

Fast food mexican restaurants near me You know, like fried food and nicknames. Chinese food restaurants near me that deliver Warning: these modern cultural quirks might results in a big ol’ question mark on your face. Fast food fish restaurants near me Proceed with an open mind. Fast food restaurants open on christmas eve American Fried Rice

This yummy looking red fried rice is affectionately called American fried rice, even though not a single American restaurant has it on the menu. Fast food restaurants open 24 hours near me Actually, it’s one of the most ordered plates at the local Thai restaurants. Fast food places open 24 hours near me The dish is the combination of rice fried with ketchup and accompanied by sausages, a fried chicken drumstick, fried egg and sometimes even shrimp. Food places open 24 hours near me The legend has it that one restaurant in Don Muang airport prepared the ingredients for an American breakfast, but then the flight was canceled. Food suppliers for restaurants So the restaurant manager (innovative thinker that she was) used all the ingredients to create this new dish. New orleans soul food restaurants One American soldier saw it and asked, “What’s that?” “American Fried Rice” the restaurant manager replied. New food places near me And that’s how this tasty dish was created. Mexican food near my location If you’ve never tried it, maybe you should. Healthy restaurants in dubai And let us know if it reminds you of the US of A! Drinks in plastic bags

Besides the fact that most of the street food here in Thailand is amazingly cheap and delish, it’s sometimes served in a container that’s uncommon for some. How to get free food from restaurants by complaining Take a walk around Bangkok streets and you’ll see colourful sodas, Thai milk tea or even coffee sold in a plastic bag! Yes, you heard it right, a plastic bag. Free food coupons online Here in Thailand it’s pretty common seeing people drink their favourite drinks from what others would use to hold their groceries. Free food coupons uk So don’t be surprised. Fast food restaurants with soup And yes, it tastes exactly the same. Fast food places that accept ebt Next level fruit dips

If you’ve ever been to Thailand then you must have seen the ubiquitous fruit cart. Healthy chinese food choices The real question here though, is have you ever tried it? The fruits are basically ordinary, but did you have a look at the choice of dips? There are varied choices for you to try like chili and salt, plum powder or a sweet and spicy dip called Nam Pla Wan and even shrimp paste! Amazing as it sounds, the taste of the dip combined with the fruit somehow really works well together. Chinese fast food restaurants near me Salty, savory and sweet. Mexican fast food restaurants near me Maybe next time you walk past by these fruit carts, you’ll get more adventurous than a simple bag of pineapple. Healthy food in dubai (And yes, these come in plastic bags too.) 21 st century Thai nicknames

What’s so weird about this, we often wonder to ourselves? So many people in other countries have nicknames. What fast food restaurants are near me Yes, Aussies love to shorten names or add unnecessary Z’s (G’day, Jazza!) and some (but not all) Chinese people acquire nicknames in childhood, but for us Thai people, nicknames are given at birth. Fast food restaurants that accept ebt And they could be from literally anything; colors, animals, objects, brandnames, and even words with no meaning. Mexican food restaurants near me For example, Ploy (it means jewelry) is one of the most used nickname for women here in Thailand and Bank is for men. Soul food restaurants near me And we continue to be creative with giving names to our babies. Chinese food restaurants near me Lately, the trend is heading towards two syllable nickname like Pon-kao (feeding rice to someone) or Poo-pa (rocky mountain).

There are so many more cultural quirks to discover here in Thailand. Food delivery des moines Watch some more from this video by Singha and continue to be amazed! Stay tuned for more fun facts about Thailand from their Try Thai series on their Facebook page www.facebook.com/SinghaBeer.

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