Authentic shrimp fried rice – eat, live, run

As most of you know, I spent last week knee-deep in the Florida countryside (yes, Florida has a countryside) amidst chickens and alligators, helping the lovely White on Rice Couple shoot the new Steamy Kitchen cookbook. Easy chicken and rice dinner recipes The cookbook will be out in a year and….drum roll please….my hand is in one of the photos. Easy chicken and rice recipes healthy I feel so special!

Jaden, Diane, Todd and I had an absolute blast. Chicken and jasmine rice recipes Todd and I were in charge of all kitchen prep and production, while Jaden and Diane styled and shot the food. Ground beef and jasmine rice recipes Looking back, I really don’t know how we managed to make sixteen recipes the first day and thirteen the next, but somehow we did. Chicken breast and jasmine rice recipes We fueled on soy sauce, coffee, pizza, tequila and wine.

Chicken and rice dish recipes Not necessarily in that order. Chicken and rice hot dish recipes Jaden’s blog was one of the first blogs I ever read, and it was just so cool to finally get to meet and spend time with her. Easy chicken and white rice recipes I can say without a shadow of a doubt that her family is among the kindest and most generous that I’ve ever known. Shrimp and rice recipes easy On the last day, after we had finished all of our work, Jaden let me play around in her kitchen and studio, which was like letting a little kid loose in a candy store. Rice and shrimp recipes Let me tell you, that woman has a serious prop (and cookbook!) collection.

Jaden has chickens, and it was my first time making a recipe with eggs that had literally just been laid thirty minutes before. Easy shrimp and rice recipes During the course of the week, every time I would go outside to empty the compost, I would always check the coop for freshly laid eggs. Shrimp and white rice recipes Finding one felt just like Easter! The green ones were my favorite.

I learned that the secret to authentic fried rice is fish sauce, an ingredient that I use hesitantly after a heartbreaking spill in the car five years ago. Rice and shrimp recipes easy If you know fish sauce, you know what I mean.

Check out the hero board behind me. Healthy shrimp and rice recipes Every day we would fill it with photos of the food we just styled and shot. Easy shrimp and rice recipes for dinner Over the course of the week it went from being almost completely empty, to totally full! We arranged the photos in the chapters that they would appear in the book: vegetables, meats, noodles, shared plates, small plates and drinks.

I hope you guys love this recipe for shrimp fried rice. Shrimp and rice dish recipes After making it (properly!) with Jaden, I don’t know how I could go back to making it any other way. Shrimp and rice recipes for dinner From start to finish, it only took about fifteen minutes to make—perfect for using up extra brown rice from the dinner before!

about 2 cups of cooked rice, preferably from the night before.

Heat the oil in a large skillet or wok over medium high heat. Simple shrimp and rice recipes Once hot, add the eggs and lightly scramble until almost done (should still be slightly on the goopy side). Shrimp and brown rice recipes Scoop eggs out and place in a small bowl on the side.

Then, crank the heat to high and add the scallions, snow peas, bell pepper and shrimp to the pan. Shrimp and rice recipes healthy Saute briefly until shrimp are pink and curled.

Add rice, scrambled eggs, sesame oil and fish sauce to the pan and toss together.

Wow! How exciting! I love jaden and her cookbook is one of my faves. Quick and easy shrimp and rice recipes When I first started spending time on food blogs I had left a comment for her and when she replied to me I was beyond excited. Shrimp and rice dinner recipes I still have it over a year later. Quick shrimp and rice recipes It isn’t because I never clean out my inbox either(well not totally). Shrimp and wild rice recipes I can’t wait to see her new book. Shrimp and white rice recipes easy I bet your hand looks great. Easy shrimp and white rice recipes Can’t wait to try this. Grilled shrimp and rice recipes Thanks

Mmm great recipe! That would be the perfect way to clean out the fridge of leftover rice, random raw veggies, and eggs cause I always have sesame oil in the pantry! ??

Reply Caroline @ chocolate & carrots February 6, 2012 at 4:15 am

That is sooo cool! I love those guys! ?? They were most excellent speakers at the Food Blog Forum last year. Healthy shrimp and brown rice recipes I’m so jealous!

As for the awesome dish, it looks fantastic! I’ve always wanted to give it a try at home, making it easy to control the quality of ingredients and the amount of sodium in the dish. Shrimp and jasmine rice recipes Thank you for the awesome recipe Jenna! ??

um one time a bottle of fish sauce cracked in my brother’s pick up truck while i was borrowing it….he was convinced that a rat had died in his car and i could not admit what really happened..i mean i am the younger sister and he actually let me borrow his car…and i spilled fish sauce all over it!!! the smell was absolutely horrendous and he no longer has the car…

How cool that you not only were able to hang out with a mentor of yours, but that you were able to help her with a project. Chicken shrimp and rice recipes I’d say that falls under the “dreams that came true” category!

