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In her book, “Authentic and Festive Mexican Food Recipes “, Maria Rojas is out to show the world that Mexican home cooking is quick, simple, healthy, most often easily made gluten free, and much easier for the inexperienced home cook to prepare than most people realize.

With over 300 pages of Mexican food recipes, these dishes are authentic everyday home cooked items as well as some menu items which are traditionally reserved for festive occasions.

The book description reads as follows: “ Authentic And Festive Mexican Food Recipes by Maria Rojas brings to your table many of the incredibly great tasting traditional mexican recipes which have been handed down from one generation to the next, and in some cases modern day twists have been made to those foundational recipes making them truly unique to the taste buds of today’s generation.

Italian recipes potatoes Few dishes bring to the table such robust colors and flavours that cater to the palates of the fussiest of diners the way these dishes do. Mexican recipes potatoes From many great mexican egg dishes, to salsas, to Mexican Appetizers, snacks, Mexican candy, to Mexican soups, to Mexican fish dishes, to Mexican main entrees, Mexican candy, traditional Mexican cakes, and including a wide variety of the traditional ever popular taco, fajita, burrito, tomale, enchilada, quesadilla, as well as empanada recipes. Indian recipes potatoes and peas For those of you who are seeking a GLUTEN FREE dietary alternative due to food sensitivites or celiac disease, it should be stated that over seventy five percent of these recipes are gluten free.”

Recognizing that many Mexican food dishes are not traditionally fiery hot with peppers and spices, Maria shows where in the recipes you can make adjustments to adjust the heat or flavor intensities to suit your palate.

For those who struggle with gluten intolerances, you will be pleased to see where Maria has identified places where gluten free flours can be substituted for wheat flour, making almost 75 percent of the recipes in this book gluten free.

These menu ideas fit easily into the everyday menu planning of the average family without busting the grocery budget.

Many of these recipes are personal takes and twists on historical Mexican dishes, and Maria explains where some dishes have been “Americanized” to suit the tastes of a wider international palate.

In Authentic and Festive Mexican Food Recipes you will even find instructions on how to easily make your own flour and/or corn tortillas.

Your friends and family will enjoy the appetizers, quick lunches, breakfast dishes, main entrees, and even Mexican desserts and candies all made from these Mexican food recipes.

Today’s world of writing has become a world of collaboration. Italian recipes desserts Most non-writers will often assume that a book is written by one person all the time. Mexican recipes desserts Today, many of the world’s best sellers are written by several people working together under one psuedonym or pen-name. Healthy peruvian recipes The Forward in this Mexican food cookbook has been written by James C. Quick mexican vegetarian recipes Tanner.

Authentic and Festive Mexican Food Recipes brings to you one of the largest collection of favored recipes from many Mexican kitchens — recipes that represent generations of loving caring for families from this great region.

Today, as is the case with many nations, people have migrated and left their traditional homes for new settings, and as a result, the Mexican cuisine has become more internationally known and recognized for it’s healthy influence on the global cuisine stage.

While many are struggling to pay the higher cost of finding gluten-free alternatives (gluten-free manufactured foods often cost 40 percent more than their counterparts) the Mexican diet is heavily based on corn as it’s primary grain. Authentic mexican vegetarian recipes In the last couple of centuries, white wheat flour has become more common place in the Mexican diet, but historically, the use of corn flours (a gluten-free flour) have prevailed.

Authentic and Festive Mexican Food Recipes is now available in a wide variety of eBook reader formats.

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