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Fruits that pacify pitta will generally be sweet and somewhat astringent. Can you make banana bread without baking soda Dried fruits are typically also acceptable, but are best in small quantities, so as not to further accelerate pitta’s tendency toward rapid digestion. How to make banana bread without baking soda Fruits to avoid are those that are exceptionally heating or sour (like bananas, cranberries, and green grapes). Recipe for banana bread with chocolate chips You’ll find many fruits in both the favor and avoid columns below because different varieties of the same fruit can truly be pacifying or aggravating, depending on how sweet or sour they are. Banana bread bread machine recipe When trying to balance pitta, learning to distinguish between these tastes and choosing sweet fruits over sour ones is always very helpful.

And remember, fruits and fruit juices are best enjoyed alone – 30 minutes before, and ideally at least 1 hour after, any other food. Banana bread recipe hawaii This helps to ensure optimal digestion. Banana bread recipe with chocolate chips Note: this rule does not apply to fruits that we typically consider vegetables (avocados, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.). Banana bread made with coconut flour You will find these fruits listed among the “vegetables.”

Vegetables that pacify pitta will generally be somewhat sweet and either bitter, astringent, or both. Banana bread made with sour cream Many vegetables include some combination of these tastes; so experimenting with a wide variety of vegetables is a great way to diversify your pitta pacifying diet. Banana bread in cake pan Pitta can usually digest raw vegetables better than vata and kapha, but mid-day is often the best time of day to have them because digestive strength is at its peak. Blueberry banana bread recipe The only vegetables for pitta to reduce or avoid are those that are particularly spicy, heating, sharp, or sour – like garlic, green chilies, radishes, onion, and mustard greens.

Grains that pacify pitta are cooling, sweet, dry, and grounding. Chocolate chip banana bread recipe moist Grains tend to be staples in our diets, and overall, pitta benefits from their sweet, nourishing nature. Banana bread healthy recipe You’ll also notice that many of the grains that benefit pitta are rather dry; this helps to offset pitta’s oily nature. 3 ingredient banana bread recipe When it comes to balancing pitta, avoiding grains that are heating (like buckwheat, corn, millet, brown rice, and yeasted breads) is the most important guideline.

Legumes are generally astringent in taste and are therefore largely pitta pacifying, so feel free to enjoy a wide variety of them. Banana bread with cake mix and pudding Beans that are not appropriate for pitta are those that are especially sour or oily and, not coincidentally – also heating.

Dairy products tend to be grounding, nourishing, and cooling, so many of them are balancing for pitta. Banana bread recipes healthy Those to avoid are exceptionally sour, salty, or heating. Banana bread recipe with cake mix As a rule, dairy milks (cow’s milk, goat’s milk, sheep’s milk, etc.) should be taken at least one hour before or after any other food. Banana bread recipe with yellow cake mix For this reason, avoid drinking milk with meals. Egg free banana bread recipe Almond and rice milks are good substitutes, if you need to combine milk with other foods, or if you don’t digest dairy milks well.

Nuts and seeds tend to be extremely oily and are usually heating, so most of them are not terrifically balancing for pitta. Banana bread buttermilk That said, there are a few types of nuts, and several seeds that are acceptable in small quantities; these varieties tend to be less oily, and are either mildly heating or cooling in nature.

Pitta does best with animal foods that taste sweet, are relatively dry (like rabbit or venison) and that are either mildly heating or cooling in nature. Banana bread recipe gluten free Meats that don’t work are those that are especially oily, salty, or heating (things like dark chicken, beef, salmon, or tuna).

Despite being oily in nature, pitta does well with a moderate amount of oil – as long as it is cooling. Bananabread recipes The very best oils for pitta are sunflower oil, ghee, coconut oil, and olive oil. Banana bread recipe food network It’s also important to keep in mind that toxins tend to concentrate in fats, so buying organic oils may be more important than buying organic fruits and vegetables.

Since the sweet taste is one that soothes pitta, most sweeteners are well tolerated by pitta, but some are simply too heating or too processed for pitta. Banana bread recipe allrecipes In general, naturally occurring sweet tastes are far more balancing than sugary sweets, so even the appropriate sweeteners should be used in moderation.

Most spices are heating by nature and therefore have the potential to aggravate pitta. Banana bread crumble The spices to favor are only mildly heating, help to maintain a balanced digestive fire without provoking pitta, and, in some cases, are actively cooling. Banana bread crumb cake In particular, the cooling qualities of cardamom, cilantro, coriander, fennel and mint help to calm pitta’s heat. Banana bread recipe without butter On occasion, these spices can be used to make foods that would otherwise be too hot for pitta more tolerable. Banana bread recipe coconut oil Cumin, saffron, and turmeric, though heating, also offer some particularly valuable pitta pacifying properties.

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