It’s so neat to see your years of hard work and dedication to what you love to do take you to higher levels in your career. Jumbo shrimp and rice recipes Your recipes are always delicious but the inspiration that comes through your blog is what keeps me coming back for more.

There is not much better than fresh laid eggs. Cajun shrimp and rice recipes easy I miss the days of my childhood when we had chickens out back, and more eggs than we knew that to do with! This rice will be making a rotation on our dinner menu.

Jenna! What an amazing experience. Recipes with shrimp and rice I used to live with people who had a huge chicken coop, but my host mom always just raised her chickens as pets. Shrimp and rice pilaf recipes She has about 50. Low calorie shrimp and rice recipes No farm fresh eggs for us. Spanish shrimp and rice recipes Lol! Also I just posted a shrimp fried rice recipe on my blog and I’m excited to try this one. Spanish rice and shrimp recipes That picture of you is great, btw.

Reply Gina @ Running to the Kitchen February 6, 2012 at 6:50 am

That trip sounds like such a blast and I bet it was a great experience. Mexican shrimp and rice recipes Just looking at the props in the background of the second picture on those metal shelves, it definitely seems like you guys had quite the assortment to choose from!

I’m assuming you’re referring to google reader? I decided to start adding a link because recently, I’ve had some issues with my content being stolen straight from google reader. Chicken and shrimp rice recipes I apologize for any inconvenience!

Wouldn’t they still be able to steal your content from your page though? I always thought people made their blog click-out because they’re using it as a business, and that gives extra pageviews which = money. Shrimp and rice soup recipes I had no idea things were easier to steal out of reader! I don’t mean that as being mean, I’m really surprised!

I know what you mean about the fish sauce… I have a 0.75 liter bottle that spilled all over my spices when I tried to move it cross country with me. Mexican rice and shrimp recipes Big mistake!!

Reply Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga February 6, 2012 at 8:44 am

I would have loved to be in that environment; with Todd & Diane, Jaden, you…all those PROPS! I saw them on Todd & Diane’s post last night…wow. Chicken and shrimp recipes with rice Jaden has a seriously amazing collection of stuff. Shrimp and chicken recipes with rice And 16 recipes…in one day…cooking them, styling them, shooting them?! That’s just…well…I can’t even wrap my head around even cooking 16 recipes in a day, let alone shooting them and making it all look pretty.

Reply joelle (on a pink typewriter) February 6, 2012 at 9:09 am

This looks great!! I LOVE fried rice, so it’d be nice to have a real recipe.. Shrimp and rice recipes food network I learned to cook some authentic Thai dishes once from a Thai friend, and it was so fun! I loved that everything actually tasted like my restaurant favs.

I love shrimp fried rices and because I have an awesome ability to be exceptionally lazy, I have some of the pre-cooked brown rice from Trader Joe’s sitting in my pantry right now just begging to be turned into fried rice.

i can’t even explain to you how wide my eyes opened after i read about your fish sauce accident. Easy recipes with shrimp and rice i bought fish sauce one time but couldn’t bring myself to put it in any food.

unrelated: your jambalaya is one of my favorite dishes to make, and i make it for myself about once every six weeks or so (and it’s the dish after next in my dinner queue right now!). Recipes with rice and shrimp i made it for my parents over Christmas, and they both got seconds and were SO impressed. Shrimp recipes with rice and tomatoes they raved and raved (to me and others), and my mom keeps badgering me for the recipe. Shrimp and wild rice casserole recipes so, i owe you a huge thanks for that!!

Photography is a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL hobby that I hope to master one day. Chicken and shrimp and rice recipes Looks like you had an experience of a life time with great people and great eats!

I made the fried rice for dinner tonight and it tastes awesome! My hubby walked in the door and knew right away that we were having fried rice for dinner!

I’m waiting for you to put up a recipe for brown rice. Mexican recipes with shrimp and rice I can’t seem to get mine right even after soaking it for hours.

SO DELICIOUS! I made it with chicken because I’m allergic to shrimp. Shrimp brown rice recipes AND THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME LEARN TO LIKE FISH SAUCE! I was scared of it too. Shrimp and brown rice recipe healthy It fell in my car over 10 years ago and the smell haunted me until now. Easy shrimp rice recipes THANKS THANKS THANKS!!!

[…] Traveling to Florida to help Jaden shoot the photos for her new cookbook was a huge highlight for me! I learned more about photography in the week that I spent with her, Todd and Diane than I have in years of messing around with my camera on my own. Easy shrimp with rice recipes […]

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