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Happy Wednesday from moi in CT. recipe for bacon wrapped scallops in the oven I’m just back from Paris — the land of the Cheesy Apero Bread — and not accustomed to seeing snow on the ground. recipe for baking bacon in the oven Oh well, it was a good excuse to roast a chicken and bake a cake as soon as I unpacked my bags.

You can never go wrong with Comte or Gruyere, two kings of French cheese. cooking bacon in the oven rachael ray The bread is made to be played around with and it is delicious with only one kind of cheese, so choose and enjoy!

Good afternoon! We have a weekly Dessert Day at the office and I am thinking of making something using the commercial puff pastry currently in my freezer.

cooking bacon in the oven directions Do you have any suggestions or tips for me? I would be baking the night before and transporting to the office in the morning for afternoon consumption. cooking bacon in the oven on a rack I see lots of recipes with pastry cream and fruit. cooking bacon in the oven games Will those hold up? I do have access to a fridge. cooking bacon in the oven uk Thank you.

Puff pastry is one of those things best eaten soon after it’s made.

If you want to make something the day before, I’d make palmiers – instead of using flour, you roll the dough out on both sides in sugar and then you roll the dough up like a snail or a butterfly and bake until the sugar caramelizes. cooking bacon in the oven alton brown The cookies are very crisp and if you keep them in a cool, dry place they’ll be fine the next day.

Another possibility is a millefeuille, also known as a Napoleon. cooking bacon in the oven ina garten I’d bake the pastry layers the night before and make the pastry cream then too. cooking bacon in the oven on parchment paper The next day, before you’re ready to put out your dessert, I’d construct it at the office. how long do you cook peameal bacon in the oven It doesn’t take long to sandwich the baked pastry with cream and the dessert will be crisp and delicious.

Hi Dorie! I’m thinking of making these brownies for a gathering on Friday afternoon and have 2 questions. how to cook bacon in the oven with parchment paper First – will these brownies be ok in a dark metal 9″ square pan? If not, would the next best pan be a 9″ glass pie dish? Second – I made a different brownie recipe that had a salted tahini frosting. how to cook bacon in the oven parchment paper The frosting was great, the brownie mediocre. what temperature do you cook bacon in the oven Do you think the frosting would pair well with your brownies? The ingredients are below. how to grill bacon in an oven Thank you! 6 tablespoons unsalted butter, at room temperature ? cup well-stirred tahini ? cup + 2 tablespoons confectioners’ sugar ? teaspoon kosher salt

Rick Katz’s Brownies for Julia (in the book Baking with Julia) are wonderful – I think you’ll love them. how to cook peameal bacon slices in oven My preference is for lighter colored bakeware, but you’re better off with the square pan than the pie dish. how do you cook bacon in the oven temperature I’d suggest lining the pan with parchment paper. how to cook frozen bacon wrapped scallops in the oven As for the tahini frosting, I think it will be good with the brownies, but I’d cut very small portions – the brownies are rich on their own and the tahini frosting is rich too … how to cook bacon wrapped scallops in the oven in a good way, of course. do you bake or broil bacon in the oven Enjoy!

I tried these (recipe from another online source) and they were wonderful. how high do you cook bacon in the oven But I usually have only slivered almonds on hand, not the thin sliced ones. how long cook turkey bacon in oven Do you think it would work with the slivered ones?

Great dark chocolate should never be a lost cause! That said, I’m not certain how a chocolate cake will behave without sugar, which adds structure as well as sweetness to a recipe. how to cook peameal bacon roast in oven Would I try it? Yep. how to cook back bacon joint in the oven It’s hard to say more without seeing the recipe. how long to cook peameal bacon in oven Come back and tell us about your cake after you make it.

Skip the bacon – the bread will be just fine. how long do you cook thick bacon in the oven I add the bacon for its saltiness and its touch of smokiness. how long do you cook bacon in the oven If you like those qualities, but don’t want to get them from bacon, think about adding a pinch more salt to the dough and/or maybe a pinch of smoked paprika.

Dorie – I made your rosemary-Parmesan cookies for a get-together last week – everyone loved them, but my husband thought they were a little too sweet. how long you cook bacon in the oven Could I cut the sugar to 1 tbl, or eliminate it altogether and rub the rosemary together with a little of the flour? (I also made the smoky cheddar cookies – another big hit!).

Do you have any suggestions for how to avoid this cake cratering in the middle? It can be covered up with frosting, but it’s a little harder to cut neatly at the tip of each piece. how to make turkey bacon crispy in the oven My apologies for asking about a recipe in another paper, but you are my go to for baking advice.

Has anyone made this recipe? (Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate Guinness Cake)

The ingredients look like they’d make a great-tasting cake, and the comments seem to confirm that. how long do u cook bacon in oven Hmmm.

Have you checked your oven’s temperature with an oven thermometer? Sometimes cakes sink in the center because the oven is too hot. how long to cook bacon in oven at 425 Maybe your oven is running high. how long does bacon cook in oven You might want to try starting the cake at a lower temperature.

I’ve never made bread before, but I’m pretty well versed in all other types of pastry like pate a choux to pizza crust, cinnamon rolls, etc. how long does bacon have to cook in the oven What I want to make is like a whole wheat and seed baguette, but is that too ambitious to start? That is probably the type we eat the most of in my household, so if it takes time to master, so be it. how long does bacon take to cook in the oven What do you think? Do you have a good recipe?

As I’ve often explained, I’m not the breadbaker in the family, my husband is. how to cook bacon wrapped turkey tenderloin in oven In fact, as I’m sitting here chatting with you, he’s baking bread!

