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There are many uses for apple cider vinegar, and oral health is no exception. Best apples for apple pie Great philosophers including Plato, Isaac Newton and Socrates used the healing benefits of vinegar for their health, so the concept is nothing new.

Apple cider vinegar contains a high amount of potassium, which can give you what your body might be lacking. Best apples for apple pie martha stewart A potassium deficiency can cause tooth decay when left untreated, something that apple cider vinegar can actually turn around.

It contains malic acid, which is essentially a digestive acid that naturally is found in cells within your body.

Best apples for baking An extra boost of malic acid can do wonderful things for your oral health.

Acids that are found in apple cider can kill bacteria that results in infections and it can even help bleeding, sore gums that are associated with gingivitis. Best apples for cider Additionally, gargling with it can whiten your teeth by dissolving plaque build up so that it is brushed away much easier.

You must remember that apple cider vinegar is still an acid. Best apples for cooking Dentists recommend that if you use it as a mouth rinse you must be sure to rinse your mouth thoroughly! The acids, if used too often or not rinsed away will not only soften your teeth but also wear away at the tooth enamel even though it can strengthen brittle teeth. Best apples for juicing Apple cider vinegar is incredibly potent so always remember to dilute it!

You may find that the taste of apple cider vinegar is a bit too difficult for you to use despite its great benefits so can mix it with a bit of delicious agave nectar to help with the taste! The benefits by far outweigh any negatives! The best medicines are always natural ones but just don’t forget to rinse!

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Great hub. Best apples to eat I have used apple cider vinegar and grape juice with a little honey in the past. Best apples to make applesauce I think they called it jogging in a jug and it was supposed to be very healthy. Braggs apple cider vinegar nutrition facts The taste wasn’t bad at all. Calories apple cider vinegar Didn’t know it was good for your teeth.

theherbivorehippie, Great Hub, I’ve used Apple Cider Vinegar for years didn’t know it was good for the teeth. Calories apple fritter I take it in a shot glass, hard core, just toss it back. Calories in 1 2 apple I also have a spray bottle full of it setting at my kitchen to clean all my veggies and fruits with. Calories in 1 apple Spray it on, let it set and rinse it off, the stuff kills anything that would harm you. Calories in 1 green apple LOVE IT and What a great HUB! Peace:) P.S. Calories in a granny smith apple Organic Bragg is the only kind I use…great choice of product.

katiem2 – I know it has such great uses..most people use it for weight loss but there are so many other great benefits to be found from in. Calories in a green apple I love that you clean your veggies with it!

BkCreative – Seriously you just rubbed it on and it went away?? That is fabulous!! I must try this!!!

Sandyspider – I know…I randomly across this information awhile ago because I too, know of the traditional uses for it but it really does whiten your teeth too. Calories in a small apple So crazy how one product can have so many uses!

Great hub, There is more uses for that stuff than I can shake a stick at. Calories in an apple I read a big article on mole removal or skin tag removal, I cheated in how it was done but the stuff works great. Calories in an apple fritter I must have missed this part, good job!

That is really interesting, too – never heard that but I heard that it is really good for preventing cancer to take about 2 tablespoons daily….I try and remember but somehow always forget, though I cook with it a lot and use it on salads. Calories in apple butter Thanks for more info!

Have used apple cider vinegar for years (Braggs) and didn’t have a clue it was good for the teeth. Calories in apple cider vinegar I also learned from your other hub on vinegar that it should be diluted with water when you drink it. Calories in apple juice Didn’t know that. Calories in apple pie Been drinking it straight for toooooo long. Calories in apple pie slice Yikes!!!

Just had to revisit your good hub on apple cidar vinegar for the teeth. Calories in applesauce Good thing I did, because I missed the part about rinsing afterward. Calories in green apple Question? Is it also necessary to rinse after drinking cidar mixed with water?

Or is it not necessary as the vingar is deluted. Calories in medium apple Thanks for your answer in advance. Calories in one apple Wow – this has been an evening with theherbivorehippi!!!

lol…”they” say to always rinse regardless. Calories in one large apple I say the hell with it! I do rinse if I drink it straight but if it’s diluted I never do. Calories in red apple Although, I do drink a TON of water all day long so it probably gets rinsed away anyway.

Oh my, I really am becoming a huge fan of apple cider vinegar! I currently use it as an acne wash and even for my doggie’s bath, and now I just learned it’s excellent for the teeth. Calories in red delicious apple This natural remedy has so many uses. Calories in red delicious apple large Amazing!

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