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When I asked you what you wanted to see more of on Happy Healthy Mama, two of the most popular answers were “snacks” and “lunch box ideas”. Healthy banana blueberry bread These healthy apple peanut butter snack bars fit the bill for both of those.

They are made with no flour, no oil, and no refined sugar, so you can feel good about feeding them to your children. Banana blueberry bread healthy And if you decide you want to snack on one, you can feel good about that, too.

Like most things coming out of my kitchen these days, these healthy snack bars are quick and easy. Paleo blueberry banana bread You only have to dirty up one pot when you make them.

Mini banana bread recipe If you’re a busy mom like me, you know how important that is!

The most important thing, though, is that Meghan loved them. Vegan banana bread applesauce She called them “bery, bery delicious!” She’s getting so big that I can’t help but love her words that still sound baby-ish. Gluten free banana bread recipe Here’s a picture of her trying on my wedding veil recently. Dairy free banana bread recipe Seriously?! How did she get so big?

Sorry for the off-topic moment. Best vegan banana bread I don’t talk about Meghan around here as much as I used to. Simple vegan banana bread On to the recipe!

These gluten-free snack bars are made with wholesome ingredients and are great for after-school snacking or can be a healthy lunch box treat. How to freeze banana bread To make them nut-free, simply use sunflower seed butter in place of the peanut butter.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. How to store banana bread Grease a 9?9 baking dish and set aside.

Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl and mix well. Banana cake recipe nz Transfer the mixture to the baking dish and use the back of a wooden spoon or a spatula to press it down evenly.

Bake in the preheated oven for 20 minutes, or until the edges are just barely browned. Banana bread with olive oil Allow to cool before cutting into squares.

This is the first time I’ve included peanut butter in a recipe in quite a while. Dairy free banana cake recipe In case you are wondering, I have been re-introducing foods into my diet to see if Luke’s outgrown his intolerances. South african banana bread recipe He’s done well with nuts and peanuts! I’ll tell you more about it when I finally get around to finishing his 10 month (and now 11 month!) post.

If you’d like a peanut-free snack bar, however, this could easily be made so by swapping out the peanut butter for sunflower seed butter. Quick banana cake recipe Coconut oil would work, as well. Moist banana walnut bread (Check out my Goodness Bars that are similar to these and made with coconut oil.) As always, enjoy!

We’re you expecting these to be hard like a granola bar? They are more moist than a standard granola bar–almost like a nutri-grain type. Allrecipes com banana bread Were yours that texture? When you say mushy, do you mean they fell apart or just that they weren’t quite as crunchy as you expected? I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful; I think I need to figure out exactly what yours were like before I can guess what may have gone wrong. Banana bread with peanut butter Sorry the recipe wasn’t what you expected!

Oats are not naturally gluten free. Banana nut loaf recipe They have low gluten development and are confused with being gluten free. Banana bread no butter Gf certified varieties are available, but do not assume all oats are gluten free or else you may get some sick people on your hands.

Just wanted to let you know that oats aren’t naturally gluten-free. Fluffy banana bread recipe My family has Coeliac disease and oats are definately off our list of foods which coeliacs can eat. Banana muffins with buttermilk I usually substitute the oats for crushed cornflakes when making Anzac biscuits etc so these would also work well in your slice if you want to share with followers, cheers ??

Not silly at all! My food processor has a shredding attachment, so I use that the shred the apple into long pieces. Banana cake no butter (It looks like shredded cheese) You can do this by hand with a cheese grater as well.

Can’t wait to try these!! Found you on Pinterest!! I am going to substitute peanut butter with wowbutter. Banana bread recipe jamie oliver My 6 yr old daughter has a bad peanut allergy but I love how wowbutter tastes just like PB. Super healthy banana bread Oh how I miss my PB!! ?? always looking for recipes we can’t eat cause of her allergy! Thanks!!

It’s made from soy. Banana loaf recipe jamie oliver We used to use sun butter but my other kids didn’t like it too much then we found the wowbutter. Banana cake recipe jamie oliver I made buckeyes once with it and everyone that tried them said they tasted just like the PB ones. Coconut flour banana bread recipe We buy it at Walmart or the health food store my mother in law works at. Nutella banana bread recipe Gonna try your recipe today!! Can’t wait!!

Just made these….they are cooling on my counter, waiting for my kids to come home from school. Banana oat bread healthy I tried a corner and it was yummy! i think this recipe would ge a good one to olay around with too. Cream cheese banana bread recipe maybe add in some other dried fruits? or dark chocolate chips for a special treat. Easy healthy banana bread I have been gradually making improvements in our diet and am loving your site for whole foods and healthy foods! Thank you!

