51 portland doctors are outperforming national benchmarks, mayo clinic, in cancer screening success _ the lund report

The bad news: Colon cancer affects 1 in 20 Americans and is the second deadliest cancer. Is cane sugar bad for you The most common symptom is no symptoms at all. Cane sugar vs white sugar The good news: Screening colonoscopies work. Beet sugar vs cane sugar When diagnosed early, the five year survival rate is 90%. Red sugar cane The even better news: There’s a team of 51 gastroenterologists at The Oregon Clinic who are outperforming national benchmarks (and even the Mayo Clinic) in their colonoscopy services.

Where is sugar cane grown During Colon Cancer Awareness Month this March, gastroenterologists across the nation are reminding everyone: colonoscopies save lives. Sugar cane industry Colonoscopies not only screen for cancer, but can also prevent cancer. What is sugar cane used for During the past decade, rates of colon cancer have decreased by 25%, in large part thanks to the widespread use of colonoscopies. Is cane sugar healthy If everyone age 50 and older were screened regularly, 6 out of 10 deaths from colorectal cancer could be prevented.

“More than 50,000 people in the United States are dying every year from colon cancer and we want to change that,” emphasizes Dr. Cane sugar vs brown sugar David Grunkemeier, MD, gastroenterologist with The Oregon Clinic. Is cane sugar good for you “Every Oregonian should be talking to their doctor about getting a colonoscopy at age 50. Cane sugar vs sugar If they have a family history of colon cancer, they should be talking to their doctor much earlier than that. Maui sugar cane We now know that the rate of colon cancer is increasing in younger people.”

The Oregon Clinic’s 51 gastroenterologists are some of the very best in the Pacific Northwest, performing an astounding 28,000 colonoscopies last year. Is cane sugar bad There are four key benchmarks set by the Gastroenterology Quality Improvement Consortium for quality colonoscopy. What is evaporated cane sugar In all four, The Oregon Clinic’s team of doctors far outperforms national benchmarks, and even surpasses those of the Mayo Clinic.

As simple as it may sound, work ethic, collaboration, and commitment to constant improvement.

“What really sets us apart is our commitment to ongoing education with each and every physician in our program – no one is resting on their laurels,” explained Dr. Cane sugar vs beet sugar Anne Wang, MD, gastroenterologist with The Oregon Clinic. Brown sugar vs cane sugar “We talk about what it means to perform a quality colonoscopy. Sugar beet vs sugar cane We’re all willing to learn and incorporate new techniques to enhance quality in our colonoscopies.”

The Oregon Clinic’s data doesn’t represent just a few super stars, elevating the results for the group.

“We know all our physicians exceed these standards, but we want every single physician to continue to exceed their own personal benchmarks,” says Dr. What is pure cane sugar Wang.

What should you look for when choosing a doctor for your colonoscopy?

• The most important measure to look for is a physician’s adenoma detection rate, or ADR. Calories in cane sugar This tells you how good a physician is at identifying and removing adenomas – the higher percentage, the better they are. Cane vs beet sugar An adenoma is a benign (non-cancerous) tumor that over time can progress to become malignant (cancerous). How is sugar cane grown The National Benchmark ADR in men is 30%; The Oregon Clinic’s detection rate is 58%. How is sugar cane processed In women, the National Benchmark ADR is 20%, and The Oregon Clinic performs at 46%.

• The slower the withdrawal time, the better. Organic cane sugar vs white sugar You want your physician to be thorough, and that means slowly checking the colon for pre-cancerous polyps as they withdraw the scope. How to make sugar cane Slower withdrawal times lead to potentially more pre-cancerous polyps found, which lowers the patient’s risk of cancer. Cane sugar vs refined sugar The National Benchmark is at least 6 minutes; The Oregon Clinic’s specialists average 10 minutes.

• A perforation, or making a hole in the colon, is one of most serious complications that can occur during a colonoscopy and would likely require surgical repair. Benefits of cane sugar The Oregon Clinic has an incredibly low 0.03% perforation rate, while the National Benchmark is 0.20% or less. How to use sugar cane That means only 3 out of every 10,000 colonoscopies has a perforation at The Oregon Clinic, while the national benchmark is about 20 out of every 10,000 colonoscopies.

• The post-polypectomy bleed rate is the percentage of time significant bleeding occurs after a polyp is removed during a colonoscopy. Difference between cane sugar and white sugar Bleeding may happen immediately, or may be delayed from hours up to 14 days. Sugar cane history The Oregon Clinic has a 0.2% post polypectomy bleed rate, with the National Benchmark being 1% or less. Is cane sugar refined Although bleeding after a colonoscopy is typically easily managed, serious complications can occur if left untreated.

“If we can increase the number of people getting colonoscopies, we will save lives through detecting and preventing colon cancer,” reminds Dr. Cane sugar vs granulated sugar Jeffrey Duman, MD, gastroenterologist at The Oregon Clinic. Sugar cane harvest season “Tell your family and anyone you care about to prioritize this potentially lifesaving test.”

The Oregon Clinic is the largest private specialty physician practice in Oregon. What does sugar cane look like Approximately 350,000 patients receive respectful, compassionate care from our nearly 250 providers in more than 30 specialty areas each year. White sugar vs cane sugar Founded in Portland in 1994, The Oregon Clinic is committed to delivering the highest quality patient care, practicing evidence-based medicine, and providing leadership for the healthcare community. Pure cane sugar vs granulated sugar We collaborate with primary care physicians and use a team approach to address health conditions at 59 specialty clinic locations across northwest Oregon and southwest Washington. Cane sugar calories Call 503-935-8000 or visit www.oregonclinic.com for more information.

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