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Hi can anyone clarify for me, that today 9 days before we fly out to the Fenix Hotel in sunny beach, Balkan Holidays have emailed me to say due to overbooking they are changing our hotel from the Fenix to the Globus Hotel. Bulgarian food london It is the same star rating but unfortunately at the Globus there is no kids club for our 6 year old. Bulgarian food las vegas What I dont understand is how come having checked online tonight it is still showing that there is in fact availability at the Fenix Hotel for the dates that we are booked to go? Does anyone know if we stand a good chance of any compensation as the Globus Hotel does not have a kids club which is why we specifically chose the fenix hotel in the first place. Bulgarian food ireland I also note from the reviews that the food (we booked half board) at the Globus has really bad reviews.

Bulgarian food in usa Dont know what to do now? Cant cancel at this late stage as we were told this morning that they have a right to change our accommodation and if we cancelled the holiday then we would lose most of the money!!

I’d be getting back to Balkan and saying that whilst their conditions may say they can change hotels, the alternative must be of a comparable quality with the same amenities and facilities. Bulgarian food in london If the Globus doesn’t have a children’s club then it’s not ‘fit for purpose’ for you and I think you insist on your original booking to be honoured.

To be honest Tracey I think this is outrageous on Balkan’s behalf and if the hotel, is still showing vacancies, they will have to secure them for you.

Put this in an immediate email to them saying you want to know how they intend to honour their contractual obligations to you. Bulgarian food in las vegas I honestly don’t think you’ll enjoy a hotel that doesn’t have the facilities you booked for and why should you? If you’d wanted the Globus, you’d have booked it. Bulgarian food in chicago This presumably isn’t an ‘allocation on arrival’ booking?

It’s awful to do this to you at this stage but I’d be mentioning the Small Claims Court to them and saying I would be suing for the holiday they couldn’t provide and all consequential damages.

Good luck, be interested to know what they do. Bulgarian food europe Their future customers will be interested to know how they treat you!

Thanks Jules, I have already telephoned them again this morning but they still cannot do anything until Monday morning. Bulgarian food dishes I will keep you posted and mention small claims court etc. Bulgarian food co uk Its such a shame really as my enthusiasm has dropped considerably for this holiday. Bulgarian food chicago They did say although the Globus doesnt have a kids club we could still walk to the Fenix to use the club!!! I told them that it was not convenient. Bulgarian food bank Anyway will keep you posted.

Yes you keep on to them Tracey, it’s ridiculous to expect you to all walk over to another hotel to the kids club and in any case the idea is for your 6 yr old to make friends in the hotel you are staying in.

I’d rather have my money refunded and re-book than accept ‘their inadequate alternative!’

Hope you get sorted, it puts a dampner on the holiday which they should be ashamed about. Bulgarian food and drink prices Their inefficiency in overbooking shouldn’t be your problem.

Tracey, might be worth reading this. Bulgarian food and drink It seems to suggest that whilst tour operators can change flight times etc. Bulgarian food you have the right to reject different accommodation and be fully reimbursed.

Obviously I can’t be sure it applies to your situation but it’s worth reading. Bulgarian elections 2016 More power to your elbow!

Take a look at the Which guidelines on your rights too Tracey (sorry I’m a bit of a terrier about these things! Lol)

P.S. Bulgarian elections 2014 Tell Balkan you expect an upgrade to a 5 Star hotel for the massive inconvenience, I would!

Hope you get this sorted. Bulgarian elections 2009 Just to let you know that The Fenix is a good 15 – 20 mins walk away from The Globus. Bulgarian elections Albeit The Globus is a lovely hotel, with it being in the centre of the resort many places round about are more expensive than beside The Fenix. Bulgarian easter food Good luck and keep us posted.

Hi just an update, after much tooing and frooing with phone calls it would appear that the Globus Hotel also runs a supervised kiddies club as well as the Fenix Hotel. Bulgarian cuisine the best traditional recipes I was very sceptical about this information as no where in the brochure, or online for the Globus does it mention a kiddies club. Bulgarian christmas food So I insisted and received an email from Balkan Holidays attaching an itinerary of daily events at the kiddies club. Bulgarian association of food and drink industry The Fenix Hotel runs the club every morning apart from Thursdays and the Globus Hotel runs the club every afternoon apart from Thursdays. Bulgaria women’s national football team So, we shall see when we arrive and upon our return from holidays will give an update of our overall holiday experience. Bulgaria prices for food and drink 2012 Needless to say because the hotel is the same star and has the kiddies club there is no compensation or anything else to be expected back from Balkan Holidays.

Glad to hear you’ve managed to resolve this to your satisfaction Tracey and I hope the Globus offers you what you need to make it a lovely holiday.

If I’m honest I’d have insisted on some kind of compensation like an upgrade to F/B for the inconvenience. Bulgaria national football team results They know you would have been within your rights to cancel and seek compensation so a gesture would have been a courtesy on their part (it’s standard practice with other companies).

Hope you have a great time, let us know how you liked it on your return.

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