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My new-recipe-trying was right on schedule this week! I thawed a turkey breast from my chest freezer to make these sandwiches.

This called for boneless, skinless turkey breasts, but mine was bone-in. Sloe gin recipe gordons So I just cut the breasts off the bones, froze the bones for stock, and proceeded with the recipe.

You salt the turkey 24 hours in advance and then grill it low and slow with a package of wood chips for a smoky flavor.

The wood chips made the grill smell especially delicious! I bought mine from Ace Hardware in the grilling section, and one bag will definitely make multiple batches of this recipe.

The turkey turned out really well, and all six of us agreed it was a keeper recipe. Dried sloe gin recipe Sweet!

The recipe calls for making a mayo-based white BBQ sauce, but several of us chose to use regular tomato-based BBQ sauce. Kilner sloe gin recipe Either works.

I also made a batch of coleslaw to eat with our sandwiches, and that was a new recipe from a Cook’s Country magazine too. Sloe gin fizz cocktail recipe So, bonus points for me!

The only thing is, it made a very large batch. Sloe gin recipe sipsmith Which means I will probably be eating coleslaw for a lot of days.

On the upside, it used up almost a whole cabbage from my produce box. Sloe gin recipe almond And I am quite likely to eat stuff like this for a snack or with my lunch if it’s prepped and ready to dish up.

So, I’m feeling somewhat optimistic about getting thru the leftovers.

(I hate that it’s dark when I take photos of my dinner plate. Sloe gin and tonic recipe HATE IT.)

In case you want to look this recipe up in your Cook’s Country magazines, this is from June/July 2016.

I’m planning to try a recipe from this Simple Recipes book, which I’m currently borrowing from the library.

It’s called Chicken with Pesto-Mushroom Cream Sauce, and it’s served over rice.

I like pretty much anything with a creamy sauce, and I feel like pesto can only improve a cream sauce. Quick sloe gin recipe So, I have high hopes. Sloe gin recipe uk Your turn!

What was your new recipe this week? And what are you planing to make next week?

I made a new recipe from my Bonne Maman cookbook. Sloe gin recipe river cottage It was a simple chicken and rice casserole, done French (white wine reduction). How to make sloe gin recipe I was out of Herbes de Provence, but it was still yummy and so easy, and everyone liked it. Sloe gin recipe hugh fearnley whittingstall So win.

I used brown rice in the recipe, but I’ve learned that I can cook brown rice in half the time if I soak it in water for several hours or overnight. Sloe gin recipe jamie oliver The grains plump up, then I can use them like white rice in recipes. Recipe for sloe gin river cottage This also saves on energy costs.

This looks delicious- I have never used wood chips either! I love that you cook the turkey on the grill, I am always looking for grill friendly recipes. Sloe gin recipe bbc I try to avoid using my oven when it gets too hot outside.

I made your enchilada recipe this week for the first time! I used flour tortillas which I usually prefer, but I think next time I’ll use the white corn tortillas as I think they hold up better to baking in a sauce (especially night 2). Sloe gin fizz drink recipe I used 4 big chicken breasts, and it made 2 full 9?12 pans so my family of 5 ate the first night and 3 of us polished off the leftovers a 2nd night when the other two were out. Sloe gin fizz recipe egg white Win-win!

All riiiight! I’m glad to hear the turkey sandwiches worked out. Recipe for sloe gin jamie oliver Mr. Sloe gin jam recipe Picky Pincher cooks his turkey like this and it comes out super moist and well-seasoned. Jamie oliver sloe gin recipe I used to hate turkey because it was always dry, but I have a newfound appreciation for it.

I’ve heard of white BBQ sauce but I’m not quite sure what it would even taste like. Best sloe gin recipe ever Hmmm.

This week we haven’t done super well with our menu. Sloe gin ice cream recipe We haven’t eaten out, though, so that’s good, but we’ve resorted to freezer meals. Bbc sloe gin recipe We were supposed to make barbecue chicken pizza last night but I had gross pizza at work for lunch, so I had a freezer meal. Sloe gin jelly recipe Oops!

