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Yes, they are not cookies. Best apple pie crust recipe from scratch And no, this does not involve any sort of baking. Dutch apple crisp pie recipe So it’s a win-win: no skills required, excellent results! Wanna join me in this little recipe?

Must-have for this recipe is Amaretti, Nutella and coffee. Apple crumble top pie recipe Coconut optional.

Mini apple crisp pie recipe Amaretti spheres with Nutella, Coffee and Coconut.

After making the espresso shots, let it cool down and quickly dip one Amaretti, spoon some Nutella on it and attach another coffee-dipped amaretti. Apple crumble pie crust recipe Prepare all of them and set aside. Good housekeeping apple crumb pie recipe If you want to cover in coconut, just dip them quickly again in the coffee, then roll in the dessiccated coconut.

Now, let’s go with the funny side of the story: my grandma doesn’t make them. Recipe for apple pie with oatmeal crumb topping She loves eating them, a lot of them. Recipe for caramel apple pie with crumb topping And that’s basically the only thing she asks me every time I go to visit her in Sicily: make her this quick dessert for a few smiles and kisses as a form of payment. Recipe for apple pie with streusel topping How can I say no? She’s just great!

Apart from that, how have you all been? Here in London, UK, everything fine. Apple crisp recipes with oatmeal paula deen I am currently at work – cheeky lady! – and I am trying to survive the Tube Strike. Apple tart recipe food network But, I don’t want to turn this post into a rant. Apple pie recipe food network kitchen So I now leave you. Dutch apple pie topping recipe with oats And bye. Apple crisp recipe with oats healthy Personal Sweets, Pies and Cakes! amaretti amaretti cookies chocolate coconut coffee cookies food food blog foodblog italian italy london monmouth coffee monmouth coffee company nutella sicily the grumpy olive the grumpy olive cooks

Back again, back into the party mood with the good season on its way. Apple crisp recipe with oats no flour And how do we party around here? We love food. Apple crisp recipe with oats and honey We live for food and love food more than anything else. Apple crisp recipe with oats canadian living That is why, especially when summer is coming, we do meet up a lot with friends for dinners and drinks. Apple crisp recipe with oats and walnuts And what a better way for me to cook up a storm as there is no tomorrow? I like a good challenge, every now and then.

This time, the challenge was a good presentation. Apple crisp recipe with oats martha stewart I can deliver a tasty meal without efforts, but I usually lack in the presentation. Apple crisp recipe with oats and brown sugar So, now that I am starting to consider myself as a food blogger, I really need to focus on every little aspect of the dish I’ll serve to my friends.

This cous cous was the most exciting meal of the night: every person received a plate that was good and looked even better! Proud moment for moi-self. Apple pie recipe from scratch easy I know, I stop, and give you the best recipe ever. Apple pie recipe from scratch without shortening I hope. Apple pie recipe from scratch Vegetables Cous Cous, posh version.

Let’s start by chopping the leek and place it in a pan with some extra virgin olive oil. Crumb apple pie recipe food network Cut all the veggies with a grater into julienne and set aside. Apple streusel bundt cake recipe Turn the flame on for the leeks and cook until golden, then add all the veggies and cook until soft and nice.

Bring the water to boil in a pan, then place the cous cous in a big bowl and drizzle some olive oil, salt & pepper and mix well so that every little grain of cous cous will get oily – and softer after! – then cover with boiling water and cling film. Apple streusel cake recipes easy Leave it to rest and rise until it doubled its size and mix in the veggies.

Now, the best part – or worst, point of views – you can serve it as it is or make it fancy like I did. Apple streusel coffee cake recipe Take the best plate you have, then a cookie cutter or plain ring and fill it with cous cous, pushing it so that it fills every little hole. German apple streusel cake recipe Then cut some carrots, cover the top and re-do the same process with a smaller ring. Hummingbird apple streusel cake recipe Drizzle some olive oil and serve.

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I am leaving you this recipe from an experiment I did a couple weeks ago, when I felt like having cookies but had none around.

I know the combo apple-chocolate may sound weird, but trust me, it’s great! Apple & Chocolate Chip Cookies

Melt the butter in a bowl, then mix it with the sugar, eggs and milk. Cracker barrel apple pecan streusel pie recipe Add the flour, vanilla extract and baking powder and mix well, then finally the chopped apple and chocolate chips.

