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The baboon is a large monkey with a long snout and large cheek pouches.

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) was one of the greatest composers of all time.

Backgammon is an ancient board game played with tiles and dice.

A backpack is a sack with shoulder straps that is worn on the back and is used to carry things.

A bacterium (plural bacteria) is a primitive, single-celled organism.

When something is bad, it is has unpleasant qualities. Banana bread recipe coconut flour The opposite of bad is good.

The badger is a nocturnal mammal with a black-and-white striped face.

A bag is a type of container, usually made of paper, plastic, leather, or cloth. Banana bread made with buttermilk You can put things in a bag.

A bagel is a chewy kind of roll that is shaped like a doughnut.

A baker bakes food in an oven, like breads, cakes, and cookies.

The bald eagle is a large bird of prey. Banana bread with streusel topping It is the symbol of the USA.

A ball is usually round and fun to bounce, throw, kick, or catch.

A balloon is a thin rubber sack that is filled with air or other gases.

A bandage is a clean pad that is used to cover and protect cuts and other injuries.

Bandicoots are marsupials with pointy snouts. Cinnamon crumb banana bread It lives in Australia and New Guinea.

The banjo is a stringed musical instrument with a circular body.

There are bar codes on most things that are for sale in stores.

Bark is the hard, outer covering of the trunk, branches, and roots of trees.

A barn is a farm building where animals and animal feed are kept.

A huge, long-necked, whip-tailed, plant-eating dinosaur that lived the Jurassic period.

The basilisk is a South American lizard that can walk on water.

Basketball is a sport in which you get points for throwing a ball into a basket.

The basking shark is huge and eats very tiny animals that float in the ocean.

The Basset Hound is a lively and devoted dog that has short legs and long, droopy ears. Banana bread recipe martha stewart It was originally bred to hunt rabbits and hares.

The bassoon is a large woodwind instrument with a double reed. Banana bread recipe no butter It can play very low notes.

A batter is an uncooked, liquid mixture of flour, eggs, butter and other ingredients. Banana bread recipe with coconut flour When a batter is cooked, it becomes solid. Flour banana bread recipe Cookies, cakes, and muffins are made from batter.

A bay is a body of water that is partly enclosed by land (usually smaller than a gulf).

A beach is where the water meets the land. Banana bread pudding paula deen You can build sand castles on the beach.

Beads are small objects with a hole through them so that they can be strung together to make jewelry or other things.

The beagle is a friendly, playful dog. Martha stewart banana bread recipe It was originally bred as a rabbit hunter.

A beak is the hard, outer part of a some animal’s mouth. Banana bread cooking light Birds, octopuses, squid, and other animals have beaks. Ingredients for banana nut bread Some dinosaurs had them too.

Bees are flying insects that live in a hive. Paleo banana bread recipe with coconut flour Some bees make honey. Banana bread two bananas Bees are important plant pollinators; they fertilize seeds when they fly from flower to flower, collecting nectar.

The beluga is a small, white, toothed whale that lives mostly in cold, arctic waters.

When something is between, it is located in a position separating two other items.

The Big Dipper is a group of 7 stars contained in the Northern Hemisphere constellation Ursa major (the Great Bear).

The bighorn sheep is a wild brown sheep from mountains and deserts of North America.

The bilby (also known as the rabbit-eared bandicoot) is a small marsupial with long ears. Organic banana bread recipe It lives in Australia and New Guinea.

A billion is a thousand million. Banana bread recipe with applesauce The Earth is billions of years old.

A biome is the natural place in a particular climate where many plants and animals live. Almond flour banana bread recipe Some biomes include the rainforest, tundra, and desert.

A biped is an animal that walks on two legs. How long to bake banana bread muffins People are bipeds. Strawberry banana bread recipe Tyrannosaurus rex was a biped.

The Bison (also called the American Buffalo) is the heaviest land animal in North America.

The black bear is a big bear that can be black or brown colored.

The black bear hamster is a docile, black, short-haired hamster.

Blackberries are dark-colored, edible berries that grow on prickly vines.

The black widow is a very poisonous black spider with a red hourglass marking.

The bloodhound is the heaviest hound dog and is an incredible scent tracker.

A blouse is a shirt, a type of garment worn on the upper part of the body.

The bluebird is a beautiful song bird that is the symbol of many of the states in the USA.

The blue shark is a sleek, fast-swimming shark with blue skin.

The blue-tongued skink is an Australian lizard that has a long, blue tongue.

The blue whale is the biggest animal that ever lived. Banana bread baked oatmeal It eats tiny food that it sieves through baleen.

The boa constrictor is a large snake from South and Central America.

The bobcat is a fierce, short-tailed wild cat from North America.

Bones are hard, structural parts of the body of many animals. Banana bread yogurt recipe We have 206 bones in our skeleton.

Boots are a type of shoe. Banana bread recipe with almond flour Boots cover the feet and part of the lower legs.

The Boston Terrier is an intelligent, lively, short-haired dog.

A bow is a device that is used to play a violin, viola, cello, double bass, or other stringed instrument.

The bowhead whale is a large whale that eats tiny food that it sieves through baleen.

Brachiosaurus was a huge, plant-eating dinosaur. Flour bakery banana bread It had a very long neck.

A braid is three or more strands that are woven together into a rope-like shape.

We think with our brain. Hummingbird bakery banana bread The brain is protected by the skull.

A branch is a tree or other plant that grows from the trunk or stem.

The French horn, trumpet, trombone, and tuba are brass musical instruments.

Brazil is a large country in South America. Flour bakery banana bread recipe Its capital is Brasilia.

Breaching is when whales jump high out of the water. Banana bread recipe yogurt Sometimes whales spin around while they are breaching.

When you break something, it is separated into two or more pieces or is cracked. Banana bread recipe with yogurt Broken things are often unusable.

A bridge is a structure over water, or over another thing that is difficult to cross.

Something that is brittle will break or snap in two easily. Sugar free banana bread recipe Potato chips are brittle.

The brittle star is a bottom-dwelling marine invertebrate with long, spiny arms. Healthy banana bread recipe yogurt It is called the brittle star because an arm can snap off when it is bitten by a predator; the arm will later regrow.

Brontosaurus was a huge, long-necked, plant-eating dinosaur. Banana bread recipe with greek yogurt It is now called Apatosaurus.

When something is broken, it does not work or has been damaged.

Bronze is a metal that is made out of copper and tin (which are other metals). Banana bread with sour cream recipe In the Olympics, the third-place medal is made of bronze.

The brown bear is a large bear with a muscular hump on its shoulders.

A budget is a written account of all income and expenses for a person, a family, an organization, or a government. Buttermilk banana bread recipe People use budgets to figure out how much money they take in and plan how much they can spend and save.

The American buffalo (which is actually a bison) is the heaviest land animal in North America.

There are lots of bugs in the world. Banana bread food network Insects and spiders are bugs.

The bulldog is a muscular, wrinkled, powerful dog that was originally bred in Britain.

The bull shark is a dangerous predator that has a flattened snout.

Also known as the gopher snake and the pine snake, this hissing constrictor lives in North America.

Burrows are tunnels that some animals dig. Banana bread donuts Many animals live underground in burrows.

A bus is a large vehicle that can take many passengers to places.

A butte is a hill-like formation that has a flat top and steep walls. Banana bread recipe using sour cream It usually occurrs in dry areas.

A butterfly is an insect that has beautiful wings. Banana bread with sour cream and oil The butterfly begins its life as caterpillar, and later changes into a butterfly.

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