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Fast and easy almond butter blender muffins – 5 minutes of prep and 10 minutes in the oven! Paleo & Vegan

Yes, that’s right, I said almond butter blender muffins – as in toss all of your ingredients into the blender (save for the chocolate chips) and hit go. Whole wheat banana bread Once it’s blended up to a smooth, pourable batter just pour it into little muffin tins, drop in couple of chocolate chips and bake. Banana bread recipe no brown sugar It doesn’t really get any easier or faster than that.

But before we get to that – how has your week been so far? Last night Mike and I went and saw John Grant which was fantastic. Banana bread cake recipe It was a nice change actually seeing a concert in Sheffield.

Normally we have to go to Manchester for most gigs which means waiting for a train in the cold late at night. Banana bread recipe with buttermilk Last time we went to Manchester for a gig was Halloween and I also ended up getting egged on the way to the train station – good times! Towards the end of his set he also brought out Richard Hawley who’s also a Sheffield local to play a few songs which of course everyone loved.

How about this weekend? Got any Valentine’s Day plans? Mike’s going to make me dinner for once so I requested this mac n cheese recipe. Banana banana bread It’s got squash in it which means it’s healthy, right? And what’s more romantic than mac and cheese? Nothing if you’re me. How do i make banana bread Absolutely nothing. Hawaiian banana bread Almond Butter Blender Muffins

Now to the muffins! As I said before these almond butter blender muffins take next to no effort to throw together – about five minutes tops! These are also egg and dairy free – provided you use dairy free chocolate chips making these both paleo and vegan.

These muffins are dense and super moist – like miniature banana bread loaves. Banana blueberry bread recipe Between the banana and the maple these muffins are naturally sweetened. Chocolate chip banana bread I only add a couple of tablespoons maple syrup because my personal preference is not too sweet, but feel free to add an additional tablespoon if you like it sweet.

You can also customize this using different nut butters – so far I’ve tried it with almond butter and peanut butter. Banana bread recept I have yet to try it out myself, but I imagine sunflower seed butter would work as a great nut free substitute. Diabetic banana bread recipe If you try out any different nut butters or add ins let me know in the comments how it goes!

• Preheat the oven to 400°F/200°C. Banana bread rezept Line and/grease a 6 cup standard size muffin tray and set aside until you need it.

• Add all of the ingredients except for the chocolate chips to a blender and blend until you have a smooth batter.

• Pour the batter into the pre-prepared muffins tins filling no more than 3/4 of the way full. Banana bread calories Add the chocolate chips to the muffin cups and gently stir them into the batter.

• Bake for 10-12 minutes or until a tooth pick inserted into the center comes out clean. Banana bread machine recipe Press in a few extra chocolate chips into the muffins if you like and allow the muffins to cool for about 10 minutes in the tin before removing and enjoy!

This post contains affiliate links. Calories in banana bread I only post links for products I personally use and believe in. Banana bread receta If you make a purchase on Amazon after clicking one of my links, I receive a small commission and the price you pay is not affected. Easy homemade banana bread Thank you!

Haven’t tried these yet but am planning to quadruple the recipe and bring them to a church luncheon tomorrow. How to bake a banana bread I was thinking of adding about 1/4-cup of stevia to the mix since I like it sweet but am not a huge maple fan. Banana bread allrecipes I’ll let you know if we have any leftovers or compliments!

So I made these and in order to blend I had to add a couple extra tablespoons of almond milk. Recipe for banana bread muffins Then I baked for about 15 minutes but after completely cooled were still too mushy to lift ourt if the pan. Whole wheat banana bread recipe I rebaked them at 410 for another 15 minutes and they are delicious muffins now. Banana bread with nuts I’m hoping the folks at church don’t like them too much so I can bring a few home.

These look amazing! I love that these are healthier, which means I can have more of it! ??

Mac n Cheese sounds like a fantastic Valentine’s Day dinner! ?? We are more partial to take out Pizza (so no one has to cook AND no clean up!) but I would gladly have a bowl of Mac n Cheese instead.

Thank you for sharing this with us at #SaucySaturdays Sarah! Pinning!

Oh my goodness, these sound (and look) amazing. Banana bread recipe with baking powder Even though I’m not a fan of bananas, I absolutely love the combination of bananas and almond butter. Home made banana bread We’re spending Valentines Day at a wine event followed by a wine makers dinner. Recipe for homemade banana bread Monday might involve a hangover.

OMGGG I can eat these!! I don’t remember the last time I ate a muffin. How do u make banana bread Definitely going to try these out for the weekend. Chocolate chip banana nut bread recipe I love how you didn’t add too much maple syrup and let them be almost naturally sweet. Easy banana bread 2 bananas I’m not huge into super sweet things and my stomach doesn’t take sugar well. Banana bread 2 bananas Definitely going to try these and I’m also going to try to freeze them so I can have them as a quick snack or breakfast (more so that I don’t eat all of them in one sitting) – but I’ll let you know how the freezing goes! Sorry this comment is like word vomit lol

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