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Hello from sunny Connecticut. How to cook salmon fillets in a pan I’m back from Paris and chugging away happily in my kitchen. How to cook salmon fillets The weather’s been so nutty that I’ve been see-sawing between hearty soups and stews and lighter fish and salad dishes. How to cook frozen salmon fillets in the oven And yes, of course I’m baking.

I’ve heard that some use the spice mace instead of nutmeg in recipes for enhanced flavor. How to cook a salmon fillet in the oven I’ve done this with cookie recipes and liked the results. How long does salmon take to cook in the oven Have you ever made this substitution and if so, what are your thoughts about it? Any suggestions for using mace instead of nutmeg and/or specific recipes that work with this substitution? I’d enjoy hearing any thoughts or comments you have about this subject.

Mace is such a lovely spice and you don’t see it used that much. How to cook salmon without foil It’s the lacy outer coating of the nutmeg kernel and its flavor is like nutmeg, but more delicate.

You can find ‘whole’ mace, but the easiest way to buy it is ground.

Mace is good in a mix of spices for pumpkin pie; it’s often found in Indian dishes; and I think it could be nice in egg and rice dishes.

After enjoying a friend’s home-made naan on New Year’s Eve, I made a resolution to start baking this year. How to cook salmon steaks in oven Well, here it is March so I’m a little late to the party, but can you recommend any good books for a beginner like me? I’ve got a pizza stone, convection oven, and a rolling pin, but could use some pointers for other good materials. How to cook salmon on stove top My tastes run mostly into breads and savory as opposed to sweet, although I can appreciate an occasional cookie or cheesecake. How to cook smoked salmon fillet I also love to use fresh herbs that I grow.

Never too late to the baking party! And you can go far with a pizza stone, convection oven and rolling pin.

As I’m often forced to admit, bread-baking is not my strong suit (my husband’s the bread baker in the family), but here are a few books you might want to take a look at:

Charlie VanOver’s Best Bread Ever – Charlie uses the food processor to make his dough and his breads are really good.

Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day – this will keep you in bread for the rest of the year

Ken Forkish’s Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast – maybe not for a beginner, but you won’t be a beginner for long

King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion – for cookies, cheesecakes, bread and more

And, when you’re ready, Eric Kayser’s Larousse Book of Bread – my husband’s favorite baguette recipe comes from this book

As for equipment, you might want to think about a stand mixer.

Feel free to use an electric beater for the egg and sugar mixture. How long to cook salmon steaks I’m lazy when it comes to washing up and so I try to keep it simple by using a whisk. How to grill salmon fillets No matter what you use, you want to whisk (beat) enough to have the mixture pale and thicken a bit.

Yes to both the Parm Galettes (they’re from Dorie’s Cookies) and gougeres – always yes to gougeres. How to cook baked salmon I’d put out some roasted nuts – you might want to roast some almonds with rosemary (good with Pinot Noir) and perhaps something with salmon, maybe gravlax or salmon rillettes, not a baked snack, but you can never go wrong with salmon and pinot. How long to cook salmon fillet Here’s an interesting recipe for the rillettes:

I have been baking all our bread for the last six months using the terrific and virtually foolproof New York Times no-knead bread recipe. How long to cook baked salmon After the first 18-hour rise, I pour out the dough onto a floured polypropylene cutting board, fold it over itself a few times, then cover it and let it rest for about 15 minutes. How long does salmon take to cook in oven There are times then, like today, when the dough becomes very difficult to manage, sticking to the floured work surface and to my floured hands and making it very difficult to form into a ball and place in a bowl for the next three hour rise. How long to cook salmon fillets It seems to happen most often when the bread I am making is just with King Arthur all-purpose flour and not mixed with rye or whole wheat flour, although there are times when the dough is sticky and difficult to form into a ball with those mixes as well. How to cook salmon fillets in the oven It is likely related to the air temperature, but we do not have an overly heated house and I am working in what I consider a normal ambient temperature. How to cook salmon steaks in a frying pan I weigh out the ingredients each time I bake, so the consistency in the ingredients should not be a factor in the dough being stickier one day over another. Salmon steak cooking time Any suggestions?

Throwing this out to the group – do we have bread bakers in the audience?

Once again, this is not my area of expertise, but I’ve talked to bread bakers who’ve told me that things can change from day to day, that it might be a question of humidity that makes things different one day, or the age of the flour, or the temperature of the water or the kitchen witches. Salmon fillet cooking time Bread is finicky and it’s only in controlled environments that it’s the same all the time.

So, I’ve been working through my favorite new cookbook, and I have a few questions and a comment: Peanut butter cookies: Are they supposed to stay in the shape they are scooped out as, or flatten out? I was a little worried I might have overbeaten them . How to prepare salmon steaks They were tasty though! Pizelle: Huh – I never had pizelle batter set up while it was sitting before. Cooking a salmon fillet Was much more dough than batter. How to cook salmon without skin So tasty though, so clearly was supposed to happen. Salmon oven cooking time I did make one change to this recipe, subbing my favorite baking spice blend for the cinnamon, as I am currently bored with cinnamon. How to prepare salmon fillet (District Spice makes something called “Hand in the Cookie Jar,” that is delicious.)

