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The British designer is known for his eclectic, often eccentric tailoring – characterised by jaunty prints, psychedelic colours and striped patterns. Healthy chinese food choices Smith started his career as a suitmaker in 1970, and has since extended his oeuvre to include women’s and children’s wear. Chinese fast food restaurants near me He has collaborated with international brands on wide-ranging design projects for cars, carpets and interiors, and even redesigned the cover of a children’s book.

Mexican fast food restaurants near me In keeping with his dynamic disposition, the 70-year-old designer sent his latest collections down unisex runways.

If yo u could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you be?

Tomorrow, I’m very happy that I’ll be waking up very early in my home in London, and jumping on the first train to Paris. Healthy food in dubai One of the joys of what I do is that every day is different, and I enjoy waking up every morning and going to work. What fast food restaurants are near me It’s not often that I’d change anything about the way I’m already doing things.

You’r e sitting down to the perfect meal. Fast food restaurants that accept ebt Where are you, what are you eating and whom are you with?

With my wife, Pauline. Mexican food restaurants near me We’d have some simple white fish in a restaurant near our home in Italy, where we spend a few weeks in the summer.

You’v e designed everything from clothes and carpets to vintage cars. Soul food restaurants near me Is there anything you haven’t designed yet, but would like to?

Surprisingly, I actually say “no” to more offers than I say “yes” to. Chinese food restaurants near me I’ve been asked to design some pretty unexpected things, and I think I’ve covered many of the dream items. Food delivery des moines I was amazingly privileged when they asked me to design a Leica camera, as I’ve always been such a keen photographer. What fast food restaurants are open near me Likewise, when I designed the jersey for the Giro d’Italia [bicycle race], as a lifelong cycling fan, that was a massive honour.

You’r e a staunch advocate of the suit. Healthy food new york In your opinion, what are the defining characteristics of a great suit?

The main thing is that the suit fits. Fast food places that accept ebt near me You should feel comfortable and confident in it. Chinese food delivery near me open late Style isn’t necessarily about dressing a certain way, it’s about an attitude, and the same is true for a great suit – it’s not always what you wear, it’s the way you wear it.

If yo u could see your clothes on any one person, who would it be, and why?

My wife, Pauline. Open chinese restaurants near me Every time. How to get free food from fast food restaurants She is a constant source of inspiration. Fast food places open on christmas eve Initially, she inspired me because she was trained as a designer at the Royal College of Art, and had a very particular understanding of the construction of clothes, which she passed onto me. Fast food restaurants open near me Of course, I liked the way she looked physically, but also the way that she dressed. Food places open late near me She continues to inspire me because she’s always kept her feet on the ground and she’s very calm.

Daniel Day-Lewis. New orleans food and wine experience He’s the only bloke I know who can wear a necklace and still look cool.

Cycling. Fast food restaurants that accept ebt near me My love of cycling really started when I was a teenager. Mexican restaurants open 24 hours near me I had dreams of becoming a professional cyclist, but unfortunately had a serious crash. New york food and wine festival It was an accident that I couldn’t avoid, but as a result I’ve entered the world of design, and out of bad came good.

Are y ou a collector and, if so, what do you like to collect?

Anyone who’s seen a photograph of my office will know that I’m certainly a collector. Fast food restaurants by me I’m actually a collector of collections. Restaurants open late near me that deliver I collect everything from vintage bicycle jerseys to books, records to rabbits, stamps to Dieter Rams designs. Fast food restaurants in florida I always say: “You can find inspiration in everything, and if you can’t, look again.” My office is filled with things I find inspiring.

Not a great deal, really. Chinese restaurants open late near me Everyone has a different view on what words like “luxury” represent. New york food blog You can get “beautiful luxury quilted jackets” and “beautiful luxury quilted toilet paper”. New orleans restaurants french quarter I often talk about effort in my work, which I think means a bit more. New york food and wine festival 2016 For me, effort is one of the most important ingredients in making something feel special. New york city vegan restaurants I always like to have something in the shops that demonstrates effort. Restaurants open late night near me In my shop in Mayfair at No 9 Albemarle Street, for example, it’s the room covered entirely with individual dominoes.

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