Technics and tips of successful chiffon making will be shared. Dutch apple pie crumble recipe The importance of egg white in chiffon cakes and the difference stages of egg white beating to folding of ingredient together will be shared too. The best apple crumble pie recipe This hands-on workshop allows you to experience and perfect chiffon cake making. Apple crumble pie recipe easy Hokkaido cupcake will also be though in this class with cream in the centre of these spongy Hokkaido Cake. Easy apple crumble pie recipe Take a tour with us now to chiffon cakes.

“The best baking class ever! It was my first ever baking class and I’m glad to have chosen to sign up with Shinni. Crumble apple pie recipe Shinni is a great teacher who is patient with students who are new into baking. Apple pie crumble recipe She makes baking a (Fond of ) chiffon cake very easy to learn and I got the hang of it in no time. Recipe apple crumble pie She is very generous in sharing her techniques which is again very important for beginners like me. Apple pie crumble topping recipe It really saved me a lot of time to discover it myself (I have failed so many times in baking cakes and it is really discouraging).” – Eunice Sim

Note: This workshop is different from Fond of Chiffon class where new chiffon recipe Banana Yogurt Walnut chiffon and Hokkaido cupcake are thought. Apple crumble pie recipe from scratch The similarity is the Pandan Chiffon cake which is the favorite among Singaporean and ASEAN.

Many students have asked me for this Red Velvet Cake. Quick and easy apple crumble pie recipe This chocolaty, moist and very tender cake is paired with a rich cream cheese filling. Simple apple crumble pie recipe Decorated with rose decoration and a special light cream cheese frosting. Crumble apple pie recipe easy I love to pair it with my afternoon coffee/tea. Apple pie recipe crumble I will also be sharing my own Red Velvet Oat Chocolate Chip cookie with you to enhance your Red Velvet Devotion experience.

• Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese filling and decorated with a lighter cream cheese frosting in rose design (each will get a chance to decorate)

I was inspired by all the Japanese Swiss Rolls (aka Roll Cake) which I saw & ate during my trips to Japan and Taiwan. Apple pie recipe crumble top These Japanese Swiss Rolls have a soft, fine crumb, moist and delicate texture, which are so unlike the normal Swiss Rolls. Crumble recipe for apple pie Among my favorites are Swiss Rolls with Nuts, and Yam Rolls made with homemade yam filling.

• 2 different methods of making the sponge (Not the usual egg separation method)

• Chocolate Roll (choc strips design) with chocolate chips filling

One of my favorite goodies during Chinese New Year is pineapple tarts. Crumble topping recipe for apple pie Cos I like the melt-in-your-mouth sensation as well as the satisfaction that each bite of the pineapple paste brings – that natural sweet-sour taste . Apple crumble pie easy recipe Somehow, some pineapple fibre tend to linger in my mouth prompting me on to take the next bite. Easy crumble apple pie recipe That’s what I like about pineapple tart. Apple pie topping crumble recipe Once again, as in BakinCow’s style, sweetness (aka sugar) is managed and natural sweetness retained. Apple pie crumble recipe easy ;P

Do you know butter cakes unsurpassed in their richness and moistness when stored at room temperature? Since young, I remembered during CNY (Chinese New Year) visits, my relatives would serve butter cakes. Healthy apple crumble pie recipe They were flavorful, moist and had a nice fragrant from the smell of rich butter. Apple pie crumble crust recipe Now I know why butter cakes are served during CNY, as they don’t have to be kept in fridge! : ) For those who tries to find food or snacks during such holiday season will know what i meant.. Best apple pie crumble recipe And f or those who already knew my bakings style will know that my recipes are not too sweet, just the way I like it, and I know you will like it. Cinnamon crumble apple pie recipe ; )

• Orange butter cake (Real orange juice and no artificial flavoring)

Learning how to make Tiramisu (aka Pick-me-up) and Red-Velvet Swirl Brownie may just be the skill you wanna pick up! In Tiramisu, you’ll learn to make the lady finger sponge dipped in strong coffee, layered with mascarpone cheese filling and flavored with cocoa (alcohol recipe will be shared in class). Easy apple pie crumble recipe To finish off, you’ll decorate it with shaved chocolate.

