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This topic is part of the weekly 6000 songs, 6000 opinions. What are cornichon pickles In this, every week another song from the Acclaimed Music song top 6000 is selected for discussion. Youtube les cornichons The song is chosen completely at random, through random.org, making the selections hopefully very varied. Des cornichons au chocolat The only other rule in this is that after an artist has had a turn, he can’t appear for another ten weeks. Des cornichons au chocolat zusammenfassung The idea for this topic came to me because I wanted to think of a way to engage more actively with the very large top 6000 songs that Henrik has compiled for us, while still keeping it accessible and free of any game elements. Cornichon pickle recipe Yes, that’s right, no game elements. French cornichon pickles You are free to rate the song each week, but I’ll do nothing with this rating. French pickles cornichons I want it to be about people’s personal reviews and hopefully discussions. Cornichons pronunciation So in reverse to other topics on this site I say: “Please comment on this song, rating is optional”.

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“On aurait pu vivre/ Plus d’un million d’annees/ Et toujours en ete”

Song ranking on Acclaimed Music in the artist’s discography: 1st, the only one.

Ranks higher than Club Foot by Kasabian, but lower than Xpander by Sasha.

Nino Ferrer was famously annoyed by the songs that brought him fame. Les cornichons lyrics english translation In the sixties he became a commercial force thanks to several comical hits, which he quickly claimed to hate. Les cornichons reims france So no matter that he wrote and performed these songs himself, it seems like he regretted recording them instantly. What can i substitute for cornichons What happened then was that he tried his hand in several genres of the time, which led to a wide-ranging experiments in genre in the seventies, including even prog rock, a style that seemed far removed from what brought Ferrer fame.

But success always hounded him like a desirable spell that turns out to be a curse. Mini pickles cornichons Even though Ferrer had burned the bridges with the commercial side of the music industry, praise reached him at exactly the place he didn’t want it: with Le Sud. Baby pickles cornichons He spend a lot of time on that song, trying to perfect it. Les cornichons nino ferrer youtube It clearly meant a lot to him. Des cornichons au chocolat ubersetzung And what was the thanks he got? Money and acclaim. Des cornichons au chocolat zusammenfassung deutsch The nasty audiences were so taken with the song that they basically made Le Sud his signature song and it even became a standard in French pop. Des cornichons au chocolat pdf Poor Ferrer. Des cornichons au chocolat deutsch Well, at least he could buy a castle in the south of France for the money he got from this song alone. Des cornichons au chocolat vertaling I hope that was some consolation.

Le Sud was first recorded with English lyrics as South, using a largely American band. Pickled cornichons recipe At the time, to escape glory in France, Ferrer decided that it might be a good idea to move his musical projects to the States. Freshona pickled cornichons This change of scene wasn’t unusual for him. Nino ferrer les cornichons lyrics Though known as a Frenchman, he was actually born in Italy to a French father and an Italian mother. Des cornichons au chocolat deutsche zusammenfassung He spend a large part of his childhood in Italy, including the Second World War. Des cornichons au chocolat stephanie riassunto He also recorded songs in Italian.

The English language South opens the record Nino and Radiah, while the French Le Sud closes it. What is chopped cornichons It’s the only French track on the album. Cornichons recipes pickling It blows everything out of the water, including South. Cornichon francais anglais Ferrer was right when he thought the English version wasn’t quite the definitive take. Cornichon traduction anglais It’s more than okay when taken on its own; the song has a nice melody after all. Maille cornichons gherkins It’s just that the French redo adds so much more to it.

Let’s just begin with the lyrics. French cornichons in white wine vinegar The gist of it is the same, but the French version sounds more poetic; it has better imagery. How to pickle cornichons uk The song basically paints an idyllic picture of the south (American or French? Does it matter?). French cornichon pickles recipe In the final verse Ferrer claims that the idyll will not last and that the south will lose its magic. Buy cornichons In the English version he simply puts the blame on some coming darkness and he hopes he can spend the bad times in the south at least. Recipe for cornichons In the French lyrics he actually says that there once will be a war and the peace of the south will inevitably end. Cornichons wikipedia But wistfully, he says we at least will have had beautiful moments in the south. How to grow cornichons There’s nothing wrong with the English verses, but in French Ferrer adds more melancholy, a deeper sense of longing and loss. Les cornichons chanson In a funny reversal, it is actually the French version were Ferrer compares the south to Louisiana, in the opening lines.

Notice too, how these final lines are sung in both verses. Les cornichons au chocolat There seems to be little change in the vocal approach to those and other verses in the English version, but in the French take Ferrer starts a passionate cry when he gets close to the end, as if the war that will destroy the south is there already. Les cornichons youtube With some well-timed echo effects Ferrer sounds distant already. Restaurant les cornichons reims Happiness will not last.

The French version sounds fuller as a whole. Les cornichons de nino ferrer The instruments are just played better. French cornichons The guitar line is lovely in both versions, but the drums seem to add a rock punch to the proceedings in the second version. Pickled cornichons The piano sounds more melancholic. Cornichons gherkins It’s the same song, but it is as if Ferrer only fully knew how the song had to be played and sung after a while.

I guess he still added South to the album because it fit with the American nature of the song, but I’m glad he also decided to add Le Sud to the end, as if it was to signal a return to his home country. Cornichons and gherkins As said, Ferrer would buy a castle in the south of France a little while later, where he would live for the rest of his life. Cornichons recipe Darkness eventually came to his castle in 1998, but not in the way he could have predicted in 1975. Baby cornichons The dark came from himself, as he shot himself in his own heart in a wheat field in the south. Cornichons brands It’s a scary, but hauntingly poetic end for a singer who desperately wanted to do things his way, and perhaps never felt he succeeded in doing just that.

No wonder Ferrer could buy a castle from his royalties for Le Sud, as there a lot of covers. Growing cornichons It’s done in many genres with a big variety of instruments, but even so everything sounds very faithful. Les cornichons Let’s face it, Le Sud has a killer melody, so why try to better it? It’s also a very gentle song, so all these covers will do little to disturb you. What are cornichons Most work, but let me just highlight a couple of favourites.

Nino Ferrer’s own take is marked by a feeling that few can match, but I need to tip my head to Steeve Estatof, who seems to wring every inch of passion, beauty and pain out of the track. Cornichons with herbs With that one and Ferrer’s you basically don’t need anything else, but you get it anyway.

I like the Gregorian or churchlike takes. What is cornichons Somehow it complements the song, so the covers by Les Boix Basques and Choeur d’hommes “La Concorde” are worth checking out. Cornichons substitute Also, there is a pan flute version. Les cornichons reims This isn’t unique in any way and not particularly good, but I like it that a group called Los Incas actually pay homage to the French south. Les cornichons lyrics Don’t ask me why.

Romain already added Nino Ferrer’s Le Sud to his exhaustive topic France – One song per day. Cornichons definition In fact, it was one of the first songs on his list. Mini cornichons You can find it here: http://www.acclaimedmusic.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=18768#p18768

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