60 foods every foodie must try in mumbai _ talking street

Shukla Kamlesh We are lucky that we are born in India. Simple chipotle mayo recipe This is just few dishes which Jitesh pointed out our country is so big there are so many dishes which one will always miss them abroad eg. How to make spicy mayo Chhole Bhature , Ras Malai, Choor Choor Naan, Kombdi Wade etc.Varieties of Indian food is wast

Savita Sawant Mumbai is really awsome place for food lovers….all tyape for tasty food is available here. Recipe for spicy mayo My husband is at Bangalore and really very frustrtwd with that food, every item has same taste…from veg to non veg

Deepak Bhimbhai Desai Don’t U think some of the joints R overly praised just B coz of their past glory? & some of the joints which deserves their name R not covers / mentioned. Japanese spicy mayo recipe Fr Xample samdwitch at Bajaj Rd corner Bike parle is much much better then what they have mentioned & he is equally or more popular bcoz of his grilled cheesy paneer veg sandwitch.

There is also one sandwitch wala at borivali nt ganjawala garden / chamunda circle known as Bipin sandwitch famous for junglee sandwitch.

Samir Ovalekar One more vote for Ashok’s Vada-Pav near Kirti College..have been eating it for more than 10 yrs now !! No competition in Mumbai ..Shrikrishna is way behind !!

On the other hand just for variety….try Babu’s Vada Pav in Vile Parle (east) …they have a outlet just beside the new bridge and original outside Parle Tilak School…

Sheetal Choksey Ankleshwaria Yes I just had it they have spoiled the taste n its too expensive that too only vada..better one is at outside grantroad east station.other near kirti college and also at fountain

Hasim Sayed Radio Restaurant, good taste and VFM ?? … Spicy mayo sauce recipe the story goes that this was earlier a theatre , the owner got religious and turned this into restaurant, difficult to locate .. Spicy mayo recipe sushi its on road leading to musafir khana main entry

Prabhat Kanade one must try at Tardeo opp.to ganga jamuna theatre…. Spicy mayo recipe for burgers on the gate of sonawala compound there is one chacha who prepares delicious and tasty bhelpuri and shevpuri…..in entire mumbai no body can beat his shevpuri and bhelpuri

?????? ????????? whole list seems to be made up of ‘they-were-good-once-upon-a-time’ places! gazalee, badshah are the most prominent.

this looks more like a google search result than a carefully compiled list base on first hand experience.

Arijit Syam The inventor of Rolls (known as Frankie in Mumbai) was Nizam restaurant in Calcutta in 1932. How to make spicy mayo for sushi They had observed that the British had problem eating the Paratha and Mutton/Beef Kababs with their fingers. Chilli mayonnaise recipe So they came up with the idea of rolling the Paratha with the Kababs inside and wrapping the entire thing with Paper Napkins. Spicy mayo for sushi That’s how the Rolls were created. Easy chipotle mayo recipe Nizam restaurant is still doing great business in Calcutta.

Arijit Syam I once ate an Omelette roll with a Chicken Rashmi kebab inside the roll at some Hotel at Bhubaneswar Odisha. Easy spicy mayo recipe It was just awesome. Sushi spicy mayo recipe Frankie eaters at Mumbai cannot imagine the taste of this type of rolls. Best spicy mayo recipe @ Alok Bishoyi.

Pranav Agarwal This is so wrong.. Spicy mayo recipe for sushi How can you even mention any other thali when Shree Thaker bhojanalaya is around.. Spicy mayo sushi recipe The best gujju thali ever.

Ive been eating there for the past 32 years myself. Spicy mayo recipe for chicken No one Can beat the gujju thali there.

At: Ayubs, on the street behind Rhythm House, Kala Ghoda, open only in the evenings.

Kebabs at Sarvi, 184/196 Dimtimkar Road, opposite Nagpada Police Station, Byculla (W).

And for some outstanding north Indian style Kebabs, go to Peshawari, ITC Grand Maratha, Sahar Road, Andheri (E),

At: Ayubs, on the street behind Rhythm House, Kala Ghoda, open only in the evenings.

Kebabs at Sarvi, 184/196 Dimtimkar Road, opposite Nagpada Police Station, Byculla (W).

And for some outstanding north Indian style Kebabs, go to Peshawari, ITC Grand Maratha, Sahar Road, Andheri (E),

Hasim Sayed street vendors in south mumbai muslim areas especially around ramazan.. Spicy mayo recipe for fries there is khao gali near minara masjid i guess which opens up during ramadan time… Recipe spicy mayo best time to try most types of kebabs

Subodh Arondkar Its not just matter about spicyness or price its matters consistency of taste and quality!! I can taste the same missal over here which i used to eat when i was a child, its so nostalgic i can go back and enjoy my childhood when i visit this place!!

