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They keep around obsolete mac minis and airs to target the sub $1000 price point. They would much rather you buy one of the other machines so don’t want to make the cheap ones too attractive. However, if you show up at an apple store with a very limited budget they want to give you an option with an apple logo before you decide to buy a windows machine instead.

No idea why they keep the pro around now that the imac pro is out. I can’t imagine buying one at this point. Though, I’m not the target market for either.

I built my PC just over a year ago (january 2017) for just under $1,700 USD. If I bought somewhat equivalent mac (can’t be exactly the same due to apple lack of choices) it would have cost me almost double, around $3,000 USD.

Before building my PC I looked around for weeks checking different components and equivalent machines I could buy, including an apple, as suggested by my wife who really loves apple.Windows machine

dell was the closest. However, I really wanted to build it myself (first time doing it) and no regrets, I love what I put together and I loved the process of doing it.

The 5k monitor is a great example. You see, I son’t need a 5k screen, very few own one (very few own 4k) and prints are never going to achieve the same vibrancy anyway. So here is something you have to buy when buying the mew imac pro.

Countless graphic studios, advertizing agencies and photography studios have been migrating to using PC’s for the past years. This blog we are communicating on runs by such studio. I am sure they did a very careful ROI research. Cost and lack of easy upgrade are main factors.

Yes, if I went and bought every single component that the new imac has it will be expensive (still much cheaper than the imac) but if I don’t need it why should I buy it?

The flexibility I have in upgrading is priceless. There are so many components to choose from.Windows machine I can buy whatevet I need at my budget I don’t need apple to tell me what I meed.

No I would not accept it. I hate idevices. I have owned an ipad and an iphone as well as 3 different mac computers. I hated all of those devices. I wanted to like apple but their products are just over priced and under powered machines that take control from the user. Now if I spent 4k I could get a mac that ran like I want it to but for about $700-$800 I can get the same performance I’m looking for in a PC. Android also lets me do what ever the heck I want with my device. I hate apple. That will never change. However I do recognize a need for it in today’s society. If you want a computer that works 100% straight out of the box and that does everything for you no problems/minimal hassle. Get a mac. If you like to control every aspect of your computational experience get a windows PC. Although windows has taken more control away from the user with the release of windows 10. >:(

windows machine

Charts and things don’t matter as much as you think they do. Real world usage is what matters. I built a windows machine for a pair of video professionals that was technically slower than than the high end i mac they were using for about $650. Real world usage the windows machine was waaaay faster.They said so them selves. The only reasons they went back to mac was because the people they work with all use macs so there were HDD formatting compatibility issues and they were too used to final cut pro. The point of the story is the $650 machine was faster than the $2500 imac. You can also upgrade windows machines much easier and for WAY less. I just maxed out my lenovo laptops memory at 16gigs and put in a 500gb ssd for about $230. It’s blazing fast now. It is my primary editing machine. Total I paid about $430 for this setup.

I disagree. Two of my friend have an 27inc imac and they had are really,really hard time understanding how it works.Windows machine easy and straightforward. I don’t think so. Of course it is if you are used to a system. Even after 3 years, they still don’t quite understand how it really works.

I, a hardcore windows user, had to set everything up for them. It took a while because some things are a bit different but all in all a the mac os is kind of similar to a pc. Once you are used to it, it is easy. But certainly not easier than a windows pc. That is a myth.

The thing imacs have going for them is a far better hardware/software integration. That is not that hard to understand. There are millions of windows hardware configurations that have to work together and only a small number of imac configurations. That is the biggest advantage to an imac. Not the software itself. I guess you probably haven’t used a high-end windows pc in years.

Well, I am glad you are so happy with macs. But I think that no matter what people will say about macs, you will rather die before admitting your favourite system is less than perfect.World usage that is why I call you a fanboy. It is not meant as an insult. It is just a fact.

Try expanding or modifying an imac, like a different videocard, more memory (in some models, easy, in others very hard), change the harddrive for a faster and larger one. That is how easy a mac is.

Try playing a the newest games on a mac. On practically all models (except for the very expensive imac pro), this can’t be bought or can’t be played.