African-americans helped build patuxent river from the ground up _ local _ dcmilitary. com

In the beginning of the 1860s, on the eve of the Civil War, the African-American population in St. Fast food restaurants hiring near me Mary’s County was greater than 50 percent; and while a chunk of that population was free, the majority was enslaved.

Following the Civil War, that population dropped to about 25 percent as many left the area seeking new opportunities in Baltimore and beyond; but not everyone could afford to go.

“Some formerly enslaved people remained in the area because they didn’t have the resources to leave,” explained Julie King, professor of anthropology at St. Fast food restaurants close to me Mary’s College of Southern Maryland. Best fast food restaurants in america “Southern Maryland remained very poor and the struggle continued for decades until the Navy began construction of the Pax River installation.”

At the time the Navy arrived, the population numbered around 14,000, but would increase two-fold over the next 10 years, King noted.

“For many blacks who remained, the air station became their ticket to prosperity,” she said.

Coupons fast food restaurants “The Navy brought new opportunity for everyone in the area, but especially African-Americans.”

The following story and excerpted quotes are taken directly from conversations conducted in 1987 with African-American individuals who lived and worked in this area in 1942, at the time NAS Patuxent River was being constructed.

Their complete transcribed interviews — along with many others covering various topics — can be found online at St. Fast food restaurants in usa Mary’s College of Southern Maryland’s SlackWater Center website at www.smcm/edu/archives.

Richard Gray Portee, Joseph Mason Curtis, Joseph Ogden Thomas, and Ester Harris Smith are four individuals whose oral histories paint a vivid picture of Pax River and the surrounding community at its very beginning, and show how its presence provided opportunities for African-Americans that may not have existed otherwise.

Murray E. Fast food restaurants hiring Jackson, though not African-American, arrived in St. Soul food restaurants near me that deliver Mary’s County in 1941 as a state trooper and was witness to the changes that would occur when the Navy came to this formerly small, rural area.

“It was war time. Fast food restaurants that deliver near me The government moved very quickly; everything was being rushed to completion. Restaurant food cost percentage They immediately started advertising all over the United States for workers, carpenters, builders, plumbers.for skilled labor and unskilled labor.” — M. Good fast food restaurants near me Jackson

Thousands descended on the area, earning wages of 87-and-a-half cents per hour, plus overtime, which was more money than most men could ever hope to see at that time. Fast food restaurants hiring at 15 Black professionals left their jobs to also work as laborers on base, because their previous wages were paltry in comparison. Fast food restaurants in california Some of the higher paying jobs included carpentry work, but black carpenters were not welcome.

“When I went to apply for a job as a carpenter, they told me that it would hardly be any use for me to buy in the union because they wasn’t gonna use any black carpenters. Fast food restaurants in new york For labor, it was 87-and-a-half cents, and carpentry was great; much more than that. Fast food restaurants close to my location But they told me they wasn’t gonna take me. Fast food restaurants closest to me We was getting 25 cents an hour on the outside, but this price jumped up with the base [as people continued to move here] and I got more work.” — J. Fast food restaurant chains Thomas

All described the installation as a bustling, chaotic scene with constant noise from heavy machinery moving the earth, which in turn created a lot of dirt and a lingering cloud of dust.

“[From where I lived,] only when they started to build the road down 235, the road that runs parallel to the fence, could I have seen the dust. Fast food restaurants with veggie burgers But you could always hear the bulldozers, or whatever; the heavy equipment back there.” — E. Find fast food restaurants near me Smith

“Dust and dirt. Free food from restaurants Oh, God, I never will forget that. Food network restaurants near me I was a water boy [making $70 per week.] The guys would holler at me to come over when they wanted water and that’s all I did until they built that whole site. Food restaurants near me open I did that for three or four years.” — J. Open fast food restaurants near me Curtis

“People couldn’t tell what color you were, really, when you finished working. Fast food restaurants near my location I just had to wash [the dirt] off and look in the mirror to find out who I am.” — R. Mexican food restaurants near my location Portee

“There was overtime; they were working nights. Soul food restaurants near my location They’d string up lights and have construction crews working around the clock.” — M. Fast food restaurants around me Jackson

Housing was very limited, so temporary segregated barracks — known as Tar Paper Alley — were constructed on base to house workers. Fast food restaurants that deliver Crime was prevalent.