I had a terrible chocolate craving last night, so I made these and stirred in some chocolate chips and I can tell you they make a very yummy oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip pan cookie! And still much healthier than my regular cookie recipe. 2 banana muffin recipe ??

Thanks for the recipe! They turned out great and i love having healthy, easy, go-to snack ideas for my kids that are homemade and not prepackaged. Banana bread made with cake mix I added some flax seed meal for a little extra goodness. Soft banana cake recipe I passed this page onto some friends – looking forward to trying more of your recipes!

What about using mashed banana in place of the honey? The flavor would change a bit, but it would add sweetness and keep the wet/dry ratio similar. Banana date nut bread You could definitely try to reduce the honey a bit and maybe add some stevia? I recommend stevia instead of Splenda as I don’t really care for artificial sweeteners. Simple healthy banana bread recipe Good luck and let me know if some substitutions work for you!

These are the best replacement for expensive meal bars I usually buy at the store! Because I’m trying to avoid added sugar, I used 1 TBSP honey + 1 TBSP black-strap molasses and they ended up with the perfect sweetness. Gluten free banana nut bread Also added some whey protein and flax seeds, and peeled the apple. Gluten free banana bread mix Thanks for sharing this.

I just made these today. Fluffy banana cake recipe They came out beautifully and smell delicious! The flavor is great, not too sweet. Best banana bread machine recipes Perfect for my children in the mornings! One thing I didn’t care too much for is the gummy texture that the bars get from the oatmeal. Banana bread in a bundt pan Do you think there is a way around that? Maybe if I ground the oats into a flour first? Thanks for the recipe and let me know if you have any suggestions ??

Just finished making these. Moist banana cake recipe from scratch So yummy. Gluten free banana bread I made them in mini muffin pans because my DIY granola bars always seem to fall apart when cutting. Banana muffin recipe 2 bananas Decreased the baking time to about 13 minutes and they made perfect little granola bites. Banana bread no baking powder Thanks!

Wonderful recipe, thank you so much for sharing! I’m wondering if I could sneak in some shredded zucchini or possibly carrots because of their high water content! I think I’ll give it a whirl later today, thanks again!!

Thanks so much for a healthy, kid friendly recipe! I made these today with almond butter, a little bit of flax seed meal, and raisins. Low fat low sugar banana bread I also only did about 1/4 cup honey and a touch of agave. Good food banana bread They turned out great, and smelled so good baking! My 4 year old loves them. Food network banana bread thanks!

I made these yesterday and they turned out fantastic! I used my food processor to shred the apple (unpeeled) and also threw in a small handful of shredded carrots since I was shredding them for another recipe. Bbc food banana bread I used 1/2 the amount of honey and also added 1/2 of a very ripe banana. Food processor banana bread The texture of these bars is wonderful, and I really love the sweetness that the apple adds! I’d never made granola bars, and this will definitely be my go-to recipe ?? thanks!

You’re welcome! I love the idea of using some mashed banana to sweeten it and less honey. Mini banana bread muffins Unfortunately my husband gets an upset stomach from bananas, so I purposely didn’t use them for this recipe. Bread pudding with bananas Love that you added carrots, too–never hurts to squeeze in some veggies! ??

These are so yummy! I keep them on hand for my husband and toddler. Bbc good food banana bread I use part sunflower butter and part peanut butter. Food wishes banana bread I’m not a fan of honey so I use a small amount, plus some applesauce. 100 days of real food banana bread My husband loves when I add chocolate chips to these. Wholefood simply banana bread I make them in double batches and they are always gone within days.

Hi Maryea! Thanks for sharing this recipe! I finally made them this weekend.

I really like the Apple/Peanut Butter flavor of the bars. Vegan banana nut bread I did add a cup more of apple and pb than the recipe called for, so then added a few more flakes (barley/rye again) to compensate for the added liquid. Mini banana bread loaves They still came out a bit crumbly though. Banana bread with coconut flour However, this might be because I was too impatient and went ahead and got them out of the pan before they’d cooled all the way? I might add in some flour next time to see if it holds better.

I haven’t read through the other comments, anyone else have the crumbly issue?

When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added”

checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment.

Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Thanks!

I make these often and always add shredded coconut. Banana bread with wheat flour Today I went crazy and also added dried cherries (1/8 of a cup). Banana bread with rice flour Made the bars taste totally different, and delicious ! I freeze them, and let them thaw to room temp before eating. Best banana cake recipe nz :

Excited to try these! I ran out of my honey, which is a tragedy in itself! I read in an earlier comment that mashed banana can be substituted? This is a new one to me. Banana bread using pancake mix Is it a 1:1 ratio? Should it be super ripe? Thanks!

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