Bakeaholic mama_ knock your socks off slow cooker chicken and sausage

I made this chicken months and months ago, and I keep forgetting to publish the recipe on my blog. Chicken biryani recipe in marathi language It might not be the prettiest dish on the planet, but it’s filled with so much big flavor, I can assure you it will be a hit!

** If your sauce seems thinner than pictured, you can always remove the lid from your crockpot the last hour of cooking. Vahrehvah soup recipes Depending on crockpot size, brand and if you are using fresh or frozen chicken…. Thalassery biryani recipe video results may vary slightly.**

Years ago I did food photography. Thalassery biryani recipes Let me tell you some time just how they make a Big Mac look so good on film.

Thalassery chicken biryani recipe Don’t worry about the look of this one. Thalassery recipes It sounds delicious. Thalassery chicken dum biryani recipe Delete

Oh I so need to make this this weekend. Chicken biryani recipe in telugu Looking for easy meals to make on the weekend that we can enjoy then and have for quick leftovers during the week. Thalassery mutton biryani recipe Sounds like a winner! Reply Delete

I made this last night and doubled the recipe…I used stock instead of white wine. Youtube chicken biryani in telugu Any idea why the sauce would have been really watery? I was thinking it would be more of a sauce, kind of thicker, but this was really soupy… How to make chicken biryani in telugu Reply Delete

I think crock pot cooking does that…makes everything thinner, ….

I would like to learn how to adjust for this too as it also looses flavor by being diluted.:( Delete

I made this yesterday and it was fantastic! About an hour before it was finished, I removed the lid and put about 3 or 4 tablespoons of the sauce in a bowl with 1 tablespoon of corn starch and whisked it until smooth. How to prepare chicken biryani in telugu I then added it back into the crock pot slowly, stirring until mixed in well. Prawns biryani recipe An hour later the sauce was rich & thick. Prawns biryani recipe in hindi I served this dish over rotini pasta and it was delicious! Delete

No leftover!!!! I have a very large slow cooker and doubled the recipe and my 4 finicky daughters and my chef husband polished it off!! You have no idea what a feat that is! THANK YOU

sooo, I made this and it is so homemade tasting and yummy!! Next time I will count a can of beer as my “broth” liquid, in the end I drained off some of the bro thy gravy — because I saved some in a sauce pan, and added in Velveeta and a few splashes of Worcestershire sauce!! Half our house has the coughing croop, and I can’t think of a better warm, chicken and rice dish….Ps. Prawns biryani recipe in marathi I slow cooked mine in the oven on 300 for 2 and a half ours and used a whole chicken and half of a family sized sausage…Thank you, it was amazing!! Frm your buddies in South Texas!! 🙂 Cheers Reply Delete

The sauce consistency can be related to the chicken. Prawns biryani in marathi As the chicken cooks it also adds its juices to the mix. Hyderabadi prawns biryani recipe Frozen, fresh or refilled can make a big difference in sauce consistency. Hyderabadi prawns biryani As some have said, you can always cook it down on the stove or even take the lid off and cook on high for an additional 20-30 minutes to release some moisture. Recipe of prawns biryani Reply Delete

This is the first time I’ve ever commented on a dish, but I HAD to, because it was wonderful!! Easy to throw together with fantastic results– the whole family really liked it and asked me to make it again! I used smoked sausage (kids hate anything spicy), and vermouth instead of wine. Prawns biryani hyderabadi style My sauce was really thin, so I put the meats in a baking dish, cooked the sauce down on the stove top, popped the meat under the broiler for a minute to brown a little, and served it over rice! Thanks for a great new recipe to add to my go-to list! Reply Delete

My sauce was thin so I removed the meat and just added a few tablespoons of flour after it was done to thicken the sauce. Prawns biryani recipe in marathi language Then I put the meat back in. Hyderabadi prawns dum biryani recipe Reply Delete

I’d thaw the chicken first before adding it to the crock pot. Prawns biryani in hindi If you are pressed for time and need to “set it and forget it”, go ahead and use the breasts frozen. Prawns biryani recipe in telugu However, this will increase the cook time just a bit. Prawns biryani easy recipe About an hour if cooking on high, if it seems at all thin, remove lid the last hour and allow a low simmer with the slow cooker set on high. Simple prawns biryani You can also reduce it down pouring it into a pan and using the stove top. Prawns biryani in telugu Delete

