Aloo paratha recipe (how to make aloo paratha) punjabi aloo paratha

This needs no explanation. Recipes with thai curry paste Aloo paratha is most popular paratha recipe from Punjab or North India. Spicy potato mixture is used as a stuffing for this Indian flat bread.

Aamchur or dried mango powder is used to make it slightly tangy. Easy lamb curry recipe for two Alternately you can add some lemon juice.

There are many ways of making potato stuffing. Easy lamb curry recipe jamie oliver This one is very easy and quick to make. Easy lamb curry recipe coconut milk Today I have made the stuffing with only potatoes and some spices.

But sometimes I do add some onion or any boiled vegetable like peas, grated carrot, beans, cauliflower, spinach.

My mom makes this different way. Easy lamb curry recipe indian She saute the onion and potato mixture with turmeric and green chilies, lemon juice. Easy lamb curry recipe south africa She makes stuffing just like batata vada mixture. Easy lamb curry recipe slow cooker But for today’s recipe I have made typical Punjabi style Aloo paratha with boiled potatoes with some spices.

Traditionally this is a breakfast dish. Easy lamb curry recipe But in modern lifestyle, we don’t have that much physical work. Homemade thai curry recipe So we (at least I and hubby) can’t digest aloo in the morning. Simple thai green prawn curry recipe So I never make this as a breakfast or brunch. Easy chicken tikka masala recipe using curry paste But I do make this as a dinner. Veg thai green curry recipe Sometime I make raita to go with paratha instead of having plain yogurt.

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1) Boil the potatoes in the pressure cooker. Vegetable thai green curry recipe jamie oliver take potatoes in the cooker. Curry paste ingredients recipe add enough water so potatoes are submerged in the water. Tikka masala spice paste recipe Cook it for 2-3 whistles on medium heat. Chicken tikka masala paste recipe Let the pressure go down by itself then open the lid. Chicken in red curry coconut sauce recipe The number of whistles may vary. Green thai chicken curry recipe easy It depends on the size and type of the potatoes.

2) Remove the potatoes and let it cool to touch. Homemade indian chicken curry recipe Then peel the potatoes.

3) Mash the potatoes using masher. Homemade indian curry powder recipe make sure to mash it well, don’t keep big chunks of potatoes. Curry coconut milk chicken recipe Otherwise it will be harder to roll paratha. Chicken curry recipe indian youtube paratha may get break.

5) Add salt, amchur, garam masala, red chili powder and cumin powder.

6) Mix it well. Chicken curry recipe indian vahrehvah Best way to mix is ‘use your hands’. Chicken curry recipe indian khana khazana Keep it aside.

7) Make the dough for paratha. Chicken curry recipe indian punjabi Take atta, salt and oil in a bowl. Chicken curry recipe indian coconut milk Mix using fingertips.

9) Make smooth and soft dough. Recipe for chinese curry sauce takeaway Cover it and let it rest for 15 minutes. Yellow curry coconut milk recipe NOTE: Make the dough while boiled potatoes are cooling. Yellow curry powder coconut milk recipe and make stuffing while dough is resting to speed up the process.

10) After 15 minutes knead the dough again one more time to make it smooth. Chicken curry recipe allrecipes divide it into 8 equal portions. Green curry coconut milk recipe Using your both palm, make smooth ball and then flatten it out. Homemade thai curry paste recipe Also divide the potato stuffing into 8 portions.

11) Now take one flatten dough ball at time. Homemade thai green curry paste recipe Dip it into dry flour and roll into 3-4 inch diameter circle using rolling pin and board.

12) Put one potato ball in the center, gather the edges as shown.

15) Again dip into dry flour and roll into 6 inch diameter round. Simple red curry paste recipe Roll it very very gently, making perfect paratha needs practice.

16) Heat the tawa or griddle on medium heat. Homemade chicken tikka masala curry recipe Once hot place the rolled paratha on it and cook for few seconds or till the you see few bubble on the top.

17) Flip it and cook other side as well. Green curry recipe chicken Apply some oil on the surface.

19) As you press it will puff up if it is rolled properly. Curry recipes for chicken otherwise it won’t puff but that is fine it will taste great. Malaysian curry paste recipe ingredients Again apply some oil on top and also around the edges. Red curry chicken recipe without coconut milk flip it.

Remove it to insulated container or serve directly to your family member’s plate. Green curry paste recipe Repeat the same process for rest of the parathas.

Serving suggestion: Traditionally the dollop of white butter or makhan is added on top. Chinese chicken satay curry sauce recipes Also it is served with Yogurt (dahi or curd) and mint chutney or coriander chutney or pickle on side. Tikka masala sauce recipe coconut milk It can be served with raita as well. Tikka masala sauce recipe yogurt This is breakfast recipe. Tikka masala sauce recipe gordon ramsay But you can have it as a meal as well because aloo paratha are very filling to the stomach.

• To Make any stuffed paratha properly, dough needs to be soft and smooth. Tikka masala sauce recipe easy If the dough is not smooth then it will give hard time rolling. Tikka masala sauce recipe vegetarian If the dough is hard (not soft) then it will break while rolling. Easy chicken curry sauce recipe and stuffing will come out from the edges.

• Also mash the potatoes well. Chicken curry coconut milk recipe kerala If there are any big chunks of potato or chili, paratha will break while rolling.

• Let the stuffing cool completely before you start making the paratha.

• It is very important to fry it properly. Chicken curry coconut milk recipe indian The sides or edges of the paratha stays raw if not cooked properly. Chicken tikka masala spice mix recipe To cook the edges well, you need to drizzle some oil or ghee at all the edges around along with applying oil on surface.

• I have fried the paratha using oil, but traditional punjabi household fry the paratha with ghee (clarified butter) or butter.

• More practice makes it perfect. Tikka masala spice mix recipe If making for the first time, it will break. South indian chicken curry recipe coconut milk But it should not stop you making the next one.

Hi Kanan thankyou for that great recipe ???? I made it for the first time and came out quite well for a first timer. Indian chicken curry recipe without coconut milk However I faced a few problems. Low fat curry recipes chicken I couldn’t get a big paratha like you. Low fat curry recipes weight watchers In fact you have shown equal amount of stuffing as big as the dough ball. Low fat curry recipes bbc But I placed a little amount of stuffing and for that itself I wasn’t able to roll out smoothly, the stuffing came out of a few parathas and also I had to stop rolling when it reached only medium size as I feared the stuffing will come out if I roll more. Homemade tikka masala sauce recipe Hence I got the the small sized parathas. Chicken curry recipe in hindi youtube Where am I going wrong? My second problem is I have got lot of extra stuffing. Chicken curry recipe in hindi video What can I do with it?

Rolling stuffed paratha takes practice. Indian chicken curry recipe in hindi language roll the paratha gently without giving too much pressure. Chicken curry recipe in hindi One thing, if the stuffing is too loose and soft then paratha will break while rolling. Chicken curry recipe in hindi language as you have said, you used little stuffing. Chicken curry recipe in hindi pdf so later of course you will have extra stuffing leftover. Chicken curry recipe in hindi sanjeev kapoor So you can use that to make sandwich or make kathi roll.

Hi Kanan, I am back again. Spicy chicken curry recipe indian style Made aloo parathas .. Best chicken curry recipe indian style Guess what ! It was yum, soft and rollin over… Everyone liked it again ?? Thank you. Chicken curry recipe north indian style xx Hey just a request for some vegeterian diet food recipes as well pls !

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