8 Game-changing things to add to your closet asap indian food recipes in english

Up until now, my thoughts on bodysuits have usually been summed up to: "interestinggg. I wish I could pull one off." for some reason, they seem like a choice item for "fashion people." but, um, they’re literally the opposite of intimidating. All you do is pull them over your body…And then unsnap the buttons at the bottom for easy bathroom access — there’s way less to them than I had weirdly imagined in my head! And the main draw is not having to retuck and retuck tops into your skirts or jeans and nailing that ~forever smooth~ top-to-bottom transition instead of the frumpiness I usually have in my waistband section. Plus, I’ve been into more body-hugging items because I’m trying to embrace and love my body and all that good stuff I won’t get into in a clothing review.Perfect pair

I’ve bought some of the SOFTEST things I own from american eagle and aerie, and now I can add this classic black bodysuit to the list.

Classic, but with a twist. Namely the strappy, low-cut back that totally makes the piece — seriously, I’m obsessed with it, and I’d choose a revealing back over a too-revealing front any day. Plus, a lacy bralette (another favorite from aerie, duh) is the perfect peek-a-boo companion both in the front (scalloped edges) and back (strap). I’m also in love with flared sleeves because I’m 5 and love flapping my arms around when I’m walking around. Scoopnecks beat out V-necks for me, which I think are usually more flattering (and less worrisome, if you know what I mean). And the lower-than-usual neckline also inspires me to wear a necklace (like this gorgeous customized bar piece), which I rarely do but am trying to get better at.Perfect pair black, as everyone knows, goes with everything and keeps everything looking smooth and clean. Need I say more? This is love. — sarah han

Anyone who regularly works out and doesn’t have a personal driver knows that hauling a gym bag is exercise in itself. They’re cumbersome, bulky, usually heavy, and how am I supposed to carry this thing without accidentally taking someone out on the 4 train during rush hour?? Enter this dagne dover carryall bag! When their PR offered to send me one to try out, I wasn’t sure if I needed a pricey duffle to lug around my sweaty socks. But boy was I WRONG. It’s designed to multitask as both a gym bag and a weekender so it’s loaded with pockets and even two pouches (and a cross-body strap option). I don’t know about you guys, but every time I pack my face wash and lotion into bags, I have visions of my clothes getting covered in goo.Perfect pair now if my cetaphil chooses to attack, the only place it’s going is all over a pouch.

Not to mention it looks compact but fits SO much. My shoes, full outfit, toiletries, and hair straightener don’t even fill the bag to the brim. I actually used it for a weekend trip and comfortably fit enough stuff for three days — yet I didn’t feel like I was lugging a huge bag around because of its seriously sleek design (it has the option to expand its sides in case you need even more room).

Also, I don’t care if this is TMI, but my gym sneakers are really smelly and you don’t even catch a whiff of them in this bag! It’s made up of 100% premium neoprene, which is super-absorbent and insulating. PLUS it has been rained on many a time (bless new york weather) and dries extremely fast, and with no signs of ever having gotten wet — which is great, because for its price you don’t want to worry about a rainy day ruining your bag.I’ve gotten basically, after years of dealing with a cheap gym bag that did the bare minimum, this is like a breath of fresh air. And I know it’s going to last for YEARS, because this baby is d u r a b l e. — emma mcanaw

I love a good shirtdress. It is one of the most versatile clothing items — you can wear it all year round, and it never goes out of style. I own several white shirtdresses, but I can never make it to the end of the day without getting food or coffee on them. Plus, they tend to be a bit see-through, so I always have to be careful with my underwear choice (if I’m not wearing pants/tights underneath). That’s why I was so excited when I found this black shirtdress on asos — I can get the same look without worrying about stains! I bought the size that asos recommended to me (using their new size suggestion system), and it fits slightly oversized, which is exactly what I wanted.I’ve gotten because I’m on the taller side (5’9"), I bought the tall version so I can wear it sans tights in the spring without it being too short.

Since getting it, I’ve been wearing it nonstop because it literally goes with *everything* in my closet and seems to work for all occasions: at the office, a fancy dinner, brunch, running errands, etc. It makes me look put-together even on days when I don’t feel like trying. It’s also made of 100% cotton, so it’s very breathable, which is necessary when it gets a little too warm outside or in the office. On mornings when I wake up a bit late and don’t have time to put together an outfit, this shirtdress is my best friend. It can even make sweatpants look sophisticated. All in all, this is definitely one of my best purchases of the season!Perfect pair — yi yang

At the age of 23, I decided to finally invest in an everlasting bag. I wanted something medium-sized (large enough to fit my wallet, book, makeup, etc.), but small enough that I could bring it to an after-work dinner and NOT look like I was hauling around my entire life. After extensive research, I found my new LBB (little black bag): the mini avery tote by rebecca minkoff!

I ultimately hit “submit order” on this bag because of the size; it fits all my criteria, in that it fits all my essentials. The black color obviously goes with everything, and I’ve worn it pretty much every day since I got it, without fail. The straps are also removable, so I can carry it around like a lil’ briefcase, and there are tons of pockets to help keep all my crap organized.Made 100% I can see myself carrying around this bag for the rest of eternity. Plus, I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on it. EVERYONE — and I mean everyone — has asked me where I bought it.