Dorie, love your chats and a big fan of your cookbooks. Oven baked salmon with lemon Can you recommend any baking classes in the DC area? I’m a pretty confident baker when it comes to basics like most cookies and a few cakes, but I’d really love to learn to make more sophisticated pastries and to properly bake and decorate cakes. Oven roasted salmon fillet I read cookbooks and watch videos online, but I learn best with some hands-on (and hand-holding) experience.

I read that with nonstick pans use crisco not butter – does this really eliminate the residue? Second question is bundt vs tube pan. Oven cook salmon fillet If the recipe isn’t really an angel food (i.e. How to cook salmon fillet in a pan egg whites for fluff) can you use a bundt pan even if the recipe calls for a tube pan?

Dorie, because I’ve gathered that you have several kitchens, just wondering how you keep all of the equipment, spices, etc. Oven baked salmon fillets organized. Oven cook salmon fillets Asking because I’m in the process of purging, but just can’t get rid of the baking pans.

You’re right, I do have several – three! – kitchens; but you’re wrong in assuming that I’m organized. Cooking salmon with skin on If only …

We just moved into a new apartment in Paris, one with a small kitchen. How to cook salmon with skin on I was able to part with some skillets and pans (in some cases I had to, since my new stovetop is induction), but I couldn’t give up a single baking pan.

If there’s anyone who’s been through a Kondo-esque purge or even a recent re-org, let’s hear from you.

Thank you, thank you, so glad you’re using and enjoying Dorie’s Cookies.

I think you’ll be fine with frozen berries, but I think you’ll be better off just using the berries straight from the freezer without thawing them. Grilling salmon with skin on Keep me posted.

Good afternoon Dorie: I’m doing a cooking challenge where I am cooking all my meals for 30 days. Cook salmon fillet oven This year I’m focusing on “American” dishes and everything that means! I also have a resolution to always have cake in the house. Whole salmon fillet recipes So – any recommendations on a cake to bake?

Chili is by definition vegetarian, so the ingredients are beans and chili, plus perhaps onions and spices. Cooking frozen salmon fillets This is what sustained our Native American friends for generations, until at some point the Texas invented Chili con Carne, which has become the standard, to the point that now people feel they have to specify “Vegetarian Chili”. Baked whole salmon fillet So, must have ingredients, dry beans and chili (either green or red, fresh or ground, depending on the season). Recipe for baked salmon fillet The rest is up to the cook.

If you’re using all-purpose flour, add 1 teaspoon of wheat gluten per cup of flour to achieve roughly the same effect as using bread flour. Cooking salmon fillets in oven Also, I find Saf-Instant (French) yeast to be superior to supermarket varieties; I buy it online, then store in the freezer, for optimal viability over long periods.

Dorie’s right. Cooking salmon steaks in oven Bread baking is not an exact science. How to cook a salmon steak Unlike cakes, you can’t just measure the water and flour and have a perfect result. Baking a salmon fillet All depends on ambient temperature, humidity and even the temperature of your hands. Recipe for baked salmon fillets If the dough is so sticky that you can’t manage it, first, let it sit for about 20 minutes. Baking salmon fillets in oven Sometimes that’s all it takes. Baked salmon fillets If it’s still too sticky, add just a little flour and *gently* knead it in.

This may be heresy, but to save space I nest as many as possible — round ones with the largest diameters at the bottom of the stack, ditto for square ones, rectangular ones in descending order of size from bottom to top. Bake salmon fillet in oven It helps that I don’t have non-stick pans (except Bundt pans), so there’s little danger of nicking the surfaces inadvertently.

I prefer the taste of cumin more than chili powder and reverse the amounts called for in most recipes, which typically call for more chili powder than cumin. How to bake salmon fillet I also like to make a paste of masa with water and add near the end, not only to thicken but because I like the taste. How long to bake salmon fillet I make a vegetarian chili using a variety of different types of meat substitutes including “beef” crumbles and the original Morningstar Grillers (my prefered brand) which I break up to vary the texture like a meat chili.

Hi, I’m planning on making a chocolate angel pie for a Pi Day get-together at work. How to bake a salmon fillet I’ve never used a meringue crust before, and wonder at what point would it be best to add the filling- right before serving? I worry the meringue will get soggy if the filling is in for too long.

I have a recipe that doesn’t include using the oven — you just mix all the filling ingredients together, pour into the crust, then freeze for a while. How to bake salmon fillet in oven I’ve served and eaten it many times without problem. How long to bake a salmon fillet But the ingredients include egg yolks so I wonder if I’ve just been lucky that no-one’s gotten ill? Does the freezer kill bacteria?

Thanks for being here and for all your good questions and very good responses to chatters.

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