On Monday I made a sausage and pepper pasta. Sloe gin hugh fearnley whittingstall recipe I ADORED it, but Mr. Recipe for sloe gin fizz drink Picky Pincher surprisingly wasn’t a fan, despite loving sausage. Recipe for a sloe gin fizz Oh well!

Kristen, I just want to thank you for offering this forum and encouragement for trying new recipes. Recipe for sloe gin or vodka Just a new side dish for me – waffled hash browns (dump shredded potatoes on waffle iron, cook, eat). Sloe berry recipes I loved it. How to make sloe gin fizz recipe But, following the theme of these new dishes, the girls (2 and 6) wanted nothing to do with it. Damson gin recipe hugh fearnley whittingstall Oh well, more for me :-).

I made curried chickpea salad (like chicken salad. Best sloe gin cocktail recipe but vegetarian). Dried sloe berries gin recipe I LOVE it. Sloe gin jelly dessert recipe It was easy, cheap, relatively healthy and made A TON. Blackcurrant and sloe gin jam recipe I’ve looked forward to the leftovers for lunch every day this week.

I used apples instead of raisins and less mayonnaise and added extra celery and peanuts. Mary berry sloe gin recipe Next time I’ll probably use red onion.

I made this Chicken and Potatoes with garlic parmesan cream sauce ( http://damndelicious.net/2016/05/08/chicken-potatoes-garlic-parmesan-cream-sauce/) and my family devoured it! It was super yummy and would be nice enough to make for company but still easy enough for a weeknight meal. Sloe gin fizz recipe uk I’ll be making this again soon…

Making friends when you’re a teetotaler

Thanks Kristin for the encouragement to try new recipes! I made Ranch Cornflake Chicken. Damson gin recipe river cottage The exact recipe is available on Aldi’s re pie list, but I just dipped flat chicken in egg then in crushed corn flaks mixed with ranch powder. Sloe gin fizz recipe grenadine Baked it. Recipe for sloe gin using dried sloes We all loved it!

I make a pesto cream sauce we put over chicken and pasta. Recipe for sloe gin delia The pesto itself is from a simple recipe Nonconsumeradvocate has written abou–kale, nuts, garlic, and olive oil. Recipe damson gin I make it and freeze it if we have kale starting to get not-so-fresh. Recipe sloe gin collins I cook it in heavy cream to make it a sauce. Recipe sloe gin jamie oliver Our boys are the pickiest of picky children ever, and they love it. Damson gin recipe delia smith Feeding my children kale that they like makes me feel like I’ve done my mom duty of the day.

We’ll see tonight how it turns out, but I prepared my own corned beef brisket and it’s cooking in the crock pot right now. Damson gin recipe waitrose I made it using Wellness Mama’s recipe, but I left out the sugar and added a little whey to it, a la Nourishing Traditions. Sloe gin cocktail recipes uk It will be interesting to see how (I refuse to say “if”) it turns out. Sloe gin recipe waitrose I’ll serve it with cabbage, carrots, potatoes and onions, of course.

I know, I’m too early for St. Damson gin recipe bbc Patrick’s day, but I hear the Irish don’t eat it on that day either. Kilner sloe gin recipe card It doesn’t matter to me, because I’ll eat it anytime.

I’ve never used wood chips either, but have a few recipes to try some day. Damson gin recipe uk Did yours recommend soaking them for 30 minutes or so first? Seems to be a recurring theme in the recipes I see.

This week I decided to make up my own thing, which is far more rare than trying something new. Recipe for making sloe gin I seared some pork chops that were sprinkled with a salt blend, transferred them to a plate, then caramelized a bunch of onions. Sloe gin recipe 70cl bottle Once they were how I like them, I poured out a combo of sherry and vermouth that came to about 1.5 cups and stirred a few tablespoons of Dijon mustard through it. Best recipe for sloe gin That went into the onions, stir and scrape, return pork to pan, and cover to finish cooking. Recipe for sloe gin Not bad!