Yay to me for being an adult and buying an investment accessory! And if you love this bag but wish it were just a tiny bit smaller, it’s also available in this micro version. How cute! — anamaria glavan

For the greater part of the past decade, I’ve been a devout topshop moto leigh jeans wearer. I pretty much exclusively wear skinny-fit jeans, and when I find a style I like at a reasonable price, I stick with it — what can I say? But when I slipped on a pair of these mott + bow skinny jeans, my devotion to my old standbys was immediately called into question.Perfect pair they just fit…Like they were meant to be on my body. Seriously, our connection was that deep from the get-go. The material has enough stretch so that you’re bound to feel comfy AF no matter the sitch — even, say, if you’re feeling bloated or just ate an entire tub of movie popcorn followed by three cocktails (aka me last weekend while I was wearing them) — but they’re still a sturdy, mid-weight jean. Thanks to the elasticity, they mold to the contours of my lower body perfectly, and fit my legs snugly, with no extra material bunching up or looking awk.

The high-rise waist falls right below the navel, and I appreciate that you can choose from either a 28-inch or a 30-inch inseam; as someone whose legs take up most of my 5’8" body, I went with the longer inseam, and they hit just at my ankle.Perfect pair the slim fit was just what I was looking for, and with a gorgeous sanded charcoal-gray wash, you can easily dress these guys up or down — the length is perfect to pair with sneakers, your favorite heel, or boots of all walks. If you’ve been waiting to splurge on the perfect pair of premium-quality skinny jeans, I could not recommend these more. (PS: mott & bow also has a cool at-home try-on program in case you’re not sure what size fits you best, where you can choose two sizes and send back the one you don’t want for free.) — emmy favilla

I don’t know at what point I decided I always needed to wear shoes with laces, but damn, that was a mistake. A huge chunk of my youth was spent sitting down with my dad as he explained to me bunny ears and loops and knots.Made 100% what. A. Waste. Of. Time.

Velcro is where it’s at, and it really boggles my mind that, despite this advancement in shoe-securing technology, we still revert to the old-school way of laces and potential tripping hazards. The problem I’ve come across is that there aren’t many cute adult shoe options when it comes to velcro styles — that is, there haven’t been until now. DC shoes (you know, the brand that every crush I had in middle and high school wore) created the cutest freakin’ pink rose velcro sneakers ever. They’re very comfy and pretty as can be, and there isn’t a lace in sight! I got the high-top version (also available in patent black) but they come in a low-top version as well.

I love the pop of color they add to a casual look, I love that they’re so comfy, I love that they’re so SO pink!!Made 100% but mostly, I love that throwing them on and off is so f#@%ing easy! — elena garcia

I’m not a huge purse gal. Even though I use a purse just about every single day of my life, I treat mine like crap and toss them everywhere (including the floor sometimes), so I don’t really justify buying new ones often. But is it cheesy to say this valfré circle bag is different? That it completes every outfit I wear? That it’s changed my perspective on cute purses that won’t break the bank? Yeah, probably, but I don’t care.

First off, the embroidery is so friggin’ cute. Sure, it’s just an assortment of random things that don’t necessarily pertain to my life (or maybe I’m secretly a vampire, who knows?) but it’s quirky, it adds character, and it makes me happy whenever I look at it — plus, there’s a lipstick tube, which makes it instantly fabulous and ~me~.Made 100% the circle shape is also super cute: seamless and smooth, yet soft. It’s the perfect size, with enough room for me to comfortably fit my phone (and chubby phone case), wallet, glasses case, five lipsticks (don’t judge), keys, and maybe a few other random small knickknacks — and it still doesn’t look bloated or deformed from the outside! What more could I ask for? It looks and feels really well-made too (it’s half vegan leather and half canvas btw), so I won’t have to worry about it losing its shape or the strap fraying anytime soon, which has been a problem with previous purses. This is just the start of a long love story; may we never part.

PS: besides people I actually know, I’ve gotten quite a few compliments from random passersby (which rarely happens), so that’s been a really nice surprise and a testament to just how unique this purse is!I’ve gotten — sarah han

I’m not subtle with my love for twin peaks and that goes for the reboot, too. (if you disagree with me, read twin peaks: the final dossier before you @ me.) so apparently choosing a christmas present for me was easy as (cherry) pie for my friend courtney. She nabbed me this beaut and it’s convinced me, a dress loyalist, to wear pants every so often so I can pair it with leg prisons!

It’s made of super-soft cotton and has already been washed several times since december. There’s been no shrinkage or pilling, and the screen-printed text is still looking perf. As far as sizing goes, it’s what you can expect from an adult-size T-shirt. I wear it pretty frequently on the weekends, and it’s even spurred me to get more use out of my coats that I only wear with pants. (that’s normal.I’ve gotten other people have just-pants coats, right?) after all, I wouldn’t want to deprive people I encounter on weekends from gazing upon this comfy masterpiece. — elizabeth lilly