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Here we go. Banana cake recipe moist Well… here I go. Banana cake recipe moist fluffy Do you know what I am going to do? I am going to spend the rest of the year blogging as per usual, but also blogging about something else COOL. Banana cake recipe easy and quick Do you know what I am doing? I am going to blog the Australian Women’s Weekly Recipe Card Library.

Super moist banana cake recipe Yes. Banana loaf recipe uk I am. Best moist banana cake recipe Did you have these cards in your house when you were a wee person? I did. Moist banana cake recipe I thought they were GREAT. Moist banana cake recipe jamie oliver I cooked lots of things from these cards as a child and a teenager. Banana loaf recipe nz My parents used these cards too. Best banana cake recipe moist This yellow box was the Kitchen Oracle at my house and we flipped through the cards with more anticipation than a swap card session in the playground.

Let me just say that I love magazines. Banana loaf recipe moist I really do. Best banana chocolate chip bread recipe I love all the cool mags and the design mags and some of the fashion mags… but the VERY FIRST magazine I read was my Mum’s Australian Women’s Weekly. Banana chocolate chip bread recipe (It was usually stored on the floor next to her side of the bed, under the Vogue and on top of the Gourmet magazine.) I remember waiting excitedly to see which school book labels they would bring out in January. Banana nut bread with applesauce I remember getting first dibs on those labels and carefully cutting them out and waiting for the super-long Christmas holidays to end so I could paste them onto my books and get cracking (GEEK!). Best banana nut muffin recipe I remember looking at the knitting and crochet patterns and asking my Nan if she might just make me that poncho… or that knitted lamb… or that crocheted mini skirt. Banana cake recipe without butter I remember my Sister clipping pictures of Lady Diana… and then Princess Diana from the AWW for her special Di-laden scrap book… or to stick on the wall next to her bed. Healthy banana bread with yogurt The Weekly. Banana bread with oat flour Ah. Banana bread cupcake recipe I really did grow up with it.

So, as an ode to the Weekly and in a quest to have many more cakes, slices, biscuits and hearty casseroles for the extremely hungry fellas in this house, I am going to cook lots of recipes from the AWW Recipe Box. Banana bread recipe low sugar It’s kind of like a dinky Australian version of Julie and Julia, only I am not going to cook everything from said box. Banana bread recipe no sugar I am not giving myself a time limit. Banana nut muffin recipe And I am going to mix it up a bit so we don’t end up eating Pork and Veal all month and then just Pudding the next. Banana walnut muffin recipe And I’m not writing a book about it. Banana bread recipe oil Or a film even. Healthy banana loaf recipe So it’s only a tiny bit like that really, isn’t it?! Yes.

I began this weekend and I will tell you more about that very soon, but what I would REALLY like to know is whether this box is at your house? Or your Mum’s house? Or your Aunty’s house? And before we had all those fancy cookbooks and Masterchef and Mr Oliver and the likes, was this a bit of a go-to for gourmet goodness at your place? What have you cooked from this box?! How did it go? Tell me do! Did your Mum or Dad write on the blank cards that you could order for the box? Where was it kept?! Did you have the yellow Index? Did you have lots more cards than I do?

Here is the list of cards that I DO (kind of!) have in my box, just in case you are not familiar with the AWW Recipe Box. Banana cake no eggs There were around 24 different recipe cards in each category. Banana recipes without eggs It really was an institution in households all over Australia, methinks.

PS : As you can see my box is missing (at the very least) the cards for Homemade Breads, Buns and Scones. Banana muffin recipe without eggs If you have spares, do send them over!

PPS : If you do have the box and would like to cook along, do send me the link when you post a recipe on your own blog. Banana nut bread with pecans Then I can link to you from here and we can all join in together. Banana bread nutrition That would be dandy!

PPPS : If ‘Yellow Box’ made you giggle, then go to your room and don’t come out til dinner time.

Chop onion and bacon finely, saute in heated butter until onion is transparent. Banana bread cinnamon rolls Add meat, breadcrumbs and seasonings, bind with beaten egg, add a little milk if mixture seems too dry

Hi, was wondering if anyone can help me with a recipe from the yellow box.

