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Your description is missing some detail, Osborne’s Fort Log for this ship.

43-37848 Del Cheyenne 29/5/44; Kearney 8/6/44; Dow Fd 27/6/44; Ass 326BS/92BG [JW-S] Podington 19/7/44; MIA Battle support area 13/8/44 w/Larry Brechbill, Ray Schultz, Dave Vance, Tom Crosby, Tom Nickols, Frank Vondrich, Ray Thompson, Jim Sands (8KIA); Max Hartline (POW); flak, cr Evreux, Fr; MACR 8078. Buy cornichons SCRAPPY MIKE.

So the search is for the 2nd Lt Lawrence “Larry” M. Recipe for cornichons Brechbill Crew (photo), is that correct? He is here http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=41445848

Mission detail here https://www.facebook.com/groups/290301027652024/permalink/1419524788062970/ you might also ask there if they have a crew or aircraft photo.

Hmm, looks like someone has already contacted the 92BG: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.1577193638962750&type=1

Awesome Photos I took the liberty of the recovered to put in the folder that I get to make a deposit of wreath next year at Saint Clair of the halouze thank you

S/SGT Thomas O. Cornichons wikipedia Nichols (Brechbill Crew) Plot C Row 4 Grave 3 Normandy American Cemetery https://www.abmc.gov/node/545080#.WHKER1yHP1E

Also Brechbill Crew Memorial http://www.uswarmemorials.org/html/monument_details.php?SiteID=890&MemID=1198

Outstanding data as always! If you’ve not found a photo it probably does not exist (yet?). How to grow cornichons The original request here was simply for a picture of the crew or the plane so all of this offers more than requested or maybe wanted.

Not an easy search for me as this MACR 8078 is not offered on fold3 by number or aircraft s/n. Les cornichons chanson The one hope here was the lone survivor as you noted in your crew box Sgt Maxwell David Hartline, ASN 39917230, NARA enlistment page https://aad.archives.gov/aad/record…tf=F&q=39917230&bc=sd&rpp=10&pg=1&rid=8192268

The original posters (OP) findagrave page for T/SGT Frank Vondrich http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=142656879 also leads to the pages for 7 of the other crew members KIA. Les cornichons au chocolat This page further states Sgt Hartline (without naming him) evaded rather than becoming a POW. Les cornichons youtube This in either case, with my meager skills is unsubstantiated not finding a POW or E&E Report via NARA.

In any-event Sgt Hartline folded his wings 15 October 1994 http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=126596083 still no crew photo or even an individual one but does offer further family info if the OP wishes to search that route for a photo.

Je ne sais pas ou l’on doit se presenter dans ce Forum mais je tiens a vous remercier pour ce que vous faite. Restaurant les cornichons reims Je fais parti d’un groupe d’amis qui avons ouvert un musee de l’aviation dont les crashs on eu lieu en Normandie plus particulierement l’Orne departement 61. Les cornichons de nino ferrer Tous les ans nous venons une sortie pour honore quelques pilotes voir un equipage de gros porteur. French cornichons En cette annee 2017 nous avons propose de rendre hommage a l’equipage du SCRAPPY MIKE. Pickled cornichons Nous possedons une partie de l’avion il s’agit d’un morceau de l’aile et de la gouverne.

L’avion et le 43-37848 Je possede une photo du lieutenant Crosby mais j’attend une vrai confirmation.

je compte sur vous pour votre aide je vais essaye de vous mettre les photos Merci Beaucoup

The Universal translator is presently down, darned American devises.

I do not know where to go in this Forum but I want to thank you for what you do. Cornichons gherkins I am part of a group of friends who opened an aviation museum whose crashes took place in Normandy especially Orne department 61. Cornichons and gherkins Every year we come an exit to honor some pilots see a crew of jumbo. Cornichons recipe In this year 2017 we proposed to pay tribute to the crew of SCRAPPY MIKE. Baby cornichons We own part of the plane this is a piece of wing and rudder.

The plane and 43-37848 I have a picture of Lieutenant Crosby but I’m waiting for a real confirmation.

I count on you for your help I will try to put you the pictures Thank you Much

Not speaking English and not understanding how your forum works. Cornichons brands I sent you a message of presentation but I do not know where it went anymore I wanted to put pictures and I can not do it is too bad because they are part of the plane B17 43-37848

From Lt Crosby but I await confirmation from a member of his family

We also have a piece of the wing but it must be cleaned before

Few of our members here read French, I know another sad fact of American ignorance. Growing cornichons Your contribution and photographs are much appreciated./

Peu de nos membres ici lisent le francais, je connais un autre triste fait de l’ignorance americaine. Les cornichons Votre contribution et vos photos sont tres appreciees.

translation provided via/traduction fournie via https://translate.google.com/

Thank you Jean Marc, is this your web site?/Merci Jean Marc, est-ce votre site web?



Aucune offense prevue cependant ceci est un forum anglais / de lecture principalement anglais. What are cornichons Je fais de mon mieux ici pour etre bilingue pour le benefice de tous. Cornichons with herbs Une tentative par vous de faire la meme chose ferait un long chemin vers votre contibutions etant excepte sur ce forum.

C’est tout simplement mon opinion personnelle, s’il vous plait proceder comme vous le souhaitez. What is cornichons Les programmes de traduction tels que Google Translate laissent beaucoup a desirer dans la conversion de struture de phrase, mais il est lisible. Cornichons substitute Mieux que les membres du forum AAF ignorer votre message parce qu’ils ne lisent pas le francais et n’ont pas de patients a traduire pour vous.

Edit/update reverse translation of above so Jean Marc post below is understood. Les cornichons reims Perhaps I should have remained quiet.

No offense provided however this is a primarily English / reading English forum. Les cornichons lyrics I do my best here to be bilingual for the benefit of all. Cornichons definition An attempt by you to do the same would make a long way towards your contibutions being accepted on this forum.

This is simply my personal opinion, please proceed as you wish. Mini cornichons Translation programs such as Google Translate leave a lot to be desired in the phrase conversion, but it is readable. Des cornichons Better than AAF forum members ignore your message because they do not read French and have no patients to translate for you.

Well you certainly translated that message loud and clear! Sorry you feel that way, this was not my desire or intent, which was for the majority of members on this forum to be able to read your posts without running them thru a translator first. Cornichons what are they If the situation was reversed you would demand the same. Les cornichons paroles Here is your link so those who wish can follow you http://charmanetoverlord.skyrock.com/

Excuse me, I thought you were wrong because I was writing in French.

So I apologize I would take Google Translate to write on this Forum.

Here I am before one of the last char tigre visible in France

Congratulations for your researches and your blog concerning all events of the war in your region , there are reports very interesting concerning the crashes of planes .

I would want your attention on a question of Teveurn in the comment 13 of this post .

Felicitations pour vos recherches et votre blog concernant tous les evenements de la guerre dans votre region , il y a des reportages tres interessant concernant les crashs d’avions .

Je voudrais vous attirer l’attention concernant une question de Teveurn dans le commentaires 13 de ce post .

I come to give you news of my research, after hours spent searching I could have the MACR 8078 and I recovered it more I got in contact with the niece of the pilot who will send me in A package of things that belonged to his uncle Lieutenant Lawrence M Brechbill, he was also the pilot of the B17. Substitute for cornichons And perhaps also the famous picture of the crew of the “Scrappy Mike”.

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