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Every Friday afternoon at theCHIVE HQ, theCHIVE opens its doors to America’s service men and women. Venice pizza caloundra menu Both Active Duty and Veterans are the only people who need no appointment to pass through the front door. Venice pizza menu huntsville al They’ll find a bar stool and a cold beer waiting for them.

Pizza hut venice beach It’s a tradition we started back in Venice Beach that’s still going strong today.

Last Friday, there was a rather distinguished looking gentleman at theCHIVE’s Copper Bar drinking a beer and having a laugh with a couple Marines. Old venice pizza co oxford ms I wrapped up my work to join them and introduced myself. Old venice pizza menu He smiled and said his name was Michael.

Admittedly, the day hadn’t gone great for me to that point. Venice house pizza warman menu If you’ve ever broken your leg, you know there’s good days and bad days. Venice house pizza sutherland I was on the tail end of a rather bad day. Venice house pizza menu But at least I was off my medication so I could have a drink. Venice house pizza prince albert menu Small mercies.

Michael said he was from Greenville, South Carolina. Venice house pizza saskatoon sk It’s one of my favorite places, so we chatted for a while about how Greenville had evolved over the years. Venice pizza menu yorkville ny I asked if he served? Michael said he had been in Vietnam but really didn’t elaborate. Venice pizza menu ridgefield ct I don’t pry with that generation; if they want to talk about their experience, awesome, but I respect that many don’t. Pizza of venice altadena menu What Michael did want to talk about was going down the slide.

With the happy hour winding to a close, Michael found me in my office and thanked me for the beer. Venice pizza house menu Michael went to shake my hand and palmed me his challenge coin. Venice pizza house daily specials I’ve held a lot of challenge coins but this one had some heft.

I did a double take when I noticed the Medal of Honor etched on the coin. Venice pizza and pasta lancaster pa The Medal of Honor is the highest and most prestigious personal military decoration that may be awarded to recognize a U.S. Venice gourmet pizza caloundra menu military service member.

The man in my office was Navy SEAL, Michael Thornton. Venice pizza ridgefield menu Founding member of DEVGRU Task Force Blue, aka Navy SEAL Team 6.

Like I said, I don’t usually pry, but I was compelled. Venice pizza ridgefield ct I had heard bits and pieces of Thornton’s story – mostly that Thornton’s rescue of his friend Lieutenant Tom Norris in North Vietnam, was one of the most heroic rescues ever.

On October 31st, 1972, three South Vietnamese soldiers along with Navy SEALs Lieutenant Tom Norris, and Michael Thornton (pictured) were on an intelligence gathering mission in the Quang Tri Province of North Vietnam. Venice pizza menu san diego On their way back to their rubber boat on the river, they were forced to sneak past a number of enemy encampments. Venice pizza and pasta hastings Only 500 yards short of their boat, they encountered 50 North Vietnamese soldiers.

A five-hour firefight ensued. Venice pizza hastings menu At one point, the enemy closed to only 5 yards. Pizza hut venice fl Thornton was wounded in the back but continued fighting. Venice pizza fleming island The team fell back to a sand dune and became separated. Venice pizza narrandera menu Eventually, a South Vietnamese soldier found Thornton and told him that Norris had been shot and killed.

According to the record of the Medal of Honor, “Thornton refused to believe Norris had been killed. Venice pizza eckington menu He charged the enemy back over five hundred yards in open terrain to Norris. Venice pizza eckington number When he got there, he found two enemy soldiers standing over Norris’ body, and killed them.”

Thornton lifted Norris, barely alive with a shattered skull, and began running back toward the beach, enemy fire kicking up all around him. Venice pizza elkridge menu An incoming round blew both men into the air. Venice italy pizza restaurants Once again, Thornton picked up his friend, ran three hundred yards to the beach.

Thornton lashed his life vest to the unconscious Norris and plunged into the surf carrying him. Venice italian eatery pizza pitman nj At one point, the South Vietnamese soldier swimming with them was hit in the hip and no longer able to swim. Venice pizza erin menu Thornton, despite his own wounds, grabbed him and swam both men for two hours to the rescue boat. Venice pizza erin ontario All three wounded men were rescued.

On October 15th 1973, Michael E. Venice pizzeria yorkville Thornton was awarded the Medal of Honor by President Nixon with his friend, Lieutenant Norris, looking on. Pizza hut in venice ca Three years later, Norris himself also received the Medal of Honor.

Now that, is a real American hero. Pizza delivery in venice ca And I told him so. Venice pizza surrey bc “Son, 50,000 Americans gave the last measure during the Vietnam War, those are real heroes. Venice pizzeria chesapeake va Now I’m just a guy who likes a little water in my bourbon.”

Before he left, I thanked Michael for stopping by and told him I hope he enjoyed the slide, “I didn’t really come for the slide. Takeaway pizza venice italy Came here to see you, John. Venice pizza shop williamsport pa Heard about your accident and thought you could use some encouragement. Old venice pizza co memphis tn I know what it’s like to be a little broken. Venice pizza casselberry fl menu I’ve been there before.” Michael handed me a book on the history of Medal of Honor recipients, “We need to educate our young people about what freedom really means. Venice pizza tadcaster menu I fear it’s lost on them more and more each day, thanks to theCHIVE for doing more than your portion.”

Later that night, I opened the book to find Michael had left a note in the foreward. Venice beach pizza mohawk It read,

Thank you for your support to our great country of America and to their families of our warriors, the warriors and our great veterans of America. Venice beach pizza hamilton menu Let’s keep our country safe and free for our future generations.

The Chive Community is about supporting each other. Pizza venice california I consider myself just as much a part of the community as anybody else and it’s not lost on some that I could use some help every once in a while, especially somebody with the substance of character that is Michael Thornton.

I don’t have Michael’s contact info. Venice pizzeria brentwood I hope this article finds him well and suffices for a thank you. Little venice pizza drummoyne You turned my whole day around, sir, thank you.

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