?????? ????????? the best modak i have had outside of homemade ones by either my mom or grandmom… Spicy mayo for sushi recipe are at a temple in dahisar east. Spicy mayo sushi sauce recipe had gone there for a gsb wedding… Sushi spicy mayo sauce recipe was pleasantly surprised to find them on the menu! was shamelessly gulping them ??

Viraj S Patel SOLI PAV BHAJI opp Noorani resturant HAJI ALI. Asian spicy mayo recipe Its hard to believe that Ambani’s favorite place to go in the whole of mumbai is a pav bhaji stall in Haji Ali. Spicy sushi mayo recipe If you’re in Worli and craving for some spicy bhaji then Soli Pav Bhaji, outside Heera Panna is the place to go. Spicy tuna mayo recipe Its open from 7:30 PM to midnight.

really they are making with specially masala and lots of black and white paper…

Rajan Parekh Their Chicken Korma and Chicken achaari too is super. Bonchon spicy mayo recipe The Nalli Nihari at Chinese&Grill is good only during Ramzan as they get special people from Lucknow to make t. Kfc spicy mayo recipe All round the year its a lack lustre product.

Anand Mokashi 1975 ????? ?? ????????? ?? ??????? ??? , ?? ????? ?? ?????? ???? ?????? ????? ?????? ????? ??? , ?? ?????? ??? ?????? ??????? ?????? ???? , ???? ?? ???? ????? ???????? ????? ????? ???? ???? ….

Nandana Gupta both are horrible.. Spicy mayo dip recipe quality degrading day by day and prices going up. Spicy mayo recipe for sweet potato fries Try Aditya restaurant’s sizzlers.. Spicy mayo poke recipe at chembur.. Spicy chipotle mayo recipe both chinese and tandur sizzlers . Spicy aioli sauce recipe with mayo awesome!! even sahibaan bandra is yummy.. Spicy ahi poke recipe mayo they serve small sizzlers but the prices are according to size.

Sunila Karir Boiled tur dal and boiled rice? Why head anywhere else? Just do it in your cooker. Spicy mayo recipe for tacos And why only Brahmins? It’s a staple for all maharashtrians, each one of which has a different spin on it.

Veera Rachel Yohanan Aarti Gowrishankar pls tell Athya and the whole world actually that no one makes Varan chat like athya! She needs to open a restaurant ONLY serving this and guarantee she’ll be world famous. Spicy mayo ahi poke recipe Tell her I miss her ????

Savita Govilkar Why eat this out side? It is so easy to make at home. Spicy tuna poke recipe mayo Thisis the dish that most of the Marathis learn as the first dish . Spicy mayo mussels recipe Tastes awesome with little, ghee, lime juice and salt. Spicy mayo recipe without sriracha pickle or chutney can add further tinge.

Savita Govilkar Manis lunch home near Ruia College, Sharda Bhavan opposite Matunga station, Mysore Cafe and Madrasa Cafe at Kings Circle.Mohini in Hiranandani Powai, Shrikrishna near Azad Nagar on J P Road, four Bungalows

Reshma Jagtap Never go there, its totally unhygienic . Spicy ahi poke recipe with mayo They serve serving in old news paper means direct lead contamination. Spicy mayo recipe for fish tacos My experience was worst as I saw newspaper with black fungus , when reported they becomes deaf on ur complaint ….no apology or gaved replacement.

Riddhima Thakur Please never eat panipuri at elco, y is it even on the list? Like many other places given here just the names are hyped but the flavours of the food are nothing exceptional or like it used to be earlier! Anyway ppl can try and have an experience and opionion..

Nilesh Kishore Shirke Sardar GOLA in Ghatkopar east Khau Galli !! Rocking Malai Gola/ Dryfruit Gola.. Recipe for spicy mayo for sushi and many more to try.. Recipe spicy mayo for sushi once you have had sardar gola you will Forget this Beach side stuff for sure..

Maya Majumdar I have been to 30,33,38 and 41. Spicy mayo recipe for fish 56 more to go… Japanese spicy mayo sauce recipe ??????Incredible list. Best spicy mayo recipe sushi This list includes no frill and hole in the wall but some of greatest restaurants and street foods of Mumbai. Spicy mayo recipe for chicken burgers Thanks for sharing. Kfc spicy mayonnaise recipe Adding these to my Mumbai spreadsheet…??????

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