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With 100 recipes, this is the first book to explore the vibrant food culture of Macau an east-meets-west melting pot of Chinese, Portuguese, Malaysian, and Indian foodways as seen through the lens of the cult favorite Chicago restaurant, Fat Rice.

An hour s ferry ride from Hong Kong, on the banks of the Pearl Riverin China, lies Macau a modern, cosmopolitan city with an unexpectedhistory. Tesco red thai curry paste recipe For centuries, Macau was one of the world s greatest tradingports: a Portuguese outpost and crossroads along the spice route, wheretravelers from Europe, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and mainland Chinatraded resources, culture, and food. Red thai curry paste recipe sanjeev kapoor “The Adventures of Fat Rice” is thestory of how two Chicago chefs discovered and fell in love with thisfascinating and, at least until now, unheralded cuisine.

Thai green curry paste recipe gordon ramsay With dishes likeMinchi (a classic Macanese meat hash), Po Kok Gai(a Portuguese-influenced chicken curry with chourico and olives), andArroz Gordo (if paella and fried rice had a baby), now you, too, can bringthe eclectic and wonderfully unique yet enticingly familiar flavors ofMacau into your own kitchen.”

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What a captivating book! With it, I uncovered theroots of Portuguese cooking and the indelible markit made on the world. Chicken red curry recipe thai I reveled in the beautiful wayPortuguese blended with Chinese in the kitchens ofMacau. Chicken with red curry paste recipes But most of all, I discovered why the food atChicago s incredibly popular restaurant Fat Rice isso utterly delicious. Authentic thai yellow curry paste recipe This book opens up a wholenew world of flavor!

Rick Bayless, chef and owner of Frontera Grill, Topolobampo, and Xoco

When you read these recipes, it s like you just foundthe secret ingredients that were buried away in atreasure chest somewhere in the Pearl River Delta.”The Adventures of Fat Rice” is a must-have for home(and Jupiter) chefs.

ABRAHAM CONLON and ADRIENNE LO are the chefs and co-owners of the popular Chicago restaurant Fat Rice. Thai yellow curry paste recipe They have awards and recognition from the James Beard Foundation, “Bon Appetit,” “Food & Wine,” “Eater, ” and many others. Best thai red curry paste recipe HUGH AMANO is a writer and the former sous chef of Fat Rice.”

The bright, bold cover with the sea monster is an instant attraction, to me it served as an indication that this may be an unusual and fun book and worth a look. Veg thai red curry paste recipe sanjeev kapoor It is certainly unusual in that it focuses on the food customs of Macau, a culinary melting pot of food cultures that, according to the authors, is a subject not well recorded.

The history, of how the various cultures came together on this island resulting in a cuisine that is so unique. Recipe curry sauce for chicken I always like to read anecdotes about the local people who work hard to maintain the traditional procedures ensuring they are passed on. Recipe curry paste I like to think that this book contributes towards that aim. Recipe curry sauce with coconut milk The authors do point out though that despite all efforts to maintain authenticity, there can be several ways to prepare a dish.

There is a section on equipment and how to prepare it for use and how to maintain it, handy for the new wok owner.

I loved the spices glossary, especially as some are unfamiliar, I would have liked the beautiful illustrations of the spice pots to have been labelled though, that would be helpful.

What is helpful are the diagrams of how to fold chamucas and also the cute cartoon like noodles section.

There is a wonderful illustrated vegetable glossary, again, useful as some are so unfamiliar to home cooks.

The recipes are written in a very clear style, some are quite lengthy and requires skipping to another page to find the ingredients, for example, making a curry; Po Kok Gai (Portuguese chicken curry) requires a portion of Turmeric Baked Chicken and a portion of a curry sauce, both are recipes in themselves. Easy curry recipes uk Read more › Comment

Fans of Lucky Peach magazine and cookbooks (Lucky Peach Presents 101 Easy Asian Recipes) will love the adventures of “Fat Rice” (he is the little rooster mascot fighting the Godzilla Clam on the front cover). Recipe thai red curry paste The vibe is the same as those Chef David Chang efforts, and it is probably not too far from the truth to say that the style of this cookbook is an attempt to get onto the Lucky Peach bandwagon.

These recipes are also primarily “asian”, and focus on some of the oldest of fusion cooking from Macau, historically thought of as a blend of Portugese and Chinese cooking cultures. Thai green coconut curry recipe Now more clearly Chinese influenced than Portugal, these is still unmistakingly a unique Macau cooking niche that has some nice twists and variations. Red curry paste thai recipe The chef of this book has a Chicao eatery based on the style. Thai kitchen red curry paste recipe A short sampling: Portugese egg tarts, Zhu Pa Bao (pork chop buns), Leitao (garlicky suckling pig), and menus that feature asian influenced Portugese salt cod right next steamed ginger and scallion fish.

A big book at over 300 pages, most of it is recipes and pictures, but there is also about a 15 page historical introduction, about another 15 pages on equipment and techniques, and the same for a helpful ingredient glossary. Thai kitchen yellow curry paste recipe Have tried six recipes out and all have been great!

So far our family ranks this cookbook about 1/2 a star higher than the aforemention David Chang like cookbooks Momofuku. Homemade curry recipe with coconut milk I have no idea who the better chef is in real life for those who care about such things, but the instructions are much clearer, and while ome of the ingredients can be equally obscure, at least in these recipes you don’t get the sense you are being sent on a wild goose (or duck) chase just for the sake of making something look complicated when it is not that integral to the dish. Red thai chicken curry recipe using paste In the end we like all these cookbooks so no need to do trolling here, but for right now our favorite cookbook beats up your favorite cookbook.

An excellent cookbook with copious recipes that are achievable by any home cook interested in learning more about the multicultural influences forming the cuisine of Macau. Thai yellow curry sauce recipe The format is readable and highly entertaining with fantastic artwork. Thai red chicken curry recipe coconut milk In addition, this cookbook contains helpful advice from what ingredients to stock to advice on how to choose the best wok and other useful information, all in a readable, entertaining format.

The recipes were easy & w/o flaw. Thai chicken curry recipe coconut milk it’s a great cookbook & I highly recommend it. Vegetarian korma curry paste recipe I find , in general, Asian cooking most difficult to master. Vegetarian massaman curry paste recipe This book makes the recipes much more attainable. Vegetable curry paste recipe I highly recommend he cookbook for cooks of all levels!

Fascinating cookbook with really unique and surprising recipes. Kikkoman thai yellow curry sauce recipes For many of the recipes, my impression before cooking them was “that can’t be good” but magic happens and they so far have been uniformly delicious and a big hit with dinner guests. Indian restaurant mint sauce recipe Very detailed and really fun instructions using techniques that are sometimes as unique as the recipes. Jalfrezi curry paste recipe The only challenge Ive had is that finding the ingredients is not simple even with Amazon and our local H-mart. Thai red curry sauce recipe 5-stars if I can locate all the needed ingredients.

This an very good cook book. Thai red curry paste recipe No short cuts, the receipes are as tradition has made them. Thai red curry paste chicken recipe The authors make it clear to achieve the best meal follow the receipes completely. Indian curry paste recipe easy I find cooking a joy and the outcome cannot be achieved through short cuts. Indian curry paste recipe Michael L.

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