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Since 1890, 420 mason street has been home to the united service organizations, film legends, nightlife and world-renowned djs. Now, the historic building’s newest owners hope it will be a cornerstone for san francisco culture.

Located around the corner from the curran theatre in a space previously inhabited by ruby skye nightclub, august hall is a venue with more to do than your average music-only concert venue. Along with a musical hall boasting 32-foot ceilings and 100-year-old architecture, there is a VIP green room and fifth arrow, a bar with food, games and bowling lanes.

Nate valentine, justin roja, scott murphy and chad donnelly are the four bay area natives breathing new life into the historic building.August hall it was built in 1911 by the native sons of the golden west, native- born californians dedicated to historic preservation, documentation of historic structures and places in the state, the placement of historic plaques, and other charitable functions throughout california.

In a way, they do: “take a walk through the reinvigorated space and you will discover beautifully preserved plaques and stained-glass mirrors that pay homage to the founding members, many of whose names are commemorated on street signs throughout san francisco.”

“ when august hall was in its conception, preserving the character and integrity of the building was key. We wanted to combine history with modern elements, while creating a versatile space ideal for everything from major music performances and movie premieres to conferences, seminars and community and charity events,” valentine said.August hall

The space was redesigned by britt hull of the tide design co. And parisa O’connell interior design. They combined classic and contemporary elements and installed state of the art technological equipment.

Valentine, roja, donnelly and murphy grew up attending shows at ruby skye and all around the san francisco bay area, so joining the list of iconic san francisco concert venues is not something they took lightly.

“with the location in union square, the history behind the space, and the stories of a hundred years told before us, we couldn’t help but take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to preserve and showcase the arts, history and eccentricity of the city through the eyes of this historic venue,” valentine said.Area natives “as lifelong san francisco and bay area natives, we have been fortunate to bear witness to legendary performances from a wealth of talented musicians and artists at our local stages and festivals. Now we have been given the opportunity to carve out and curate our own page to the storied history of some of the most iconic live music venues in san francisco.”

Valentine and his partners have lofty goals for the space, but he’s confident august hall will become a san francisco staple in no time. In addition to musicians, they hope to welcome a diverse group of comedic acts, offer stellar cocktails and cuisine, and support community and neighborhood organizations.

When asked for three words to describe the intended vibe of august hall and fifth arrow, valentine didn’t hesitate: “ culture.Fifth arrow creativity. Community.”

August hall’s spring concert slate will kick off with electronic music act giraffage on april 21. For more concerts and upcoming events, visit its website .

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