Put the mixture in the fridge for 30 minutes and let it rest. Easy apple pie recipe When ready to cook, preheat the oven at 180°C and create some little balls of mixture, place them on a baking tray covered in baking paper and cook for around 15 minutes or until golden. Easy apple pie recipe with brown sugar Leave it to cool down on a cooling rack and serve with an ice cold glass of milk!

I know, I know what you’re thinking: I don’t always make cookies, but quite often. Easy apple pie recipe with frozen crust And yes, I love sweet stuff. Easy apple pie recipe nz But stay tuned because some salty recipes from me, the tiny Olive, are coming your way.

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Oh yes, oh yes, my birthday is in roughly a week and I am finally starting to leave hints around about what I would love this year. Apple pie drink recipe with brown sugar Even if I don’t get it, even if it’s not what I really want… Here ya go people, my wish list for this 2014 birthday!

I will try to link everything, in case I don’t please do not hesitate to contact me! Birthday soon – wish list is up!

I am CRAVING for a holiday so bad. Apple pie recipe with brown sugar crumb topping And I have been looking at picture of Greece, thinking about white & blue buildings and the sea, and the food… ARGH! Take me there now. Simple apple pie recipe with brown sugar Please. Apple pie recipe with brown sugar and cinnamon Hopefully soon. Apple pie recipe food network ina garten This is the I-will-never-get-this-as-a-present, everyone has one. Apple pie recipe southern living Or two. Best ever apple pie recipe southern living Or three.

#2 Fujifilm FinePix X100, found it here. Dutch apple pie recipe taste of home If you want to buy it, please go here.

What can I say – apart from I AM SO TERRIBLY SORRY FOR THE WORST PICTURE EVER – this is the DREAM camera. Caramel apple pie recipe taste of home A mix of new and old. Apple pie recipe lattice crust Vintage and super extra cool. Flat apple pie recipe pioneer woman Same group as present #1 I am afraid, ah!

#3 Lace & Chiffon Halter Babydoll from Victoria’s Secret here.

I admit it, I have a thing for lingerie. Dutch apple pie recipe pioneer woman And VS. Apple pie recipe pioneer woman And when two years ago my best friend gave me a Gift Card for Christmas, I couldn’t breathe and almost cried. Apple tart recipe pioneer woman A lot. Dutch apple pie recipe paula deen I love Victoria’s Secret. Apple pie bars recipe paula deen I do. Apple pie easy recipe from scratch This one is a sweet babydoll. Apple crumble pie south africa Can I please have all the colors? Thanks.

#4 Tattoo, not linked and I won’t tell you where. Apple pie recipe with lattice crust It’s a secret.

Again, I am so sorry about the horrible picture. Apple pie recipe martha stewart I couldn’t find one. Apple cake recipe paula deen But just so you know, this is what I really want. Apple caramel cake recipe paula deen Hopefully it will be mine soon! I already have a few ideas on what to make… Yum!

If you would like to see more of my wish list, just click here! Personal bday birth day birthday camera food food blog foodblog fujifilm greece ice cream ice cream maker kitchen aid kitchenaid maker personal pinterest santorini standing mixer tattoo the grumpy olive victoria secret victoria’s secret vs wish list wishlist

I love myself a good cake every once in a while, one of those you buy in a fancy shop with that buttercream and decorations. Apple tart recipe uk First thing you should know about me is that… I HATE BUTTERCREAM AND ICING. Best dutch apple pie recipe from scratch I know, you can now consider me a weirdo – if you didn’t already, which I doubt – a crazy person, someone with no heart or feelings BUT you will be pleased to know that I actually LOVED this buttercream. Homemade dutch apple pie recipe from scratch Guess why? I think we all know.

Just before we start, anyway, this recipe comes from a book I purchased a few weeks ago, from – the amazing – Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. Gluten free apple crisp pie recipe You can find it here, in case you want to buy it. Dutch apple crumb topping pie recipe Or not. Apple tart recipe ina garten Whatevs. French apple pie recipe ina garten I did change slightly the recipe, you are welcome to follow the original one.

Preheat the oven to 180°C. Apple pie recipe with cinnamon and nutmeg Put the sugar and butter/spread in the bowl of a standing mixer and beat until they become a cream. Apple crumb pie topping recipe In a separate bowl, let’s beat the eggs with the vanilla, then we can start adding it to the cream of butter/spread and sugar, always while mixing. Apple crisp recipe with oatmeal and nuts Gradually add the flour, baking powder, baking soda and almond milk, then finally all the spices, the diced apple and the walnuts.

