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WASHINGTON, Mar. Best food restaurants near me 22, 2017 – Production of South America’s pseudo-grain, quinoa, is riding into North America on a wave of health-food enthusiasm, with farmers from the Sierra Nevada and Rocky Mountains to Canada’s dry Northern Plains and even western Ontario trying their luck at the crop.

Though grown by the Inca 5,000 years ago and called the “Mother of All Grains,” quinoa didn’t catch on with U.S. New fast food restaurants consumers until the 21st century. Chain food restaurants Now, however, food makers are pouring quinoa, with its reputation as a “complete protein,” into nutrition bars, ready-to-eat cereal, oatmeal, gluten-free bakery items, tortilla chips, crackers, trail mix, salads and side dishes.

“Between the fourth quarters of 2014 and 2016, 176 percent more operators among our top 500 (restaurants) are offering salads with quinoa,” said Maia Chang, senior research analyst for Technomic, a food industry research and consulting firm. Fast food restaurants in the area Also, its most recent check with those restaurants found that “27 percent of consumers who order soup would order quinoa in their soup,” she said.

Meanwhile, at Expo West, a huge food show this month in Anaheim, California, Mary Ann Strombitski, media representative for Ardent Mills, declared: “Quinoa is just everywhere. Nearby food restaurants People are excited about it. Food restaurants nearby It’s basically here to stay.”

Farmers in both South and North America are responding briskly to the surging demand, though production records aren’t awfully precise. Fast food restaurants in this area The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has a rough count for South America (see graph), where output is jumping, largely to supply consumers in America, where imports have zoomed up 126 percent since 2012.

The U.S. Fast food chain restaurants Department of Agriculture doesn’t survey quinoa acres, but some millers are reporting big increases in farmer-contracted acreage. Open food restaurants near me For example, Lundberg Family Farms, based in Richvale, California, reports an expansion of its network of growers from just 40 acres contracted in 2014 to 800 acres last year. Fast food restaurants open Its growers harvested 2 million pounds of organic quinoa in 2016, and Lundberg has varietal trials going to expand its production areas in the West, for example, in Idaho.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, Ardent Mills, which was formed three years ago in a consolidation of regional milling operations by Cargill, CHS Industries and ConAgra Mills, has announced a new line of quinoa products, Great Plains Quinoa. Food restaurants near my location Before joining Ardent Mills, ConAgra Mills had marketed quinoa as part of its Ancient Grains line for a decade. Food restaurants around me Ardent Mills also announced an agreement with Joe Dutcheshen, quinoa grower and founder of Saskatchewan-based Northern Quinoa Corp., for production of the crop in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Most popular fast food restaurants Further, the company says it is offering customers two-year contracts.

Quinoa has long been considered a high-elevation crop, and Zachery Sanders, Ardent Mills’ director of marketing, notes that Denver, where Ardent Mills is headquartered, is at nearly 6,000 feet above sea level. Food chain restaurants Such an elevation plus “cooler climate, arid conditions; those are the kinds of areas we target,” he said, though most of the Canadian prairie provinces are at much lower elevations than Denver. Junk food restaurants Sanders said the new deal with Canadian growers means Ardent Mills now has the “largest network of growers in North America,” and the company has “aspirations to start growing in the United States” as development of new quinoa strains permits.

Quinoa is difficult to grow, but it attracts high prices, though millers don’t like to say what they pay farmers. Restaurants and food Varieties and quality of quinoa can vary a lot. Food near me restaurants Sanders said South American varieties are usually white and seeds are larger than the crop that Ardent Mills growers produce, which has a “tan, creamy color . . . Fast food and restaurants with more of a pop or snap” in the mouth when eaten.

Meanwhile, much farther east and at much lower elevations, in western Ontario, Jamie Draves started growing a new variety, Quinoa Quinta, about four years ago. Restaurants american food He says that his Katan Kitchens has bred very high nutritional components, such as 18-20 percent protein and unusually high minerals content, into his variety. American food restaurants He began marketing it just last year – on line at a pricey $11 a pound. Worst fast food restaurants He added a grower in southern Alberta in 2016, who was able to harvest 2,000 pounds per acre, he reports.

This week’s guest on Open Mic is Tom Hammer, President of the National Oilseed Processors Association.

Fresh from a meeting with Trump administration trade officials last week Hammer provides a firsthand account of the discussion between agriculture leaders and the White House. Fast food restaurants usa Hammer gives an accounting of the oilseed processing industry’s overall health and growth outlook including the growing bioeconomy. Restaurants and fast food Hammer echoes calls for domestic infrastructure investment and regulatory reform. Most fast food restaurants Listen Here

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The world of agriculture extends beyond what’s growing in your field or living in your barn, and here at Agri-Pulse, we understand that. Fast food restaurants in my area We make it our duty to inform you of the most up-to-date agricultural and rural policy decisions being made in Washington D.C. What fast food restaurants are open and examine how they will affect you – the farmer, the lobbyist, the government employee, the educator, the consultant and the concerned citizen.

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