Banana bread maple cinnamon rolls with maple glaze

Banana Bread Maple Cinnamon Rolls: A soft banana bread yeast dough filled with maple syrup and brown sugar, rolled up, baked, and topped with maple syrup glaze.

My TV watching mostly consists of hockey and as previously discussed Law and Order. Banana nut bread recipe easy Mostly because there isn’t that many shows I like. Homemade banana bread recipe Then this season along came This Is Us. Very moist banana bread If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it. Banana nut bread recipe moist Especially if you were a fan of Parenthood.

One of the main characters is Kate. Diabetic banana bread She is an extremely overweight woman who they focus on the struggles of dealing with body image and her wanting to lose weight. Banana bread loaf I have never been this woman’s size before but I don’t think the size matters. Easy to make banana bread I think if you have ever been overweight (or in your mind overweight) then you will be able to relate to this character.

Why I push so hard for body acceptance is because if you cannot accept yourself at your current size it will take over your life. Banana bread moist When I was a WW leader there were so many overweight people that would wait until it was late at night and good and dark to go out walking at night. Delicious banana bread They felt they were being judged even if they weren’t. Banana bread from scratch They were trying to avoid people possibly making comments to them.

You won’t go and do things like join a gym, try a yoga class, go on a small hike, go dancing, go to a party, go to a friend’s wedding…etc…I know because at one point in my life I avoided those things do to my weight.

Sadly there is still one area of my life that I stress about my weight…and only that one area…going to the doctor.

It shouldn’t be an issue. Quick and easy banana bread recipe I have good blood pressure, I have good blood sugar, good cholesterol, etc. Great banana bread recipe Yet it is.

A couple months ago I had to go to the regular doctor (specialist don’t usually weigh you so I don’t mind going to them…they rarely bring up weight) which I hate doing. Amazing banana bread recipe Here was my experience:

They take my weight. Banana nut bread easy Which I don’t look at the number and the woman says “uh-oh”. Easy moist banana bread I say what? Oh, you’ve just gained some since you were last here. 4 banana bread recipe I said, “probably, I reintroduced carbs back, so I’m guessing I’m up about 15 pounds”. Easy quick banana bread Her answer was “no, 9, but still.”

We then go to take my blood pressure. How to make banana bread from scratch Which after the machine tells her it’s 117 over 72 she goes and get a manual cuff claiming that one must not be working. Banana bread best recipe Only to again get the same result.

In comes the doctor…doesn’t say hello, doesn’t introduce himself, doesn’t ask why I’m there. Banana bread recipe 2 bananas He immediately says “I see you have been gaining weight, let’s talk about that”. How to make banana bread moist I said no, let’s not talk about that. Best banana nut bread I said I am here about x,y, and z not my weight.

Still not talking about the issue I came in for he says I’d like to run a blood test. Classic banana bread recipe I ask why and he says to test for diabetes. Healthy banana nut bread I inform him I was at my endocrinologist last month and had a full panel done I don’t need another. Yummy banana bread recipe He tells me someone of my size probably is at least pre-diabetic. Simple banana nut bread I have my test results on my phone (email) and have the humiliation of proving that I’m not a lair.

He then says well you didn’t gain that much, maybe if you just started exercising you could get it off. Oatmeal banana bread He asks if I belong to a gym and says “great, start using it”. Bread banana To which I had been holding it all in and I just lost my shit. Banana bread recipe simple I informed him not only did I use it but we walk our dogs daily and I play ice hockey a few times a week.

I then requested a different doctor which he did at least oblige that. Banana bread moist recipe In came the new doctor who obviously was briefed to not bring up my weight.

Which he almost made it through without commenting. Simply recipes banana bread He ended with as for the weight gain, try cleaning up your diet more. Banana bread best To which he got an earful. Blueberry banana bread And yes, I wrote a scathing letter.

Now keep in mind, I wear a size 12/14. Easy recipe banana bread I have a 32 inch waist (which any waist in woman under 35…is considered in the healthy range). Best easy banana bread recipe I wear a large or XL in tops depending on who makes it and wear non-plus size clothing (nothing wrong with plus size clothing). Quick easy banana bread So I can only imagine what it is like for someone who weighs more than me.