The second recipe is Red-Velvet with Cheese Swirl brownie to be precise. Apple pie crumble recipe from scratch Like any brownie, this is a real treat and easy to do. Best crumble apple pie recipe And of course, let’s not forget it has now the added character of red-velvet cake.

“2nd classes I attended was the Tiramisu and Red Velvet Brownies with Cream Cheese, both are so heaven as per my family members….thumbs up Shinni. Apple pie with oatmeal crumble topping recipe I wish and look forward to attend another classes with Shinni…..”

Ever wonder how these layers in the pastry are form? This is a full hands-on class which you’ll learn to make these beautiful layers of puff pastry. Crumble apple pie recipe oats You can also use this puff recipe for sweet pastries and many more.

6) Various dessert dish using puff pastry will be shared during class

Early bird cost per session = S$78/pax (valid one week before class commencement)

Buddy cost per session = S$75/pax (valid one week before class commencement)

1) Group baking, Rolling/ laminating dough in pair, individual tart making

2) 2pcs Chicken pies, 2pcs Portuguese egg tarts, Twists and Palmiers to bring home

This is an updated version of the hugely popular Royal Macaroon workshops conducted numerous times over the past years. Mini apple crumble pie recipe So, Royal Macaroon II is back by demand!

This is a hands-on class. Apple crumble pie recipe with oats Royal Macaroon II teaches fruit & tea flavored macarons. The best apple crumble pie recipe ever This class is not an advancement of Royal Macaroon I class, however previous students who have attended Royal Macaroon class are welcome to learn these new flavors and also refresh your skills ; )

“BakinCalf is a niche, home-based baking class (organised by BakinCow) which is par excellence. Best apple pie recipe with crumble topping I bake a lot myself and have to say that Shinni’s recipes are never-fail A Grade recipes. Apple pie with oatmeal crumb topping recipe She takes a lot of care in explaining the nitty-gritties that each recipe involves. Crumb apple pie recipe from scratch A sure shot favourite with both novices and pro-bakers alike. Crumb apple pie recipes with fresh apples Her recipes are first-rate. Apple crumble pie recipe I would particularly like to mention that her Macaron recipe is the best I have ever tried considering I have tried over 10 recipes!!! Thank u Shinni for spreading sweet happiness all around” – Lara

“I have attended 2 Macaroon classes but I still not able to bake it perfectly, it go watery the moment i pipe it on the tray and when baked it got no feet at all and it cracked too. Best crumb apple pie recipe ever Shinni class was the 3rd, I was so happy as it got feet the moment I baked after 8 minutes… Apple pie recipe crumb topping Shinni do really give lots, lots of tips. The best apple pie recipe with crumb topping 2nd classes I attended was the Tiramisu and Red Velvet Brownies with Cream Cheese, both are so heaven as per my family members….thumbs up Shinni. Apple crumble pie recipe martha stewart I wish and look forward to attend another classes with Shinni…..”

Learn these cream puffs (Vanilla & Chocolate flavors) and turn them into delicious mouth watering puffs filled with various creams. Crumb top apple pie recipe Learn to pipe into round Cream puff and Eclair shape.

Now this improved workshop has extended to learn these soft cream puff with crispy topping and various topping with almond and sesame.

Will share with you how to convert basic fresh cream recipe to your favorite durian cream puff filling. Crumb top apple pie recipe easy A special green tea and chocolate pastry cream recipe will be taught in this workshop too.

“I had attended two of BakinCow’s workshops so far – The enchanted cupcake and the Royal Macaroon. Homemade apple crumb pie recipe Besides the well-equipped working area and clear instructions provided, Shinni’s great personality makes a great difference as well. Dutch apple pie crumble topping recipe Her bubbly character and knowledge and passion for baking is inspiring. French apple pie recipe with crumb topping I would recommend anyone to attend her workshops. Homemade apple pie recipe with crumb topping Thank you for your guidance Shinni, see you soon for other workshops!”

“Shinni’s baking lesson is fun, interesting and relaxing, more importantly the cupcakes are delicious!^^ procedures are easy to follow, u get to bake and customise the cupcake urself, step by step guidances from the patient and cheerful chef shinni… Crumb topping for apple pie recipe Highly recommended for couples, frens and for people that want to bake some cakes etc for ur love ones…” =) – Jayven & Jeslyn”

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