“The workers’ barracks were tar paper covered and lots of people were law breakers. Fast food restaurants open on christmas day Some were draft dodgers, convicts, escapees. Fast food restaurants open on thanksgiving You had to be careful because they were cut-throat; they had some of every single thing.” — R. Fast food restaurants open 24 hours Portee

“They ate and slept [in those wooden barracks], and when the quitting whistle blew and they were off, then they all came out to the bars that sprang up everywhere. Chinese food restaurants in the area It was a boomtown; everybody was having a good time and spending a lot of money.” — M. Soul food restaurants in the area Jackson

In response to the need, many residents took paying boarders into their homes, and new housing was quickly built across the county.

“The Carver Heights housing project was a housing project for the black civilians and enlisted personnel, too. Good cheap restaurants near me The Flattops were for the whites. Free food on your birthday without signing up We had a dual system all the way.” — R. Free food on your birthday az Portee

“The women that worked on the base, those people had menial jobs, housecleaning; they usually worked for the people who came down here as the officers, or whomever, that had maids and so forth. Healthy food restaurants london So that was what the women did. Fast food restaurants near me that are open They went to work in the kitchens and the cafeterias, [and working in laundry]; that sort of thing.” — E. Fast food mexican restaurants near me Smith

“Once they brought the Sailors and Marines in, the serenity was gone, totally gone.” — E. Chinese food restaurants near me that deliver Smith

“During that time, no blacks were any higher than a chief cook or something. Fast food fish restaurants near me They worked in the kitchen or worked in the BOQ where the officers lived. Fast food restaurants open on christmas eve Filipinos and the blacks were.I wouldn’t say restricted, but they didn’t rise above the jobs. Fast food restaurants open 24 hours near me Some of them were called storekeepers. Fast food places open 24 hours near me There is nothing wrong with that, but they were just limited in what they were permitted to do.” — R. Food places open 24 hours near me Portee

As the population grew to accommodate the base, new businesses began springing up outside in the community to give people — both black and white — the opportunity for socialization, and to meet their needs.

“This infusion of money and the footloose workers who came here to work was a real shock to the county. Food suppliers for restaurants The old-time residents who’d been here all their lives, I imagine they could hardly believe what they were seeing. New orleans soul food restaurants And many of them took advantage of this to make a little money.” — M. New food places near me Jackson

“Because of all the people coming in, they want things done and all they wanted was production. Mexican food near my location Instead of grabbing you because you were white, if I could do the job, well I got it, see? So that’s where it’s much better. Healthy restaurants in dubai Then we had many more hotels and this meant more jobs.” — J. How to get free food from restaurants by complaining Thomas

“We didn’t see too many ‘whites only’ signs, but after the people started coming in a whole lot, well, we found more of this.” — R. Free food coupons online Portee

After stints on base as a laborer — where he rode only in the back of the lumber delivery truck and never the front — a custodian, and a fireman responsible for stoking the boilers, Portee fell back on his skills as a tailor and opened a concession in the basement of the Bachelor Officers Quarters where he tailored and pressed uniforms. Free food coupons uk He would go on to open the first tailoring business in Lexington Park. Fast food restaurants with soup Returning to college years later, he eventually retired as a school teacher.

Thomas opened his own seafood restaurant and then, later, built a larger place called the Two Spot Club, obtained a liquor license and made it a recreational place for dancing. Fast food places that accept ebt He ran it until the 1980s.

Curtis opened a business — Curtis Tire — which struggled to gain a foothold early on until a Navy contract helped it become a success. Healthy chinese food choices It is still in operation today.

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