I am after D11 which is Irish Stew which is under Exciting Ways With Lamb Pork & Veal?

My family love this recipe . Banana bread recipe whole wheat My kids are in their 30s & I have had my yellow box since before I had my kids were born & they have asked for this recipe

Remove excess fat from meat do not remove bones . Moist banana bread sour cream Peel potatoes, slice one third of them and cut remainder into large even pieces. Banana peanut butter muffins Arrange potato pieces in base of large overprotective dish, then lawyer of peeled thickly sliced onions on top. Banana bread recipe for bread machine Arrange meat over evenly, sprinkle with salt and pepper, add remaining onions, top with remaining sliced potatoes add water and sprinkle with more salt pepper

Cover with aluminium foil . Banana peanut butter chocolate chip cookies Place lid on top. Banana peanut butter chocolate Cook on mod slow oven, or in saucepan not top of stove, 2.5 hours. Banana peanut butter chocolate smoothie Sprinkle with chopped parsley

I’m desperately trying to find the recipe for card A2 Good Beef Casserole. Banana peanut butter chocolate chip muffins Not sure why it wasn’t put back in it’s box after it was last cooked but if you can help me out with a copy I’d be forever grateful.

Hi there, I just got my hands on my mums set and was desperately trying to find the curried sausage recipe card K21. Banana cake with peanut butter frosting If you have this I’d love a copy desperately… Thanks so much

Hi, I so love my Yellow Box. Banana bread sugar free But i seem to have misplaced my Savoury Mince card number A9. Banana bread gluten free I have tried to remember it as family favourite but not the same. Banana peanut butter ice cream If anybody can help to email me the receipe my family will love you and not put up with me trying to remember hahah….

My mum bought them for me when I was in my early 20’s and learning to cook.

I had a particularly favourite recipe that I lent out and never got back.

It was in the money saving meals, and going through the index box I think it must have been K2

Hi I have the yellow box series, use it all the time but am missing 1 card O12 in Perfect Pies and Pastries, does anyone have this recipe card that they would like to forward to me please. Banana muffins with cream cheese frosting I would be very grateful.

Yes, I have them in front of me right now. Best banana muffin recipe ever I’m moving house soon, downzising, so I am actually digitizing them as we speak. Easy banana muffin recipe I am scanning each card, back & front, then copying the scans into a MS OneNote Notebook.

So many memories! I bought these in the late 70s or early 80s and my mother had a set too, and I think my MIL had them as well. Banana muffin recipe healthy They were very trendy. Banana muffin recipe best Some recipes seem very simple and old fashioned today but they TEACH YOU THE BASICS! Anyone learning to cook today would welcome these classics, then make their own variations as their confidence grew. Banana muffin recipe easy Once I’ve finished digitizing them, I will probably put them for sale on ebay.

Hi. Banana cake recipe with sour cream Love the idea. Best vegan banana bread recipe I have the box- bought it myself as a teenager and loved waiting for them to arrive in the post. Banana nut bread with cream cheese I am missing the Corned Beef and Chicken Vol-Au-Vents. Moist banana cake recipe with sour cream I would dearly love to know how to make both of these as they were family favorites. Banana bread recipe self raising flour I have searched the web and found the vol-au-vents but cannot find the beef one anywhere. Rachael ray chocolate chip banana bread How would I go about getting it?

I had brought these recipes cards when I was 14 years old , I’m sad to say I had to leave them behind when I moved to wa .l would love to own these set of women weekly recipe card again .

I have this set and am missing the jams pickles chutney and relish section. Easy vegan banana bread I remember thinking at the time I will never cook that as I was only in my early 20’s. Healthy blueberry banana bread I could kick myself now for not getting it at the time. Banana bread with cream cheese recipe If anyone should happen to have it or know where I could find it I would appreciate it. Banana bread with cream cheese I wish they would do a re-run of this set. Healthy banana blueberry bread There are some great recipes and I use them often.

Hi, We have this collection too, but have lost or misplaced our favorite recipe for Pineapple rice cream, or something like that.

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