4 unusual must try japanese foods

Abroad in Japan : TRIED any unique, funny, interesting Japanese foods?! Let us know in the comments section! Don’t forget to HIT LIKE if you want more videos!

Stephen b : Okay I’m freaking out a bit, because you selectively desaturated ALL of the Green Onions in your photos …or do they literally have GREY onions in Japan? Shit’s trippy af.

Ritsuka Aoyagi : I had some true Takoyaki ( batter and I think fish jerky and mayo on top) and Oh my god it was way too delicious. Chicken kissing game If you dont like fishy things I wouldnt recommend but if you do my god is it good. Chicken with bloody stool Have you had Nato? I heard some people like it and others dont.

Gregor G : I don’t comment often, but WTF WAS THAT EUROPEAN MAP??!! HOW COULD YOOOOU?

Tom Pinion : I thought there would have been at least one stuffed uterus joke in there.

Cartoon chicken images free Come on! lol

Steely Dan : There is absolutely nothing wrong with horse meat. Fried chicken images free It tastes good. Chicken images free clip art Don’t know why it’s considered taboo in some places. Chicken liver function You eat cows, don’tcha?

Zack Smith : nvr in a fucking million yrs i wd try the horse …. Chicken video recipes those guys are lovely cmon man

Geoffrey Smart : There’s really nothing unusual about eating eel.

Osman Yousaf : Actually I tried eel with rice a couple of times in Japanese restaurants in London. Chicken video game Visually very appetising, and regarding taste, OK, though far from being specially recomendable compare to so much tasty dishes they got.

Philip Cooper : 3:34 Where did you get that 24 years old map?

GirlSproket : Not in Japan, but I’ve had kangaroo and alligator. Chicken videos Both were delicious. Chicken machine embroidery designs Kangaroo tastes like spicy beef, and alligator tastes like… Chicken machine mmmm…. Chicken images black and white It’s just really salty. Liver of chicken Doesn’t have a “taste” per se.

but that might be because my sister gave me a very weird look after I said it contains octopus

Bo Huggabee : unagi is my favorite sushi. How to make chicken gizzards and rice but anymore its hard to get a good unagi in colorado these days. How to cook chicken gizzards and rice so i quit eating it.

PraiseDivineMercy : Okay grilled eel was literally the first Japanese food I ever tried, at age 10. Chicken masala tikka God I could never eat horse, it would be like eating cat. Chicken masala curry Raw chicken just sounds gross. Chicken masala indian recipe Even if you won’t get sick, undercooked chicken is usually rubbery.

Kitcat : I loved eating Unagi in Japan, although it’s quite expensive in supermarkets, right? Or is that only in Tokyo??? The box sets in the market were like $75-$80 US. Chicken masala bajias cooking I didn’t eat foods that are particularly interesting, but I ventured out of my comfort zone to eat Ikura (large fish eggs/roe?), sea-urchin, and fried squid tentacles. Chicken masala powder Although I absolutely loved the sushi and sashimi, my favorite Japanese food is Shabu-Shabu. Chicken masala calories Now that I’m back home, I miss it SOOOO MUCH. Chicken masala indian style I also really miss all of the snacks (it’s so expensive and hard to find most of them on amazon :/ ). Chicken masala What I wouldn’t give to have a Okashi-Machioka store in my town. Chicken masala slow cooker Or even just a Japanese Conbini lol

Evie Addy : i’m guessing you were put off by the Jellied Eel we get in the UK they cook it differently in Japan you might have liked it.

Zack Smith : eat some fugu fish … Chicken marinades easy its awsm …. Chicken marinades for baking many ppl have nvr complained …. Chicken marinades and rubs maybe bcz they are underground now ……

Edward Snowden : In Italy and surroundings it is not uncommon to eat foal (young horse) steaks or foal cured leg like prosciutto. Chicken marinades with orange juice Both delicious! Also donkey meat, milk or cheese. Chicken marinades recipes Chicken cartilage is eaten in Latin America and the Caribbean. Chicken marinades for bbq Nothing strange in that. Chicken marinades As for the raw chicken, I would have to smell it first but I’m sure it has nothing to do with the stinky chicken we buy in our markets.

Rinelight : When my dad went to Japan he had a soup where you slurp down baby fish which swim in it and in your mouth. Chicken marinades with lime They help pick the food out of your teeth!

soulsabr : Yea, I’m with you on the uterus. Chicken marinades for baked chicken We have a great shabu shabu place down the street from work and one of their ingredients is uterus. Chicken marinades for grilling Nope!

kcvriess : Try fried gizzard when you’re in France. Heart of chicken It’s really good!

But when I moved here 11 years ago and learned that gizzard is the muscly bit of the duck’s stomach, I was really turned off by the idea.

Vinh Vu : Eel pies and mashed potatoes are also a classic dish in the UK isn’t it? In case you don’t like jellied eels…

Aleks Bachi : In my parts we use to eat horses too 😉 and i think it is delicious 🙂 preferably young ones 🙂

Roselandron Kana : I absolutely cannot and will not eat horses… How to cook liver of chicken that’s like eating your best friend to me 🙁

Nad Kudo : Huh… Butter chicken masala indian recipe Didn’t know eating horse meat was weird/disliked in europe. Spicy chicken masala curry There is this kind of charcruterie here that’s 100% horse meat, and you see it everywhere. Hyderabadi chicken masala curry I don’t particularly enjoy it, but it’s totally fine. Easy chicken masala curry I guess you learn something new everyday.

taingtiger : Pffft……That’s nothing. Chicken masala curry recipe I’ve eaten fried tarantula, lemon ants, fried crickets, etc. Indian chicken masala curry when I traveled to Cambodia.

Blep blebhebhelbhe : one of the funnest parts about going to japan wont be knowing japanese, but will be that english is my first language LOL. How to make chicken masala curry super fun times!

Yazanico : “secretely contains” depends what country in Europe. Chicken masala tikka recipe You can buy horse sausages etc at the marketplace where I come from. Eastern chicken masala powder Can’t say I’ve ever been tempted to try.

swiftyrich : I tried chicken cartilage in an izakaya, total admit, I didn’t like it, the flavour was great from all the fried’ness…. Homemade chicken masala powder But the crunchy texture was just wrong.

Chris Gonzalez : i tried bare meat its very good. Tandoori chicken masala powder recipe it a bit hard to cook. Chicken masala powder recipe but so worth it

Mzrts12 : raw uterus? pffft can’t be worse than that jellied eel can it? ??

Nemodog : How can you not love a video, made by a guy who uses the word, “whilst”? 😉

Troll Food : Raw uterus with a side of issues? that sounds Offal … Chicken masala powder ingredients I meant Awful.

jakenator13 : wasnt in japan but on my birthday last week i tried sea urchin

Richard Nightcore : till a few years ago horse meat was still legal in my country and it was delicious

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