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I made this cake for a boozy themed CCC event last year. Banana nut bread recipe The basic ingredients for a margarita are lime juice and tequila so you get the gist of this cake.

I adapted a recipe for a lemon drizzle Bundt cake I’d used before and simply exchanged the lemon for lime and tequila. Healthy banana bread It worked very well and turned out of the tin beautifully, giving lovely sharp lines.

Best banana bread This is such a good cake tin, the “heritage” design from Nordic Ware, a mixture of fun, frivolity and elegance all rolled into one. Recipe banana bread The first time I set eyes on it, in the very blog that the lemon cake recipe comes from, I knew I had to have one. Simple banana bread It was a good investment, as a tin like this can turn an ordinary cake into a showstopper, with or without any kind of icing. Banana bread recipe easy Just a sprinkling of icing sugar is really all that’s needed, if anything.

Preheat the oven to 180°C / 160° fan. Healthy banana bread recipe Butter and flour a Bundt tin.

Beat the butter with the sugar until light and fluffy. Recipe for banana nut bread Add the eggs one at a time and beat well.

Stir in the flour, salt and baking powder, alternating with the liquids, and mix until smooth. Banana bread recipe moist Add the lime zest and combine thoroughly.

Spoon carefully into the tin, pushing the mixture into the nooks and crannies, and smooth the top.

Bake for about an hour, until done. Simple banana bread recipe Cool in the tin for ten minutes before carefully turning out onto a wire rack.

To make the drizzle, sift the icing sugar into a bowl and mix in the lime juice and tequila. Banana bread recipe best While the cake is still warm, pierce all over with a fine skewer and spoon the drizzle over so that it soaks in.

This is another cake in my search for the perfect apple cake. Easy recipe for banana bread It comes from a book by Paul Hollywood called “British Baking”

The instructions say to make the cake in a 20cm square tin but I wanted a round cake which raised an interesting question. Quick banana bread If the instructions are for a square tin, what size should you use if you change to a round tin, and vice versa?

There is a clue in Paul Hollywood’s recipe as he says to use a 20cm square or 22cm round tin. The best banana bread recipe I did a little research and found a simple rule that works best if you think of tin sizes in inches rather than centimetres.

If you imagine a square tin of say 9” and put a round 9” tin next to it you will see that the round tin could fit inside the square tin, leaving the corners empty. Easy banana nut bread recipe In other words, the surface area and therefore the volume of a square tin is bigger than that of the same size round tin. Homemade banana bread It’s obvious when you think about it.

So, in order to have a tin of about the same volume you have to go up a size in a round tin and vice versa. Award winning banana bread recipe For an 8” square tin use a 9” round tin. Moist banana nut bread recipe For an 8” round tin use a 7” square tin. Easy banana nut bread And so on.

Back to the cake itself. Banana chocolate chip bread The rubbing in method was easy and quick to make but the final mixture was a bit stiff so I added a good splash of extra milk to make it workable and to get it into the tin.

This was a good cake. Recipe for moist banana bread It was, if anything, not quite as moist as I would have liked. Quick and easy banana bread I attribute this to the variety of apples. Low fat banana bread They were some kind of dessert apple but I can’t now remember which exactly and in any case I find French apple varieties very confusing. Basic banana bread recipe One day I will no doubt be more familiar with them but for now it’s pot luck when I buy them in the supermarket.

The original ingredients say two dessert apples and one Bramley, which would of course reduce to mush and therefore presumably make the cake more moist. Moist banana nut bread I used three of the same dessert apples as you never see Bramleys in French shops, and they remained very firm. Banana bread easy recipe This was good in the sense that there were distinct apple slices in the cake but not so good for adding moisture, or so I guess.

Anyway, I think it’s my favourite apple cake so far. Banana walnut bread Next time I would add a little apple compote to compensate for the lack of a mushy Bramley and I would bake it in a slightly smaller tin to make a deeper cake.

We are inching closer to the perfect apple cake recipe I think!

Preheat the oven to 180° C / 160° fan / gas mk 4. Banana bread cake Butter and line a 20cm square or 22cm round tin.

Mix the dry ingredients in a large bowl and rub in the butter to fine breadcrumbs.

Peel and thinly slice the apples and add to the flour with the caster sugar, stir until combined.

Beat the eggs with the milk and add to the mixture, stir until combined.

Transfer the mixture to the prepared tin, sprinkle the demerara sugar over the top and bake for 40-50 minutes until done. The best banana bread Cool slightly then turn out to finish cooling on a wire rack.

My first baking adventures were with my mum, learning how to make cakes and pastry as a little girl.

These are some of my baking adventures, on both sides of the English Channel – in Derbyshire and in our French kitchen in the Loire.

All photos are of my own baking. Receipt for banana bread All recipes or adaptations are credited to the original source, unless I don’t know it or the recipe is my own invention.

I am very happy for the recipes to be used or passed on but would be grateful if anyone who wants to copy and publish my words or photos would let me know first.

1. Best banana nut bread recipe it should look done, as brown as you would expect it to be, and only wobbly in the middle if that’s how it’s meant to be. Eggless banana bread 2. Peanut butter banana bread it may well have shrunk back from the sides of the tin slightly. Banana loaf bread 3. Good banana bread recipe if you prod it gently, it should feel like a firm bathsponge and the dent you make with your finger should spring back. Make banana bread 4. Super moist banana bread recipe if you insert a skewer, cake tester or the blade of a knife into the middle of the cake, it should not have uncooked cake mixture sticking to it when you pull it out.

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