His go-to baguette recipe comes from the bread book by Parisian boulanger, Eric Kayser, who now has bread shops in America. what temp do i cook bacon in oven (The Larrouse Book of Bread) Kayser’s recipe uses a levain, or starter. can you put turkey bacon in the oven If you decide to use a different recipe (one without a starter), you still might want to look at Kayser’s book because the step-by-step photos are very good.

Also, think about starting with a white-flour baguette, just so that you become accustomed to the feel of the basic dough, then consider swapping some of the white for whole-wheat.

Congratulations, you’re a verb! My husband’s co-workers are under a lot of stress lately, so I found myself asking if he’d like me to “Dorie up a batch of cookies” for them. how to cook soft bacon in the oven Your wonderful cookie book, which he gave me for Christmas, makes it a joy. how to cook perfect bacon in the oven Merci, Dorie!

Have you tried the technique of baking brownies for fifteen minutes, pulling them from the oven for fifteen mins then putting them back and resuming baking for 15 more? Just wondering if you had an opinion on that.

Hi, Dorie. how long to cook bacon in the oven Unfortunately, I’m gluten sensitive. how long to cook bacon in the oven at 400 Do you think today’s recipe, Cheesy-Bacony Quick Bread would work using almond flour?? I bake quite a nice banana-zucchini quick bread with almond flour, which bakes up nicely. how long to cook bacon in the oven at 375 I’d love to do your apero treat. how long to cook bacon joint in the oven What do you think? Btw, I’d leave out the bacon because I don’t eat pork… how do you cook thick cut bacon in the oven Thanks, Arlene

I’ve been practicing a very basic french bread recipe from Bon Appetit. how long does bacon take to cook in oven I’m pretty confident about the basics of the bread, but stumped as to injecting more flavor. what temperature should i bake bacon in the oven Is it that I need better yeast? Let it proof longer?

Dorie, lately I am really loving figs in sweet applications. how hot do you cook bacon in the oven I recently tried a balsamic fig macaron and it was delicious! Do you have any fig dessert recipes that you could recommend, please? Thank you kindly.

Figs are wondrous, whether fresh (a real delicacy) or dried. how to bake peameal bacon roast I bet your balsamic-fig macarons were great!

You can poach the figs in Port and spoon them over ice cream for something simple and delicious.

I like to make a tart with a frangipane/almond cream filling, top it with figs and then glaze it with a little warmed honey.

I think this cake, originally made with plums, would be luscious with figs:

Hi Dorie! I usually make a glaze for cheesecake, but I wanted to try a sort of gelee topping – one that’s a bit thicker and jelly-like, and very flavorful. how to cook peameal bacon in the oven But I can’t find any recipes! The other wrinkle is that it needs to be vegetarian, so gelatin would be out…. how to cook peameal bacon slices in the oven Do you have any ideas?

I’ve recently had trouble with a few recipes and am wondering if it has to do with baking at high altitude (I live in Salt Lake City at ~4,400 ft). how to cook back bacon in the oven Many of my cookies seem to spread, even if I follow the recipes exactly and chill the dough. how long do you cook bacon in oven I’ve read that lowering the amount of sugar or increasing the baking time might help. how long should i cook bacon in the oven Any suggestions?

Whenever I make a 9×13 cake, the corners don’t rise the way the center does. how to cook bacon in the oven video I never see this problem in sheet cakes from Costco or even Safeway. how do you cook bacon in the oven It makes it difficult to split and fill. how long to cook thick sliced bacon in the oven How do I get my corners to rise up so I have something more to split?

I’m not sure what causes this, but it seems like a temperature problem to me.

Since things bake from the outside in, it sounds as though your edges are baking/setting too far in advance of the rest of the cake.

I’d check the oven temperature with a thermometer. how to cook bacon in oven uk But I think I might also try putting the cake pan on a baking sheet to help even out the heat.

Another thing might be to slow down the baking – try lowering the oven temperature by 25 degrees.

I have become lactose insensitive due to recent surgery. how to cook peameal bacon roast in slow cooker I love to bake, but most everything I can think of is dairy based. how long to cook peameal bacon roast in slow cooker I have found a good biscotti recipe, but would like to have other options. how to cook back bacon roast Any suggestions?

Since I’m not sure whether your problem is with milk and butter, it’s hard to suggest recipes.

World Peace Cookies, my darlings, are made without milk or eggs, but do use butter. what temperature do i cook bacon in the oven And, as I was searching for a recipe for the Fig Chatter, I noticed that my Spiced Plum Cake is dairy-free. how to roast bacon joint in the oven It’s a good cake and one that you, as baker, could probably riff on and find interesting variations.

I don’t know that there’s any difference between buying yeast in packets or a jar, except economy (and quantity, of course).

I use SAF, which is an Instant Yeast, and I use it as I would non-instant. best temp to cook bacon in oven It has the great advantage of not needing proofing, you can just add it to your recipe. what temp should i cook bacon in the oven I buy it in bulk and store it well covered in the freezer. how do you cook bacon in a toaster oven Here’s a little more information about it.

Hi, I bake at nearly 5000 feet and have spent the last 10 years working on ways to deal with the fact that most recipes are for sea level (that could be the cause of trouble for the cake baking poster, too). how to cook perfect bacon in oven One of the best sources for someone with this issue is: “Pie in the Sky” by Susan G. how long do you cook bacon in the oven for Purdy. how long to cook bacon in microwave oven Wish I could communicate with this baker since I have some answers to the question.

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