You may be thinking wow I can’t believe that happened. Chocolate chip banana bread recipe It happens almost every time I go to a regular, non-specialist doctor. Banana bread healthy It’s upsetting. Sugarless banana bread It’s wrong. Banana bread simple It makes me not want to go to the doctor which can lead to real health issues if I am too afraid to go in just because I don’t want to be humiliated.

So while the show got criticizes for focusing on her weight (they are only two shows in) it’s simply showing she can’t escape it. Super moist banana bread I am hoping that they will along the way have her get more self-esteem and body love. Recipe of banana bread They have a love interest for her who is pretty okay with the fact that he is overweight and is working on her trying to see that there is more to life than worrying about your weight so I’m hoping they will go in that direction for her.

Speaking of gaining weight. I need a recipe for banana bread ?? These rolls. 3 banana bread recipe ?? I had made Banana Bread Sticky Buns a few years ago and loved them. Low fat banana bread recipe I had a bunch of bananas and decided to just do cinnamon rolls instead. Banana bread loaf recipe I had a ton of maple syrup (you might have noticed a few maple things on here as of late) and felt the maple would go well with these rolls…I was right.

Great way to use up extra bananas instead of making banana bread for the 400 th time. Low calorie banana bread recipe ??

• Put the milk and butter in a small bowl and heat to temperature is 110F (you will need a thermometer if it’s too hot it will kill the yeast).

• Add the syrup and then the yeast and whisk to mix all the ingredients.

• Let this mixture stand for about 5 minutes, or until it begins to foam.

• Add two cups of the flour, the salt, the bananas, and cinnamon to the yeast mixture and beat well.

• Add the remaining flour, ? cup at a time, stirring well after each addition.

• When the dough has just pulled together, turn it onto a lightly floured surface and knead until smooth, about 5 minutes (alternately, use the dough hook on a stand mixer).

• If using the dough hook (I did) when the dough has pulled away and forming a ball on its own and no dough is sticking to the sides it is ready.

• Place the dough in a greased bowl and cover with plastic wrap.

• In the meantime in a small bowl add the brown sugar, maple syrup, and cinnamon and mix together to incorporate.

• When the dough has risen, sprinkle flour out on a flat surface and roll out the dough into a 12 X 9-inch rectangle and spread the butter evenly on the dough leaving a ? inch edge.

• Roll up the dough from the long side and pinch seam to seal. Banana blueberry bread Cut into 12 equal sized pieces.

• Place the dough pieces cut-side down into the pan on top of the sauce.

• Cover and let rise until doubled (or refrigerate overnight).

• Bake rolls at 375 ° F. Yummy banana bread for 25 to 30 minutes or until browned.

• Whisk all the ingredients in a bowl and pour of cinnamon rolls.

Many years ago I started to see a new doctor. Simple banana nut bread recipe The first time he saw me, before looking at me or even saying hello, he said “a little bit on the heavy side aren’t we”. Small banana bread recipe Needless to say that was the only time I ever saw thw a-hole. Easy recipe for banana nut bread Thankfully today I have an amazing and supportive doctor who hugs me upon coming and going, listens to me and actually cares! I feel your pain my friend.

Ugh, I share your frustration. Banana nut bread easy recipe I am admittedly overweight, but have lost about 50 pounds the past couple of years. How to make banana bread recipe Every. Banana bread simply recipes Damn. Bake banana bread Time. Easy banana bread recipes moist That I go to the dr, it feels like bmi is brought up. Extra moist banana bread Or I get the raised eyebrow when I say I do crossfit 5 x per week. Healthy banana nut bread recipe I feel physically stronger than I ever have in my life at the age of 41 and this year ran a 10k. Easy banana bread recipe 2 bananas Never had I run more than a mile. Tasty banana bread recipe I now can buy clothes that don’t have a “w” in the size. Baking banana bread I try really hard to ignore the damn charts and scale. Easy way to make banana bread But it’s hard. The best banana nut bread ??

It’s so annoying when they basically call you a liar when you say you exercise. 5 banana bread recipe Weight loss is almost all diet. Traditional banana bread recipe And I will be the first to admit that mine is not always the best. Light banana bread recipe But I do move my body every day…especially because it helps with my chronic illnesses.