Made this tonight for dinner. Prawns biryani in marathi language Can’t escape from this wretched aroma. How to make prawns biryani Sauce was runny, even after I removed the lid for an hour as suggested. Prawns biryani kerala style I followed the recipe to a “T”, and all I tasted is straight up mustard. Prawns biryani recipe kerala Reply Delete

I just got finished putting all this yummyness in my crockpot!! I pinned this recipe a while back and I’m finally getting around to making it. Prawns biryani video Cant wait to try it!!! I didn’t have any grainy mustard so I substituted with German Mittle-Scharf Senf. Prawns biryani recipe in malayalam language (german medium spicy mustard) It tastes similar to grey poupon. Prawns biryani recipe andhra style It should be tasty!! Reply Delete

Any ideas how I can do this either on the stovetop or oven? Time? Temp? Sounds delicious but I wasn’t organized enough to put it in the crockpot this morning and would like to make it for dinner. Prawns biryani vahrehvah Thanks? Reply Delete

I made this today and could smell it as I walked through the front door! Amazing and really really tasty. Prawns biryani recipe youtube I used lightest Philadelphia so that it wasn’t as naughty. Prawns biryani andhra style Thankyou so much for sharing this recipe 🙂 Reply Delete

I made this for a large family gathering, so I doubled it. Recipe of prawns biryani in marathi Other than that, the minor changes I made were:

1. Prawns biryani recipe in malayalam Omitted the chicken stock entirely (due to some of the comments)

2. Sanjeev kapoor prawns biryani recipe Used Greek yogurt instead of cream cheese, and only added it at the end.

Everyone LOVED it! It was the most talked about dish amongst the 20 dishes we had. Prawns biryani recipe step by step Thanks for the inspiration! Reply Delete

Oh Muh STARS! Can I tell you how GOOD this is??? I made this today and it was out of this world good. How to make prawns biryani in marathi I decided to reduce the chicken broth to 1/2 cup initially because I knew I could always add more but it would be hard to take away too much. How to make prawns biryani video I did end up having to add another 1/2 cup or so but it was so excellent.

Thanks for sharing Carrie! This will be a definite keeper! Reply Delete

Has anyone made this with beer instead of wine? I’m considering making this with fingerling potatoes at the bottom (in lieu of rice or pasta) and beer has a magic way of soaking in and making them delicious, but I don’t want to throw off the entire flavorful goodness of the dish. Prawns biryani in hyderabad Curious if the wine is what makes it so good, or would I be safe with the beer? Reply Delete

Sounds really good, but our family is not a big fan of cream cheese or yogurt. How to make prawns biryani kerala style Could we possibly substitute something else? Maybe add cheddar cheese toward the end of cooking?

I made this last night…I used my favorite sausage and I think the flavor of the mustard didn’t agree with it. How to prepare prawns biryani in telugu The Sausage WAS “ragin’ cajun”…I figured a lityler heat would be a nice addition. How to make prawns biryani in telugu But it almost ruined it. Vahrehvah prawns biryani I took them all out. Thalassery prawns biryani I’m upset that I forgot to add my green onion at the end…but over all it was a good dish. Prawn biryani recipe sanjeev kapoor The only thing I did diffetent was add a table spoon of flour and about a cup of sliced mushrooms half way to thicken it. Indian prawn biryani recipe Today I ate it for lunch and I added some dried tarragon so I’ll do it again soon, and leave the wine out, add tarragon, pan fry the chicken and finish with the sauce.

