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5 Tips For Using Artificial Light For Food Photography- If you have struggled using your artificial light in your food photography before then this is a must read!

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It’s 5:30 p.m. Indian desserts recipes easy and you are just getting home from a long day of work. Mexican recipes in english and spanish You had plans to photograph that new brownie recipe you created last night. Mexican recipes in english If only you had gotten home a little bit earlier before it got dark! You look ahead on the weather app on your phone to see when will be the next good day to photograph. Mexican recipes chicken fajitas Great- nothing but dark snowy cloudy days for the next week. Mexican recipes chicken enchiladas Figures.

That scene I just painted for you was pretty much my life the first early years of blogging. Mexican recipes chicken I remember trying to take a photo and capture the natural light around my apartment only to be left feeling frustrated.

Mexican recipes chicken mole I have a full time job. Mexican bread recipes bolillos I live in New England. Mexican bread recipes Perfect light for my photographs was pretty much a unicorn to me. Mexican bread recipes conchas Oh, and to make matters worse one year the apartment I lived in had like no great windows whatsoever, and no outdoor access (unless you count going all the way down and setting up in the courtyard- not going to happen). Indian cooking recipes for beginners I figured I would never get photographs I was proud of or could rival some of the top food bloggers.

I had tried a few alternatives up to that point and finally just gave in and got the light I had heard so much of. Italian pasta recipes video And instantly my photos improved by 1000%!

Um. Italian pasta recipes easy Nope that last sentence is a total lie. Italian pasta recipes from italy In fact, I remember getting so frustrated with my artificial light I put it away and went back to chasing natural light around my apartment. Indian food recipes in english After awhile, I finally decided to give it another try and I am so glad I did.

Using an artificial light for your food photography can be 100% amazing, and 100% frustrating if you don’t know a few things. Chinese food recipes in english Here are my top 5 tips for using any artificial light, whether it’s a Lowel Ego Light, a halogen work lamp, or these Studio Pro lights I recently purchased and love just as much as my Ego Light.

Did I just hear you groan when you read that tip? I know. Mexican food recipes in english I know. Italian pasta recipes chicken You have heard it a bunch of times. Mexican drink recipes non alcoholic But it’s true. Mexican drink recipes alcoholic Before you can master your artificial lighting, you need to master your camera. Mexican drink recipes for kids If you are still scratching your head when you heard words like aperture and shutter speed, I have a few resources I think you definitely need to check out. Mexican drink recipes This photography class from Craftsy, Basics of Digital Photography (w/ Rick Allred) , I have taken and totally recommend. Chinese side dishes recipes I learned so much and I can say afterwards I felt confident using the manual mode on my camera. Indian side dishes recipes Another great resource is the Tasty Food Photography book from food blogger Lindsay Ostrom at Pinchofyum.com – it’s a straightforward book that will have you adjusting your settings like a pro in no time.

Ok, first of what is a reflector? Great question you ask. Italian side dishes recipes A reflector is something that will bounce light back on to your subject. Chinese main dishes recipes Now if you purchase a Lowel Ego light, it will come with a medium-sized reflector for you to use. Indian main dishes recipes I use it all the time. Italian pasta salad recipes with pictures But if you are using another aritificial light you may need to make your own. Indian fish dishes recipes And it’s so easy! All you need is a foam core board (I got mine at Michael’s) and then I simply used a utility knife and cut down the middle (just enough so it didn’t go through the board) and then bent it in half. Italian fish dishes recipes Voila! Insta-reflector. Mexican fish dishes recipes It’s good to have on hand a large, medium, and small reflectors.

Now you will want to experiment where to place your reflector when taking your food photographs. Chinese fish dishes recipes I generally like to have my reflector placed opposite my light.

You can also try using two reflectors if you want to create more a of a “tunnel of light if you want and put reflectors on either side of your food. Italian recipes with chicken breast Maybe something more like this…

Don’t be afraid to take a few shots of your food and try moving your reflectors around until you capture the look you are going for. Chinese food dishes recipes The great thing about artificial light is it’s consistent and isn’t going to change on you during the duration of your shoot.

