Apple pie overnight oats – the real life rd_nyc dietitian nutritionist

I haven’t eaten applesauce straight out of the cup in like years. Apple crumble pie recipe nigella But I do remember Momma Coale packing up applesauce cups with bologna sandwiches and fruit roll ups growing up. Easy apple crisp pie recipe Actually fruit roll ups was a good day. Easy caramel apple crumble pie recipe Sunbelt granola bars was an okay day (do you remember those?!) I also remember always been super jealous of the kids with Lunchables because rarely did I find a Lunchable in my lunchbox. Recipe dutch apple crumb pie My momma was raising five kids on her own on a teacher’s salary and Lunchables were out. Recipe apple pie crumb topping best of. Best apple pie recipe with streusel topping budget.

Apple pie crisp topping recipe But when I did get a Lunchable it was THE BEST DAY EVER. Apple pie streusel topping recipe Anybody else have lunchbox memories?

Nowadays I’m still super into applesauce, but I use it mainly for baking. Easy apple pie crumble topping recipe Applesauce instead of mashed banana in a quick bread makes a perfectly doughy and dense bread or muffin. Apple pie crumb topping recipe food network Especially if the base is oat flour. Best apple pie crumble topping recipe Another thing applesauce is good for…throwing into overnight oats. Apple pie recipe crumble topping oatmeal Think apple pie meets cookie dough in the best of ways.

I like my overnight oats thick. Apple pie recipe crumb topping best If they’re soupy…I’m like, mehhhhh. Best streusel apple pie recipe Breakfast is totally not satisfying. Best apple crisp pie recipe But a thick and almost dough-like consistency and I’m in breakfast happiness. Apple crumb pie recipe oatmeal Overnight oats also stick with me longer than stove top hot oats. Best apple streusel pie recipe I think it’s the addition of the full fat greek yogurt that holds me. Best apple cinnamon pie recipe PSA: buy full fat yogurt and you’ll never go back to fat free. Best apple pie crisp recipe I gag when I eat fat free because it’s unnaturally tangy. Easy cinnamon apple pie recipe Plus the fats are good for hormonal health. Easy cinnamon roll apple pie recipe Yay. Simple apple crisp pie recipe Happy hormones!

So…back to the oats. Apple crisp pie recipe food network And the applesauce. Apple crumb pie food network I think the food industry is moving past the early 2000s crazy when there was high fructose syrup in everything. Apple crisp pie recipe Now, will high fructose corn syrup kill you? No. Caramel apple crumb pie southern living But I like cane sugar and I like to keep my cane sugar the way it should be…granular. Dutch apple crumb pie recipe oatmeal Not cooked down in big batches into a thick syrup that is never sold on a grocery shelf. Paula deen dutch apple crumb pie recipe That’s kind of weird.

So when Musselman’s rolled out with new product that comes unsweetened or sweetened with cane sugar instead of HFCS, I was like….gimme that sauce. Recipe dutch apple pie crumb topping Because the taste of cane sugar over corn syrup is noticeable and soooo much better. Pennsylvania dutch apple crumb pie recipe Plus it’s GMO-free which is nice. Apple cinnamon pie recipe easy GMOs won’t kill anyone, but I appreciate and support a company that doesn’t genetically manipulated their apples.

To make these overnight oats, I like to use the unsweetened applesauce out of the big jars. Apple crumb pie easy But if you didn’t want to open a big jar, you could totally use one of the single serving cups for the perfect amount of applesauce or one of their squeezable pouches and put the rest in the fridge…or just eat it because that’s awesome too and who doesn’t love a good squeeze pack? The cinnamon variety is also super good in these oats if you’re into extra cinnamon.

Not having to do dishes in the morning or even think about breakfast makes my morning a billion (dramatic?) times better…because I’m already always running late, so why not run a little less late?

Mix up this apple pie overnight oat recipe (it doesn’t taste like pie…because pie is pie, but you get my point…) the night before and grab and go for a satisfying and satiating breakfast.

I’ve eat these oats like 3 times per week…topped with cinnamon raisin PB and it is epic. Apple crisp pie recipe easy So dreamy.

Combine all ingredients in a glass bowl or mason jar. Caramel apple crisp pie recipe Stir to combine, cover, and stick in the fridge overnight. Apple pie filling crisp recipe easy In the morning, top with nut butter or nuts and dig in!

**While Musselman’s uses GMO-free cane sugar in all of their apple sauce, the Honey-Cinnamon flavor contains honey, which cannot be verified GMO-free. Apple pie crisp recipe easy Wanna save money on Musselman’s? me too! C lick here for a coupon.

Yessss to the lunchables. Apple crumble tart recipe My mom never bought them for us, and we were “stuck” with egg salad and tuna fish for our packed lunch days. Easy apple crumble cake recipe She did buy the sunbelt granola bars, though, and put them in our snack basket at home. Apple crumb tart recipe I still have memories of eating the chocolate covered ones (theee best) ??

I think we had the same mother growing up. Homemade apple crisp pie recipe We NEVER had Lunchables and I was always super jealous. Recipe apple crisp pie But Sunbelt granola bars and generic fruit roll ups were there in our lunch, all day every day. Recipe apple streusel pie Sometimes when she ran out of snacks it would be graham cracker “sandwiches” with frosting in between. Apple crisp pie recipe with oatmeal Basically the cheaper version of dunkaroos. Easy apple crumble pie with oats Now I really want some childhood snacks…

Great idea to use applesauce in the oats! I have made almost this same recipe but without the applesauce. Apple pie crumb topping easy Will have to try this!

Thank you so much for posting recipes with realistic portions!! I see so many overnight oat recipes that call for 1/3 a cup of oats a piece of fruit the size of my pinky and half a walnut. Apple cranberry crumb pie easy It totally fed into my orthorexia for the longest time and encouraged me to undereat. Apple pie crumb topping recipe oatmeal Mercy sakes…Thanks for all you do!!!

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