Divide the mixture equally into two 20.5 sized deep sandwich tins, previously greased and lined with baking paper, then cook for about 30 minutes. Apple crisp recipe with oatmeal no brown sugar Leave it to cool down on a cooling rack.

We can now prepare the buttercream: put the water and sugar in a pan and heat until it starts boiling. Apple crisp recipe with oatmeal no flour In the standing mixer’s bowl put the egg yolks and beat well, then add gradually the syrup and finally the butter/spread cut into cubes. Apple crisp recipe with oatmeal cookie mix Add the rum and then place it in the fridge for 15 minutes.

Finally let’s fill and cover the cake, then decorate with some walnuts.

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PS: Happy Easter! ?? Sweets, Pies and Cakes! almond milk apple book buttercream cake cinnamon dairy free food food blog foodblog gbbo ginger great british bake off mary berry nutmeg paul hollywood the grumpy olive the grumpy olive cooks walnut

Around here everything good. Apple crisp recipe with oatmeal 9×13 pan We are “fostering” a kitty – not sure yet if we’re going to keep her, you know? – and we named her Lola. Apple crisp recipe with oatmeal healthy Does she looks like a Lola?

I never had a chance to try spanakopita, the greek starter. Streusel apple pie topping recipe I never really liked feta, I always found it too salty and crumbly…but then I tried this pie while at work and fell in love. Best apple crisp recipe with oatmeal topping How can you resist the crumbliest filo sheets, filled with sweet courgettes and salty feta? I couldn’t. Mini apple pie recipe pillsbury And here it is, my version.

Even though you are supposed to do it with spinach and onion, mine comes with tiny little chunks of courgette, no onion and plenty of feta, to die for. Mini apple pie recipe crescent rolls Courgette & Feta Filo Pastry Pie.

• sunflower spread – or butter, depending on you and your taste/intolerance

Let’s start by taking out from the fridge the filo pastry sheets at least 2 hours BEFORE creating the dish: it will need to be at room temperature in order not to break too much. Mini apple pie recipe pinterest After this step, we can wash and cut the courgette in small chunks, put it in a bowl and leave it to rest after being sprinkled with salt & pepper.

When you are finally ready to “construct” the pie, take the oven dish of your choice and spread it with butter, then line with baking paper and place the first sheet of filo. Mini apple pie recipe puff pastry Melt some butter/spread, then with the help of a kitchen brush spread it everywhere on the sheet and pile up another one, butter again and then onion, courgette & feta. Mini apple pie recipe Do like this until you run out of filo sheets and, to close it, always remember to butter any single little corner of the sheets.

Bake in the preheated oven at 200°C for 15 minutes, turning it if possible middle way through cooking.

Can be served either hot or cold, with some tzatziki sauce as a side.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go and make it! Quick dinner in with friends and family? Happy to share!

Finger Food & Starters First Courses courgette courgette & feta feta feta cheese filo filo pastry filo pastry pie filo pastry sheet food food blog foodblog greece greek homemade onion quick dinner spanakopita the grumpy olive the grumpy olive cooks

I know that pancake day was AGES ago and that I am totally late with this post. Mini apple pie recipe using shortcrust pastry But no one is supposed to have pancakes just on pancake day! Did I say P A N C A K E too much? Oh, sorry.

Well, these are some new pancakes we “created” a few weeks ago, for this special day. Apple crisp recipe with pie crust bottom They were soft and fluffy at the same time, great if warm with just a bit of maple syrup on top: LUSH!

• 165g of greek yoghurt – we used goat’s milk yoghurt, but can be quite strong!

We can start by mixing in a big bowl all the dried ingredients: flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt & sugar. Apple pie recipe homemade easy Mix well and set aside. Apple pie recipe easy In a smaller bowl mix the egg with yoghurt and lemon juice, then add all at once to the flour mix and start combining, adding the milk a bit at the time.

Cook in a pan with a little butter or olive oil, wiping out the excess liquid with a paper towel: you can reuse this now “oily” paper towel to spread some more on the pan every other pancake, so that they won’t stick to it ?? Like my secret?

Serve warm with blueberries – or any other kind of fruit – and some maple syrup.

Sweets, Pies and Cakes! american dairy free food food blog goat’s milk goats yoghurt greek yoghurt lemon juice lemon yoghurt maple syrup pancake pancake day pancakes the grumpy olive the grumpy olive cooks yoghurt

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