You can also download my these diagrams (and two more!) so you can print them off and keep them handy whenever you are rocking your artificial light. Indian food dishes recipes Its totally free, just enter your e-mail address below.

Sometimes artificial light can be a bit harsh- just like direct sunlight is as well. Italian food dishes recipes And you will need to soften that light. Easy italian pasta recipes with pictures Enter the diffuser. Chinese chicken dishes recipes The diffuser should be placed directly in front of your artificial light. Italian chicken dishes recipes You can try using anything that would be sheer enough to still let the light show through. Indian chicken dishes recipes For instance if I was shooting in natural light you could try using a sheer curtain. Mexican chicken dishes recipes But with artificial light it’s not that easy.

My favorite diffuser- an old white t-shirt! Yup. Italian recipes with chicken thighs You heard right.

An old white t-shirt fits perfectly over my Lowel Ego Light and perfectly diffuses the light. Best recipes with chicken thighs And because the Lowel Ego light doesn’t get too hot, it’s safe to use.

Another great diffuser is this collapsible diffuser I bought on Amazon. Chinese recipes with chicken thighs This diffuser is a little bit more expensive clearly than an old white t-shirt, but it also comes with a reflector (in white, black, gold, and silver). Indian vegetarian recipes with quinoa And since it’s collapsible it will store easily. Easy mexican pasta recipes The only disadvantage is you would have to hold this in front of your artificial light.

And I’m actually working on making a DIY stand alone diffuser (more to come on that in a future Food Photography Friday post!)

Sometimes your white balance may need to be adjusted when using the artificial light, depending on which light you are using. Mexican soup recipes with chicken and rice The Lowel Ego light will need no adjustment, which is another great reason I love my Lowel Ego Light. Best recipes with quinoa But if you are using a halogen work lamp, for example, you may need to adjust your white balance. Indian cooking recipes videos If your white balance is not correct, your photos may show up on the blue side or yellow side. Healthy mexican side dish recipes There are two ways you can do this: before shooting or after shooting.

Before shooting: Now you can adjust your white balance before you start shooting. Authentic mexican side dish recipes You can do this a couple of different ways. Low carb mexican side dish recipes In the menu on your camera, you can adjust the temperature of your setting by making it cooler or warmer.

After shooting: Another way to adjust your white balance is to use a gray card. Mexican cake recipes With a gray card, I first snap a shot with the card in the shot. Mexican cake recipes tres leches Then when I go to edit my photos later in Lightroom, I use the whitebalance tool to adjust using the gray card photo.

Here is a great video I found useful on how to set your white balance.

I remember the A-HA moment I had when I finally figured this one out. Easy chinese side dish recipes When using your artificial light be sure there is no other light in the room you are shooting. Chinese vegetable side dish recipes You can try setting up your light in a room with no windows such as your basement. Chinese food side dish recipes If that’s not a possiblity either wait until it’s completely dark out and then use your light, making sure to shut off all of the other overhead lights. Indian food recipes potatoes Another option is to use blackout curtains that will block the light coming in from your windows. Indian food recipes desserts I now use my artificial light in my office. Italian food recipes desserts There are two large windows in there, so in addition to using the blinds I also hung up blackout curtains to ensure no extra light comes in. Mexican food recipes desserts Now I can take photos anytime I want and I know I will always have consistent lighting!

So that wraps up this post on 5 tips on how to use artificial lighting for your food photography. Chinese food recipes desserts This is the first of a series I plan on writing every Friday. Indian food recipes videos If you couldn’t guess I’m calling Food Photography Fridays. Mexican food recipes videos I know, super clever ?? I’m by no means an expert when it comes to food photography and definitely always learning. Best italian side dish recipes But over the past 5 years of writing this blog and taking photos I’ve gone from using my Iphone (and using it poorly) to feeling quite comfortable using the manual mode on my DLSR camera. Easy italian side dish recipes So I plan on sharing everything I have learned in the realm of food photography and sharing it with you.

If there is a topic you would love to see me cover let me know in the comment section! ??

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