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Frittatas: I love them. How long to bake salmon steaks But before I read Stonesoup’s guide to the perfect frittata, I was too intimidated to try making my own. How do you cook salmon fillets I thought I’d have to start cooking the eggs on the stove, try to flip the eggs without making a mess, move it all to the oven, and so forth.

Jules discovered that the best way to make frittatas is to simply bake them in the oven, which got me excited about making frittatas.

How to cook salmon fillets in oven I can scramble eggs and turn on the oven, so how hard can it be? Not at all, it turns out. How to cook frozen salmon fillets Frittatas are the easiest egg dish around!

I reduced Jules’ recipe to its simplest form. How long to cook salmon fillets in oven Like the orzo risotto recipe, you can make it your own and use the ingredients that you have on hand. How to cook salmon fillet in oven Jules’ recipe called for a springform pan, which certainly works, but I’ve since realized that a 9-inch square baking dish ( lined crosswise, like this) works just as well.

• Line a 9-inch springform pan OR 9-inch square baking dish with parchment paper ( here’s a photo that demonstrates how to line the square dish).

• In a separate bowl, whisk together eggs, cheese, milk, vegetables and seasonings.

• Bake until the frittata is golden and puffy and the center feels firm and springy, about 25 minutes or more.

Please let me know how it turned out for you! Leave a comment below and share a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #cookieandkate.

For the frittata pictured above, I used shredded mozzarella cheese, feta cheese (the more cheese, the better!), roasted red peppers, grated zucchini, roasted red pepper flakes and salt and pepper. How to cook salmon fillets in a pan Boy oh boy, it was good! I can’t wait to try Jules’ suggestion to add chickpeas and rosemary.

If you’re looking for a tasty breakfast idea for the weekend, this is it!

Vegetable enthusiast. How to cook salmon fillets Dog lover. How to cook frozen salmon fillets in the oven I’m probably making a big mess in my Kansas City kitchen right now.

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Thank you for all of your nice comments! I hope you’ll try making your own frittatas soon. How to cook a salmon fillet in the oven They’re SO easy! I misread Jules’ instructions twice and the frittata still came out perfectly. How long does salmon take to cook in the oven Trust me, you can’t mess this one up!

Mine always just come out so so, not great, but definitely not bad. How to cook salmon without foil I’d love to try this, but do you think it will be the same if I just line a cast iron with parchment paper? poor college student cant afford extra pans 😉

Oh thank you thank you THANK YOU for this super simple recipe that tastes amazing! I’ve always wanted to try a frittata but I dont own a oven safe frying pan. How to cook salmon steaks in oven Thanks to the use of a springform pan I can now whip one out in no time. How to cook salmon on stove top We loved it and I plan to make it many more times with all kinds of different ingredient:)

I just tried this and it came out delicious! I used egg whites, skim milk, bell peppers, red onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, pepper, garlic powder, and mozzarella cheese. How to cook smoked salmon fillet Baked for a little under 20 minutes and it turned out to be the perfect breakfast for dinner idea! I’m so glad I found your website and I can’t wait to try many more of your recipes!

I enjoy reading your blog. How long to cook salmon steaks I read your Frittata recipe and wanted to share a Bulgarian recipe with you. How to grill salmon fillets It is called Princessa, something my mom used to prepare for breakfast. How to cook baked salmon It is a toast with cheese (mozzarella or feta, or mixture of both) and egg. How long to cook salmon fillet You mix grated cheese with egg. How long to cook baked salmon The mixture should be thick (the egg works as binder). How long does salmon take to cook in oven Spread on slices of bread. How long to cook salmon fillets Bake on top until golden.

Fabulous! I’ve enjoyed frittatas in restaurants but never attempted making one because they’re so fussy. How to cook salmon fillets in the oven Pre-cook stuff… start it on the stove top… finish it in the oven and the broiler. How to cook salmon steaks in a frying pan Eh, too fussy. Salmon steak cooking time But this recipe made it so ridiculously easy!!!! I used scallions, tomatoes, orange peppers, yellow peppers, laughing cow garlic & herb cheese ,turkey sausage crumbles and diced ham then topped it off with a blend of monterey jack and cheddar cheese. Salmon fillet cooking time I’ll say it one more time… fabulous!

Hi there. How to prepare salmon steaks I tried your sweet potato with baby spinach frittata recipe for the second time tonight and it was delicious! The first time I over-cooked it and used feta instead of goat cheese. Cooking a salmon fillet This time I got the cooking time right and used goat cheese per the recipe and it was truly fantastic!

I’d love to try this oven-only recipe, but step 5 says to “place on the preheated tray”, but I can’t figure out to what tray the recipe is referring. How to cook salmon without skin Am I supposed to place the frittata baking dish on a preheated cookie sheet? Thanks!

Hi Shelley, I’m so sorry for the confusion! I think some other recipes I referenced suggested placing a baking sheet in the oven to catch any drips from the springform pan, but mine has never dripped so I removed that bit from the recipe. Salmon oven cooking time So glad you enjoyed the spinach frittata!

Hi Kate, what’s the reason for using parchment paper instead of just greasing the dish? I tried it with parchment paper and it was difficult to remove from the paper. How to prepare salmon fillet I ended up serving it with the paper still on! I want to try it without parchment paper next time. Oven baked salmon with lemon Will that affect the fluffiness?

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