Apple pie bars recipe

Apple pie bars – cinnamon flavored bars with a buttery crust, apple slices, custard and streusel topping

And peaches seem to be keeping me away ?? I have no idea where this week went. Gluten free dairy free banana bread Between traveling and dealing with some blog issues, this week came and went in a jiffy.

And I have the feeling fall will be upon us in a blink on an eye.

These days the sun stayed mostly behind the clouds, leaving room for lots of rain.

Apples, although you can find these fruit year-round fall is the apple season.

Fall is the perfect time for the year to enjoy some apple pie.

Since I rarely make pies I opted for some bars, easier to just grab and go.

And I know this is the longest recipe in the history of this blog, but trust me, it’s all worth it.

Over the buttery crust the soften apple slices are laid, custard is poured to hold everything in place and when it’s almost done the streusel topping is spread over.

When cooled the bars are cut to enjoy a soft, moist cinnamon flavored bar.

To make the crust• Line a 11X7 pan with parchment paper (I prefer the pan lining paper from Reynolds), leaving some paper hanging over the longer sides.

• In the food processor bowl add the flour, sugar, butter, egg yolk, water. Banana muffin recipe uk Pulse a couple of times until it forms a ball. Chocolate banana bread muffins if it’s too dry add few more drops of water.

• With floured hands roll the the into the bottom of the prepared pan, with just 1/2 inch on the sides. Freezing bananas for banana bread Cover with plastic wrap and chill for 20-30 minutes.

• Meanwhile make the topping followed by the filling and heat the oven to 375F.

• When the crust is chilled cover it with parchment paper, fill it with dry beans/uncooked dry rice/baking beads and bake for 15 minutes.

• Remove the paper and the beans, reduce the oven temperature to 350F and bake for 5 more minutes.

To make the topping• In the food processor bowl (since it’s already dirty from the crust) add all the ingredients and pulse until it comes together. Chocolate chip banana bread sour cream It’s gonna be a very soft dough.

• Place it on a plastic foil, cover with another foil and shape into a 1 inch thick log. Banana bran muffin recipe Place it in the freezer until ready to use.

To make the apple filling• Core and slice the apples. Banana muffin recipe singapore Optional you can peel them. Banana bread with yellow cake mix I didn’t.

• Put them in a sauce pan, along with the sugar, water and cinnamon. Banana bread with no eggs Cover and cook over low heat for about 13 minutes or until the slices soften.

• Remove the lid and cook a little more until the liquid evaporates. Banana bread with pancake mix I didn’t stir at all the apple slices and the bottom ones got a little caramel on them. Banana peanut butter recipes It was amazing!

• When the crust and the filling are cooled, spread the apple slices on top of the crust.

To make the custard• In a small bowl, whisk the eggs with the sugar, and heavy cream. How ripe do bananas need to be for banana bread Pour over the apple slices.

• Put the pie in the heated oven (350F) and bake for 25 minutes or until the custard is set.

• Take it out of the oven (without turning off the oven) and grate the topping. Banana bread recipe without flour I found it’s easier to grate the topping in the food processor so the heat for the hands don’t soften the dough.

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Roxana has a passion for all things food, a sweet tooth that can’t be tamed and a severe case of the wanderlust

With an audience in search for real food and no fuss recipes, I make midweek meals exciting sharing approachable recipes, both sweet and savory, that taste completely sinful.

I about died yesterday when I walked into our Target and saw all the Halloween stuff! I don’t want summer to be over yet! However, fall does bring my favorite comforting foods. How do you make banana nut bread ?? These apple pie bars sound incredible!

I so wish that fall was right around the corner here! We still have a few more months of sweltering heat!!! I saw those pumpkin spice hershey kisses on your instagram and have already put in a request to my mom to send some to Israel as soon as possible!!! These apple pie bars look incredible. What makes banana bread moist So yummy.

I just made these but just cooked the crust by itself for 20 minutes before I added the rest of the ingredients, it was AMAZING! What a delicious treat for fall (or anyday of the year). Easy banana cake recipe plain flour Thank you for this awesome dessert!

This is like an apple pie on the go. Gluten free banana bread coconut flour I love it! I realized the sun sets a little bit earlier but we’re having warm weeks these days. Banana bread recipe australia You start talking about fall, I better start sharing my ice cream recipes soon. Easy banana loaf recipe LOL! You always have the best bars Roxana! ??

Just finished making this…. Banana bread vs banana cake now, how important is the rule to let it cool before cutting into it? Cause I’m pretty sure I’m about to break that rule ??

LOL. Best banana muffin recipe It looks and smells delicious!! (I did tweak a few things, but the basic recipe is the same I wanted mine thicker is all)

Found you via pinterest… These look delicious. Banana walnut cake recipe Can’t wait to give them a try! Quick question: how well would these freeze if I want to make a double batch? I know fresh is always best, but it would be nice to enjoy these even when I don’t have time to cook. Banana walnut cake recipe eggless ??

I actually froze these bars so I know for sure they freeze well. Banana walnut cake recipe sanjeev kapoor Just take a few out, as needed, and let them get to room temperature before eating them.

I was wondering if this recipe can be made and then frozen to be eaten at a later time? I have a party coming up and need things I can make completely ahead of time and pull out on the day. Easy banana cake recipe If not can you link me with some of your recipes you think this would work with (I am eyeing up the Dulce de Leche chocolate cheesecake bars as well)

I would not recommend freezing the apple dulce de leche tart so the apples don’t get sort of mushy when you bring them to room temperature.

As for these cheesecake bars. Starbucks banana loaf recipe You can definitely bake them a couple of days in advance and top with the thin layer of dulce de leche. Easy banana cake recipe from scratch Leave the ganache layer until the day you need them. Starbucks banana bread recipe Keep the bars in an airtight container.

There are lots of recipes that can be made in advance, it all depends on what you’re exactly looking for

Hey Roxanna: I made these recently. Banana nut cake recipe They turned out just like your picture, very pretty! I noticed after tasting one, though, that they were missing something: I think it’s the fact that there is no salt in any part of the recipe! Maybe adding some to the crust or topping would pick up the sweet flavors a little?

Indeed, a pinch of salt will help bring out the flavors. Banana bread cream cheese recipe There are lots of recipes where I forgot to add salt as one of the ingredients, I though, everyone knows a little salt makes everything better.

didn’t notice the update to your recipe regarding salt, as suggested by a reader/baker. Banana bread without butter To what part of the recipe and how much?

Also, looks llike your apple slices are quite thin, probably thinner than typical apple pie?

Hi! These look delicious and I am making them for a fall themed Bridal shower tomorrow. Banana bread food com Two questions I had… 1: is it ok to use a blender if I do not have a food processor? 2: How many people does this serve? Or how many bars does it make? I need it to feed 20-25 people and it is one of two desserts we are serving so there should probably be about two a person available maybe more….

If you do not have a food processor you can use a pastry cutter or a fork. 5 star banana bread A mixer is not recommended.

Depending on how small/big you cut the bars one pan yields 15-18 bars. Banana bread greek yogurt I advise you to make 2-3 pans or another dessert.

Hi there! I’m Roxana. Almond flour banana bread I have a passion for all things food, a sweet tooth that can’t be tamed and a severe case of the wanderlust. Coconut flour banana bread I make midweek meals exciting by sharing approachable recipes, both sweet and savory, that taste completely sinful. Spelt flour banana bread Read More >

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