Thanks, Carrie for sharing this… Prawn dum biryani recipe and Thanks to everybody who shared their comments. Prawns biriyani kerala style Based on all of this, I am making this now… Prawn biryani recipe indian style but I did a few things differently… Prawns dum biryani recipe in marathi I browned the chicken first with some seasoning on.. Prawn biryani recipe south indian style just 4 minutes per side – my family likes the texture and crispness … Prawns biryani recipe video by sanjeev kapoor and I doubled the chicken. Recipe prawns biryani marathi I used the jar bullion chicken stuff… Prawns biryani recipe by sanjeev kapoor 1 tsp per cup of liquid… Prawn biryani hyderabadi recipe and I used 2, and only 1 cup of liquid … Prawn pulao andhra style in addition to 1/2 cup of white wine. Prawns biryani preparation in telugu I also used some red onion and diced a red bell pepper (for color).. Prawn biryani recipe in tamil video and put in half a pound of sliced mushrooms. Prawn biryani indian style … Prawn biryani south indian style It looks amazing.. Prawn biryani recipe kerala style and the cream cheese is nice and thick so far.. Prawn biryani recipe tamilnadu style hoping it stays that way! I’ll let you know how it turns out… Chettinad prawn biryani recipe in tamil but it looks incredible so far… Kolambi biryani recipe in marathi language and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from all of your experiences. Prawns biriyani malabar style 🙂

Yum! I fixed this for dinner last night, served over penne pasta. Shrimp biryani kerala style The only thing I changed was to add 1/4 flour blended with a 1/4 cup of water, about 1/2 and hour before dinner was served, in order to thicken the sauce. Kolambi bhat recipe in marathi language When I fix this again, (and I will fix it again–this is going on the “keep” list) I may add some sauted mushrooms towards the end of the cooking period, too. Kolambi fry recipe in marathi language Great recipe! Thanks, Carrie! Reply Delete

I was wondering too. Prawns fry recipe in marathi language Smoked sausage is already cooked so that would be fine cut up and put in. Prawns curry recipe in marathi language I guess I feel raw sausages could be put in whole, but I think I would want to cook it first and it would be less greasy? Delete

Wow some of the questions are so silly, I have to ask myself are they joking? You are so patient. Kolambi curry recipe in marathi language Thanks for the yummy recipe. Prawn biryani recipe step by step with pictures Can I use red wine for the broth and instead of chicken pork chops? Just joking! Reply Delete

This is one of my husband’s favorite dishes! I love it over spaghetti squash. How to make prawns biryani in malayalam I’ve tried it with noodles and rice too, but spaghetti squash is the winner for me. How to make prawns biryani by sanjeev kapoor Reply Delete

Even though it is May, it is cold and dreary here in Lubbock. How to make prawns biryani in hindi Went looking for a low carb, crock pot recipe. Recipe of prawns biryani by sanjeev kapoor I am going to make this for dinner tonight. How to make prawn biryani in tamil language Reply Delete

I prepped this in my Ninja cooker for tomorrow’s dinner. How to cook prawn biryani in tamil I used turkey sausage which I sauteed in the Ninja then removed and sauteed the chicken breasts. Prawn biryani recipe by shireen anwer I seasoned the chicken breasts with garlic salt and pepper. Recipe for shrimp biryani I put the chicken and sausage back into the pot, put the diced onions and some sliced baby bella mushrooms on top and once the cooker was cool, I put the entire pot in the fridge. Chicken biryani kerala style video Tomorrow, I will pull it out and let it come to room temperature and then finish the recipe substituting beer for the wine because I don’t have any and I will cook it on low for the recommended time. Chicken biryani kerala style I am pretty excited to try this and will post about how it turned out. Simple biryani 🙂 Reply Delete

So, I made this dish this past week, added a little more chicken stock because I cooked it a little longer (we leave early morning) but came home and the chicken was PERFECT! I added the chicken over a bed of rice and even my fussy teen ate her full plate! The recipe is now a permanent one in my great recipes book! Thank you! Reply Delete

Made this last night. Simple biryani recipe Used stock instead of wine and omitted mustard. Simple biryani rice recipe When I doubled it, it was very runny, but I added more cheese to thicken it up coming the last hour with the lid off.

My husband, who thinks he hates cream cheese, ate 2 servings. Chicken biryani in hindi Reply Delete

This was delicious! I actually boiled the chicken breasts first because I didn’t have the 4 hours to wait… Chicken biryani video recipe started too late in the day, but it was SO yummy! I served with with cauliflower rice, which has such a nice taste. Chicken biryani video YUM! Thank you! Reply Delete

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