I remember wedding dress shopping I found a dress I liked only to be told it would look better on a thinner girl, needless to say I went elsewhere. Super easy banana bread Also upon seeing these my husband requested that I make then :).

Interesting, I lost about 45 pounds in the last few years, not a single dr except the tech at my mammogram mentioned it, and before that no dr ever mentioned that I was overweight. All recipes banana bread And my BP was always high too. How to make banana bread easy I’m so sorry, that must really be awful!

I am actually kind of horrified by your doctor experience. Best banana bread ever recipe I am horrified that these assumptions about lifestyle are just made like that. Two banana bread recipe You know, a lot of people who are very slender just get the assumption that they must live a super healthy lifestyle when I know it to be untrue for many.

Your weight is not an indication of your health! There is so much more to it than that.

I actually avoided getting a physical for years because of a bad experience with a GP regarding my weight and it sounds similar to your situation… “All of your numbers look good, so the only thing we need to discuss is your weight (even though you say you work out and eat well).” And then he pulled out a BMI chart, told me to lose twenty pounds and then come back so we could discuss a reasonable weight goal for me. Amazing banana bread When I commented that the BMI scale didn’t take muscle tone or frame size into account, he gave me a look that said “you’re just a fat girl making excuses” even though I could touch my toes easily. Banana bread recipe from scratch If I actually lost enough weight to get into the “healthy range” for my height according the the BMI scale, I would look sickly. Banana bread recipe 4 bananas Thankfully, I found a new GP who can discuss weight issues with me without making me feel like a failure or comparing me to an out-dated tool. Banana bread recipe easy moist I hope you are easily able to find a doctor who doesn’t behave like an expletive.

Good heavens. How do you make banana bread So much this. Best recipe banana bread It’s been a ridiculous struggle to get help for my asthma. Ultimate banana bread recipe I’ve always had great blood pressure, blood sugars, cholesterol, etc. Award winning banana bread which is always met with disbelief. Easy bake banana bread They always jump to my weight and tell me to walk more. How to banana bread I tell them I would if I could breathe. 1 banana bread recipe >.<

I know someone who turned off This Is Us before the first commercial break because Kate was a “sad fat person” instead of one who’s body-positive and happy. Banana bread butter Personally, I think boycotting the show over it is taking body-positivity a bit too far — not every overweight person is going to be happy with their body — I’m not 100% thrilled with how the character is portrayed, but I do think it’s realistic for many.

Our vet used to be very large and had problems with her knee and hip, but refused to even get it checked out because she said she knew a doctor would just tell her to lose weight before they would do anything about her pain. Sweet banana bread recipe [She ended up losing around 200 pounds over the span of a couple of years, and then had hip replacement surgery.] Whenever I hear/read about bad doctor experiences regarding weight, it’s always infuriating/baffling to me, since I’ve never experienced anything like that. Banana bread recipes moist world’s best I’ve been to several GPs hundreds of times over the past 17 years of my adulthood [lots of on-going health issues not at all related to my weight], and the ONLY time weight/exercise has been discussed was by my newest doctor, in relation to my mental health [the ‘exercise has been shown to make people happier’ type of thing, not actually about my number on the scale].

I have made it a practice to not step on the scale at the doctors office. Easy delicious banana bread When the nurse calls my name and heads over to the scale, I just say “I don’t weigh”, and I have never been questioned about it from the doctor. Delicious banana bread recipe I just choose to not weigh after I have eaten all day. Recipe moist banana bread If I want to weigh, it is on my scale at the time of day I choose.

Jan P. Banana bread batter — At home I only weigh myself in the morning, in the nude, after a BM. Banana bread pudding I completely ignore the number on the scale at the doctor’s office, since it’s always at least five pounds more than my scale at home.

Hi I’m Peabody (yep, that’s my first name) and welcome to my site! Here you will find a whole lot of yummy recipes (mostly baking and dessert), positive body image promotion, telling it like it is, and the random things that make up my life. Ingredients for banana bread Thanks for stopping by! Read more…

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