“But this isn’t really getting into the real problems of our health. Sloe gin fizz recipe Our food is killing us. Recipe sloe gin I’m not going to go crazy with the details, but we eat chemically-laced crap because it’s cheaper and tastes better (profit, profit). Best sloe gin recipe Our portion sizes are absurd (more profit). Recipe for sloe gin fizz And we’re by far the most prescribed nation in the world AND our drugs cost five to ten times more than they do even in Canada.”

I feel obligation to point out that US drug costs are not related to US eating habits. Sloe gin recipe 70cl US drugs cost more because (simplifying somewhat) the US doesn’t regulate drug costs, whereas many other countries do. Sloe berry gin recipe In effect, the US subsidizes both research and other countries’ drug costs.

Hi Kristen, this week I made two, new to me, meat free recipes, this first one was a pumpkin, feta and spinach feta pie and the other one was a sweet potato and zucchini fritters which were both delicious, I also made a new salad using Choy Sum, carrot ribbons and a red capsicum the dressing was sesame oil, lime juice, garlic, ginger, red wine vinegar and Dijon mustard. Easy sloe gin recipe All new dishes were given the thumbs up. Sipsmith sloe gin recipe Yeh!! Have a lovely weekend,

I made 2 new recipes this week! The first was a Mexican cream cheese chicken crock pot recipe which made a very tasty filling that would be good in nachos, tacos, burritos, or even as a dip. Recipe sloe gin fizz And because the cream cheese made it so rich, I didn’t need extra cheese or sour cream on my tacos.

The second recipe was the Golden Coconut Lentil Soup from the Budge Bytes blog. Best sloe gin fizz recipe I think someone might have mentioned this recipe a couple of weeks ago. The best sloe gin recipe It was deeeelicious!

We didn’t try anything new this week yet. Gordons sloe gin recipe On the weekend we will be trying a pulled pork recipe in our smoker. Simple sloe gin recipe I am adding the pulled turkey recipe to our list to try as I love “pulled” anything and I love turkey!

I tried a new chili recipe for my pressure cooker. Make sloe gin recipe It was a little soupier than my normal recipe, but cooked from start to finish in 30 minutes.

Pressure Cooker Quick Chili with Canned Beans

Oh YUM! I love things with a smoked flavor. Sloe gin recipe gordons A friend sent me a small package of alder-smoked salt–it is dark brown and very flavorful. Dried sloe gin recipe I added it, along with curry powder, to a red lentil stew this week.

I also made cardamom cookies using my mother-in-law’s recipe. Kilner sloe gin recipe Very crumbly and tasty.

Mine : mac and cheese, but what’s new is that the sauce was made of carrots, squash, cauliflower and cheese instead of just cheese. Sloe gin fizz cocktail recipe It was ok but I would not do it again

My 4 yo decided on rolled lasagna, so basically it’s just lasagna noodles with the stuffing on it (ricotta and spinach), and you roll them and add sauce and cheese on top. Sloe gin recipe sipsmith So not new to us, but new recipe for her.

I tried a Chicken Stroganoff on Wednesday from Cooking Light. Sloe gin recipe almond It was edible…but that’s about it. Sloe gin and tonic recipe It was very bland, I poured hot sauce on mine to bring some life to it. Quick sloe gin recipe I am still trying to get through the leftovers because I am not going to throw away perfectly edible food…but this is the last time I’ll be making this version of Stroganoff!

Thanks Kristen for the info on magazine used. Sloe gin recipe uk Definitely will try the turkey. Sloe gin recipe river cottage I love reading the responses and getting more recipes to try from other readers. How to make sloe gin recipe Just finished leftover corn beef soup from last week. Sloe gin recipe hugh fearnley whittingstall Now for some new recipes, preferably ones I can freeze for leftovers.

If you do this again, I HIGHLY recommend using bone-in turkey and keeping the bones in while cooking. Sloe gin recipe jamie oliver Remove the meat from the bones after cooking and use the smoked bones for stock to use in soup.

I have made both a smoked turkey noodle soup, and smoked turkey wild rice soup and both were good, but the wild rice soup was out of this world with the bit of smokey flavor.

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