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Welcome to my Air Fryer Chicken: 3 Delicious Leftover Air Fryer Chicken Recipes. Easy smoked salmon recipes I am all for saving money and eating delicious chicken recipes in my air fryer as well as making sure I have zero food waste and in this post I will be sharing with you how to achieve all three.

But first, if you have not done so yet, have a read of what we published yesterday on Recipe This where we talked about our brand new “love food hate food waste challenge” and how you can join us on the bandwagon.

Basically like most people we absolutely hate food waste. Fresh salmon cakes recipe We buy things with the attention of using them but sometimes something else comes up and before you know it your food that you had great intentions for is suddenly looking past its best and getting very close to its recommended consume by date.

I will often write out a shopping list of what I want for the week ahead then all of a sudden we didn’t eat as much lettuce as we planned so it ended up going off. Fresh salmon patties recipe Or the herbs and spices that you bought the summer before is getting close to its sell by date and again is about to turn.

So how about joining me and actually using that food as emergency meals just before it does go off.

As I mentioned yesterday I have been hunting around my cupboards and found that as we are entering March I have a few offending articles in my cupboards.

• 4 sachets of Spanish food seasoning originally bought in Spain last summer

I plan on making lots of chicken recipes in the air fryer with my leftover Spanish seasoning along with some cheap chicken we have in the freezer. Grilled salmon burger recipe Then with the coconut sugar tomorrow I will be making loads of recipes with those too. Grilled salmon recipe jamie oliver Then they will both be used in plenty of time before the end of the month deadline.

Then for the coconut sugar it will be something similar from the leftover coconut sugar we have and we might look at selling the leftovers too.

But first before we get started today I recommend you check out the infographic below just to see how bad the food waste problem is and how we should all be doing our bit and stop wasting money and food:

So now I wanted to share with you what leftovers I had and how I used them. Grilled salmon steak recipe First of all the offending leftovers were:

But what is most exciting about all of this is that these are mixed seasonings for individual recipes meaning that the work is already done for you and then you hardly have to pick out any herbs from your cupboard to complete the meal. Grilled teriyaki salmon recipe After all don’t you just hate all these recipe videos at the moment were they make it look like recipes take 2 seconds to prepare when in fact they have measured everything out before they have started and have made the recipe look a lot easier than it actually is! Air Fryer Honey BBQ Chicken Wings

These air fryer honey barbeque chicken wings give a great flavour with hardly any preparation and a delicious end result. Healthy salmon cakes recipe They are perfect for taking to barbeques or for having for a quick supper via your air fryer.

For this air fryer chicken recipe we are using the leftover barbeque sachet along with some honey from the fridge.

But even better this recipe screams out “frugal” because not only is chicken wings super cheap but we got the chicken wings on special offer and a big packet of them cost us just 80 cent. Healthy salmon recipes baked Add to that the fact that we had the seasoning in the cupboard and the fridge and this has suddenly become the cheapest chicken recipe we could possibly ever find!

• In a mixing bowl mix together the honey, olive oil, salt, pepper and barbeque chicken seasoning.

• On a chopping board (or a clean worktop) brush your chicken wings in the marinade.

• Place your chicken wings on top of a reusable baking mat in the air fryer.

• Cook for 12 minutes and shake them halfway through so that they are well cooked and don’t stick.

I suggest you try this seasoning here if you want to recreate this recipe. Japanese teriyaki salmon recipe But if like me you are doing those for the sole reason for getting rid of your leftovers in your cupboard then I suggest you adapt it for your own products.

If you have a really large tray of chicken wings then I suggest you do them in 2-3 batches so that they are not over crowded and so that they all have a chance to properly cook.

Leftover ingredient used = 1 sachet of barbeque chicken sauce seasoning Air Fryer Philadelphia Herby Chicken

What is there not to love about soft cheese and in particular Philadelphia soft cheese. Oven baked salmon fillet recipes It is simply delicious and can really bring a chicken dish to life.

Then as you bite into the chicken the best bit is the warm soft cheese that makes you feel like you are having something incredibly naughty when it is really not that fattening after all.

This is also really frugal as not much cheese is used and with some cheap chicken breasts that were on offer at the supermarket this becomes a meal for a king rather than a servant.

• Score the chicken by partly slicing into the breasts so that there is extra room for the seasoning.

• Using your hands cover the chicken in the soft cheese so that it creates a lovely creamy layer.

• Roll the chicken breasts in your mixed herbs and then place them in the air fryer on a reusable baking mat.

• Cook on 180c for 15 minutes or until they are cooked in the middle.

Yummy Thai food in an instant with the thanks of leftover chicken, leftover seasoning and that mango that you have had sat in your fruit bowl that is desperately waiting to get used?

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Introducing you to delicious Thai mango chicken with just a handful of ingredients. Oven baked salmon recipes It is cooked to perfection in the air fryer and so perfect for a quick lunch or dinner. Quick baked salmon recipes It is also a little different to the kind of meals that most of us have with our leftover mangoes.

• Place in a mixing bowl your mango, mixed herbs seasoning, spicy chicken seasoning, salt, pepper, olive oil, Red Thai Curry Paste and lime. Quick easy salmon recipes Mix it well so that the seasoning is well mixed and so that one of you won’t get a huge curry paste hit.

• Score your chicken with a vegetable knife by cutting into it but without it reaching the bottom of your breasts.

• Sprinkle from above the seasoning and make sure plenty is getting into your scored holes.

• Place on top of a baking mat inside your air fryer and cook for 15 minutes, though as chicken breast sizes differ please double check that it is cooked in the centre.

Leftover ingredient used = 1 sachet of spicy chicken and 1 sachet of mixed herbs chicken sauce seasoning

And for the bonus recipe……well I am all for being frugal and what about the little bit of seasoning that you have leftover in the bottom of your mixing bowl. Recipe baked salmon fillet Why not put that to good use too? Well I have. Recipe for baking salmon In the recipe below we are talking the most delicious butternut squash roasties made in no time after cooking your air fryer chicken. Recipe for fish cakes Simply pair it up (or another vegetable you have left over) to make some yummy roasties!!! Air Fryer Butternut Squash Roasties

If you are addicted to roasties just like me and argue over who gets the last one, then you will love this delicious recipe.

Butternut squash with some leftover herbs and some olive oil and you have the best ever vegetable roasties you have ever tried. Recipe for salmon burgers They work perfectly along side some air fryer chicken and are perfect for dinner for your kids after school. Recipe for salmon cakes Or why not have it on the dinner table with your roast chicken on a Sunday afternoon?

• Drizzle the butternut squash in olive oil and then toss it in the leftover mixed herb seasoning.

• Place it in the air fryer and cook for 10 minutes or until golden.

Leftover ingredient used = mixed herbs seasoning spare from the chicken Now Over To YOU!

So there you have it. Recipe for salmon croquettes These are four delicious recipes in the air fryer using leftovers from our cupboards. Recipe for salmon loaf Chicken out of the freezer that we had previously bought when it was on special offer, along side herbs and spices that were close to their consume by date. Recipe for salmon patties Now its your turn…..Have a good look around your cupboards and see what you have that is close to going off. Recipe for salmon salad Rescue it and use it for new and exciting recipes that require very little preparation and be proud of how you love food and hate food waste!

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