Am i the only one who loves old-school food nobody would instagram_ _ sbs food

In the age of Instagram, we are all food photographers. Chicken marinades recipes Go to any half-decent cafe nowadays and you’ll notice many patrons pausing before they pick up their fork to take a few shots of whatever’s just arrived from the kitchen.

Consequently, most chefs nowadays devote a lot of effort to ‘plating up’ so their customers can do their marketing for them; it won’t be long before restaurants start installing professional photographic lighting rigs for their customers.

This global cult of food photography also means that fads can spread in a matter of moments, as regrams and imitations spread the latest trend. Chicken marinades for bbq I can still remember my first, wide-eyed trip to Brooklyn, which was deep in ‘dude food’ like hot wings and gourmet burgers a year or two before Australia’s hipster pubs and bars jumped on the artisanal bandwagon. Chicken marinades But now, we see what’s on people’s plates in Tokyo, Paris and Mexico City as they’re eating it. Chicken marinades with lime Trends like poke, deconstructed desserts and gourmet empanadas can flash around the world overnight.

But in an age of ubiquitous kombucha and kale, I find myself increasingly drawn to food that’s at the other extreme. Chicken marinades for baked chicken Daggy, wholesome, traditional food is what appeals the most, served by establishments that care more about their patrons’ comfort than how the space will look when a celebrity chef visits for an episode of their TV show.

Substance over style, the Jamon Croque Monsieur is a classic.

The more I try fancy food, the more it reminds me to appreciate the things that we’ve always eaten, and probably always will. Chicken marinades for grilling No trickery, no surprises, and above all, no changes to follow fashion. Heart of chicken Food that looks wholly unremarkable on the plate but tastes entirely excellent.

Like spaghetti bolognese, my family’s default meal since I was a kid, and the first thing I ever learned to cook – a list that’s still shorter than it should be. How to cook liver of chicken It’s hard to take a great photo of a mess of spaghetti strands with a lumpy red sauce splotched on top of it. Butter chicken masala indian recipe Most people who are Instagramming pictures of a spag bol are probably doing so ironically. Spicy chicken masala curry But I made a huge quantity of the good stuff last week while on an extended family holiday, and it went down an absolute treat both for dinner, and on toast the following day. Hyderabadi chicken masala curry Sure, it’ll never be in fashion – but it’s never out of fashion, either.

The same goes for pretty well anything involving melted cheese. Easy chicken masala curry Mac and cheese, moussaka, fondue, pizza – no chefs are including them in a 12-course degustation, unless they’ve deconstructed them to the point of being unrecognisable.

But the umami explosion that results from pairing tomato with melted cheese is well-nigh unbeatable, especially when you want the kind of comfy meal that you can eat on the sofa in tracksuit pants. Chicken masala curry recipe Daggy food is inherently comforting – nobody’s trying too hard, and it just works.

Lamb moussaka: rarely on your Insta feed, but regularly on many dinner tables.

They’ve known this for a long time in Italy, the source of daggy food classics like chicken parmigiana – and of course the baked eggplant parmigiana with cheese and tomato that might just be the tastiest comfort food on the planet. Indian chicken masala curry And for all of France’s exquisite culinary tradition, the most commonly-eaten item in Paris is surely the croque monsieur.

But you don’t need melted cheese for a delightful, daggy dish, and every cuisine has a few options of its own. How to make chicken masala curry Take fried rice at a Chinese restaurant – the most cliched order imaginable, but probably one of the tastiest things you’ll order anywhere. Chicken masala tikka recipe Or chicken teriyaki at a Japanese joint, with that burst of sweet and savoury together, or the mighty flavours of pad see ew at a Thai restaurant. Eastern chicken masala powder I also challenge anyone to improve on a masala dosa at a South Indian eatery, or Vietnam’s mighty banh mi, one of the original fusion foods.

Banh mi, mon an truy?n th?ng n?i ti?ng th? gi?i c?a ngu?i VI?t

Vietnamese banh mi rolls are made for taste, not photography.

This is easy, everyday food that doesn’t need a witty update, and tastes an awful lot better than it looks. Homemade chicken masala powder Wherever you are in the world, it’ll remind you of home. Tandoori chicken masala powder recipe And when it’s executed well, it’ll make you wonder why you ever bothered searching for the latest food on Instagram.

It’s unlikely that mac and cheese will ever be considered a health food. Chicken masala powder recipe However, it can be prepared with a healthy focus in mind, and still yield a comforting, creamy bowl of pasta. Chicken masala powder ingredients If bacon is your thing, toss some cooked lardons through the sauce before grilling. How to make chicken masala powder Buy the best quality ricotta you can, as it’s the backbone of the dish.

The bread they use is from famous Parisian boulangerie Poilane. Butter chicken masala powder As a substitute, owner William Oglethorpe recommends day-old (or two-day-old) sourdough. Chicken masala in slow cooker The cheese used at the market is Montgomery cheddar. Chicken tikka masala slow cooker “A mature cheddar would be fine,” says William, “maybe with some kind of Gruyere – that would be nice.”

This recipe is for one of the favorite dishes of the Thai people. Chicken masala slow cooker recipe The chicken can be substituted with pork, beef, squid, shrimp or seafood. Chicken masala crock pot recipe This dish is often served at breakfast with a deep-fried egg, sunny side up, on top. Chicken marsala with mushrooms recipe One particular favourite is to make it with ground pork and lots of Thai chillies. Chicken masala recipe Make sure you use holy basil, as it goes especially well with pork.

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