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Apple butter cinnamon rolls are all the flavors of fall rolled into an easy, make-ahead breakfast treat. Calories in apple pie slice Steel cut oats add nutty sweetness to the dough that’s filled with a spicy apple butter. Calories in applesauce Finally, the entire thing is topped with a thick and creamy maple butter glaze.

For this recipe you’ll need: Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats (or Old Fashioned Rolled Oats), honey, butter, salt, yeast, bread flour, Bob’s Red Mill Vital Wheat Gluten, raisins (optional), apple butter, sugar, cinnamon, powdered sugar, maple syrup, vanilla, pecans

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It’s always hard to see the kids start up the school year again. Calories in green apple The house is too quiet and the dogs wander from room looking for them. Calories in medium apple I even have to make my own coffee. Calories in one apple It’s a struggle, y’all.

Two kids switched schools a few days before the first day making this year even more chaotic than usual. Calories in one large apple In fact, the school that they switched to started the week before. Calories in red apple We ran around in pouring rain for two days solid trying to get the required uniforms. Calories in red delicious apple Of course they were completely different than the uniforms we had from the previous school. Calories in red delicious apple large It was literally raining so hard that the streets were flooded and we were soaking wet by the time we got home.

But we made it. Calories in redd’s apple ale The kids are all in their respective schools and my college daughter starts her sophomore year tomorrow. Calories in small apple Hopefully things will slow down a little (ha!) and life will be just a little boring. Calories in small green apple We’ll see.

I homeschooled for so many years (1991 to 2012) that I got used to my kids having three hot meals a day. Carbs in red delicious apple Since the pace of our day was entirely controlled by us breakfast was often pancakes or cinnamon rolls. Carbs in redd’s apple ale When my youngest four kiddos started public school all of that changed and, oh the horror!, those boxes of mass produced cereal began to appear on the pantry shelves. Cnn nutrition apple cider vinegar It was quick and it was easy but it was definitely hard to get used to.

I’ll be totally honest — the kids eat a lot of cereal now. Custard apple health benefits It’s kind of funny because my older kids rarely had cereal and thought it was a treat. Custard apple nutritional value My mom gift wrapped boxes of their favorites and give them as Christmas presents. Gala apple nutrition facts Cereal was that rare and special in my house. Granny smith apple nutrition facts Now we go through several boxes of cereal a week because mornings are too rushed for a leisurely breakfast.

This overnight apple butter cinnamon rolls recipe allows me to make a special breakfast without causing even more chaos. Green apple health benefits I normally use old fashioned rolled oats but this time I decided to use the Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats to give the dough a little more texture. Green apple nutrition I liked the flavor and texture so much I ‘ll probably do it this way from now on. Green apple nutrition facts The dough has that nutty, oatmeal flavor but it’s light and fluffy with the chewy steel cut oats suspended in the sweet dough. Green apple nutrition info If your family likes raisins you can even knead some raisins into the dough for added sweetness and nutrition.

You can bake these and freeze them or you can make the rolls the night before and let them rise in the refrigerator overnight then bake them in the morning. Health benefits apple cider vinegar Either way works fine.

When I bake them and then freeze them I like to put a tablespoon or so of the glaze in a snack bag and then put the glaze and cinnamon roll in a quart sized freezer bag. Health benefits of an apple That way the kids can just have to grab the roll from the freezer and warm it up in the microwave. Health benefits of apple cider vinegar The glaze thaws pretty fast under hot water. Health benefits of apple cider vinegar and baking soda If you use a snack bag the kids can just cut a corner off the bag and squeeze the glaze over the warm cinnamon roll. Health benefits of apple cider vinegar and honey No mess!

I’ve been a fan of Bob’s Red Mill products for a long time. Health benefits of apple cider vinegar and water The oats are kiln roasted which gives them a unique flavor. Health benefits of apple cider vinegar with mother Although I could eat oatmeal every single day (if it was only low carb) my kids are not big fans. Health benefits of applesauce Luckily, oats are versatile — if you only think of hot cereal when you see the word oatmeal you’re missing out!

Use either rolled oats or steel cut oats in this recipe. Healthy apple pie recipe The process for making the dough is the same either way. Honeycrisp apple nutrition The difference is that rolled oats are rolled flat and have less texture than the steel cut oats, which are chopped so that they retain some natural chewiness.

These apple butter cinnamon rolls have the perfect flavor for fall. Honeycrisp apple nutrition facts The nutty sweetness of the oats, the spicy apple filling, and the maple butter glaze makes any breakfast special. How many calories are in an apple fritter Best of all, even dyed in the wool oatmeal haters love these rolls!

AND… get some great coupons to get you started at Bob’s Red Mill website!

Spicy Apple Cinnamon Rolls Apple Butter Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

Here’s the apple butter cinnamon rolls recipe! If you make it be sure to post it on Instagram and tag #RestlessChipotle . How many calories in 1 medium apple I love to see your creations!

Tender, sweet dough has a nutty flavor from the oats. How many calories in a apple fritter It’s rolled around a filling made of apple butter and spices then baked. How many calories in a granny smith apple After baking a creamy-rich, maple glaze is spooned on the warm rolls and they are topped with pecans. How many calories in a medium apple These rolls can rise overnight in the refrigerator or can be frozen after they are baked.

This is for sure a treat! I think it’s so funny that your kids got cereal as gifts ?? I love Bob’s Red Mill products, too, and this recipe looks absolutely amazing — love that you can freeze these rolls and pop them out, whenever!

…I’m from North Texas. How many calories in a red delicious apple I love to share from scratch recipes inspired by my vintage cookbook collection and family recipes.

Around here we keep it real, we keep it fun – and if I can make it you can too. How many calories in an apple fritter Thanks for visiting and please come back…

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